The unusual title was meant to catch your eye and after you read this article you will understand what was meant by it. What I intended to first draw your attention to is the fact that we have become conditioned to the amount of illness and disease we see around us as being a normal part of our existence as human beings.

Nowadays it is typical for many to feel fatigued day-to-day or to get routine headaches or to experience varying levels of debility as joints age even as early as a person’s 30’s. Children are no exception to ill-health; rates of asthma, allergies, obesity and learning disabilities are skyrocketing.

It is a rare occasion (1 in 10 or less by my rough estimate) when someone over the age of 50 comes into my office not on any medication (prescription or over-the-counter). The rest are popping pills for everything from elevated cholesterol to arthritic pains, to heartburn. This is the norm now, not the exception. Folks, there is something very wrong with this picture!

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but clearly our society is getting sicker and sicker and countless people are not aware of natural options for reclaiming health. This leads to my second point: that many succumb to the medical ‘sentence’ they’ve been given and they are not open to researching or trying other options when it comes to reclaiming their health.

Sometimes it is fear that stands in the way, and other times it is due to self-limiting beliefs that their ill-health has no cure and can be attributed to poor genetics, the attitude of ‘what do you expect at your age’, or just simply bad luck. Many by their early 50’s or even younger are simply ‘existing’ rather than thriving in their health and how they feel.

Tap Into Your Health Potential

It is our God-given right to live with abundant energy and vitality, free of disease, and to live well into old age. Our bodies naturally want to continually heal, but due to our lifestyles, it lacks the tools to do so. At the Colgan Institute, it is estimated that our genetic potential is to live well beyond 100 years of age – in fact as high as up to 120 disease-free and to simply die from our bodies wearing out. In other cultures it is unusual to see people in their 60’s and 70’s suffering like we do, and we can learn much from them.

What will it take for people to make the shift in health consciousness? We all know that treating our bodies over several decades with unhealthy food, no regular exercise and high stress will lead to a diseased state in one way or another. There are no doubt some miraculous contributions in the science of pharmaceuticals that keep people living into old age – assuming of course we make it that long. But I have yet to see someone on multiple long-term medications appear like they are truly thriving in life.

The shift needs to therefore happen from the standpoint of caring for our bodies, rather than curing. There are many factors that we do not have direct control over, such as the air we breathe, but there are other aspects that we have direct control over, namely our emotional state (ie. stress levels), and what we choose to put into our bodies.

The topic of stress alone warrants another article unto itself, however I do want to talk about the state of our food, and more specifically that many people truly do not know how to eat simple healthy food. What has been referred to as the SAD diet (short for the ‘standard American diet’) comes by its acronym honestly and Canada, as well as other countries today follow suit. It is my clinical observation and long-held belief that the majority (>80%) of the illness and debility I see around me can be chalked up first and foremost to poor diet.

So when I mentioned earlier in the article that there are natural alternatives, I am not necessarily talking about multiple visits to holistic therapists or swallowing countless expensive supplements daily – but instead about going back to the source of what nourishes our bodies physically, and that comes from eating food in its most natural state.

In the next few articles I’ll be expanding on suggestions to help people become more dedicated to preserving their abundant health instead of living with the expectation that ill-health is inevitable…what I call being ‘dedicated to a diseased state’. And yes, even possibly reversing an already existing health condition.