Welcome to Evolving Wellness. This site provides a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom based on a holistic approach to health and wellness. It emphasizes natural and balanced living in all areas of our lives, from the foods we eat to the air we breathe.

Living in today’s society, we cannot deny that we live in a much more toxic world than humans ever have in all of history. As a science and holistic educator, specializing in biology, biochemistry, nutrition, and environmental studies, I encourage each person to research all of the products that they bring into their life. Unfortunately, as life goes two of the biggest problems many of us have is a lack of time to actually research all this and/or the background knowledge to understand the governing principles behind it.

Therefore, Evolving Wellness was created so you can enjoy researched articles, that empower you to be a discerning consumer. It is a site where I hope to condense all the excess information out there and bring to you credible, concise, and practical applications for your health and wellness. It is one of my passions to live with integrity, and hence I believe that everyone should be entitled to valid information about the products they use.

The Foundation

Inspired by personal intrinsic motivation and interests, the foundation of this site is also guided by the following 10 reasons:

1. Today, you cannot depend on companies and governments to tell you what is safe and what isn’t.

With consumerism and chemical advances soaring, their main goals are profits and sales. So if and when they finally do tell us some news about a product, it is usually too late for many previous consumers. You have to do your own research.

2. In North America, we have some of the worst product labeling laws in the world.

Most harmful ingredients do not have to be listed or explained as to their health, environmental or other hazardous effects, usually simply out of protection for “trade secrets”. To this day, consumer groups are trying to get things like GMO foods labeled, toxic ingredients and their consequences, and more.

3. You deserve to know.

Each of us deserves to know what possible consequences may result from eating, drinking, or using a certain product. After all, a consciously aware state and personal accountability are your best prevention and protection.

4. There is so much misinformation out there.

It is hard to know what is credible and honest, versus what is a myth or what research to believe. Research studies today are more biased than ever before, depending on who is funding the research and what favorable outcome is sought. Evolving Wellness strives to be non-biased toward any product and has no personal stakes or affiliation to any company. (I have personally chosen to be an affiliate only for a handful of health-promoting products that I trust and use myself.) I thus do the research for myself and in turn, choose to share it with you. Whenever possible, I will also direct you to many sources where you can learn more than just what I may provide.

5. Preventable chronic diseases like cancers, asthma, heart disease, diabetes type 2, and allergies are continuing to increase.

With about 1 out of every 3 people getting some cancer or heart disease in their lifetime, we want to make sure we do not become part of those statistics. In order to do that, we have to be fully informed. It is no secret that chronic diseases, which are highly preventable are a major business today, and thus prevention is not the goal for corporate medical establishments.

6. Our bodies are our vehicles through which we can enjoy the physical experience on Earth.

How can you manifest the highest version of yourself, create the life of your dreams or access your greatest potential if you are affected by illnesses, or in a weak and diseased body? Aging is not mandatory, at least not the way society laid it out for us.

7. Our bodies were meant to last much longer than they do and in their natural state of health.

Today we live about 80 years or so, 40 of which, only some can enjoy without any problems. Our bodies are amazing vessels that if taken care of properly can be wonderful vehicles that can last much longer and in much better shape to enjoy this amazing physical world and create desired experiences, which we can enjoy to the fullest.

8. It is not enough to avoid and be free of major diseases, but not get sick PERIOD!

Yes, that includes colds, flu, and all those other diseases attributed to micro-organisms. We are conditioned to believe “we all get them as they are contagious”, but look around there are people who never get them, and it is not just about your immune system. Hence we want our health at its highest potential – not be running our bodies at 50 or even 80% of its efficiency but at 100%.

9. We must respect the Mind-Body connection.

As the fields of science like quantum mechanics continue to lay the foundation for how we understand ourselves and this reality, we become aware that at our essence, we are energy beings. What this means, in a nutshell, is that when energies become blocked or unbalanced, physical symptoms manifest to get our attention — the body follows the mind. Physical symptoms, whether acute or chronic, only show up after we continue to create an imbalance in our lives. This explains the typical example of the so-called “healthy eaters”, who get sick, or “poor eaters” who live to 100. What is happening within our mind is the most important governing aspect for our overall health.

10. If you have health, you have the foundation for happiness.

Nothing matters more than health – not money, not power, or status. When you don’t have your health it is difficult, if not impossible to enjoy all that life can offer. We, therefore, want to commit to a life long passion to learn, grow, and evolve, and make this physical life experience the best that it can be.

Final Thoughts

One last important note, I want to bring information to you on all topics regarding your health and wellness and will always do my best to present you with the best up to date material. Any information shared, or research provided on this site will come from credible sources that will when needed be specifically referenced; otherwise, the information will come from my personal educational background and any opinions will be clearly stated.

Having said all this, however, do not take my word as absolute truth; remember it is every person’s responsibility to be accountable to and for themselves. Any medical advice you may need on the topics discussed should come from a natural health care professional such as a licensed naturopath. I hope more than anything to educate and inspire you to start your own inquisitive journey through life, and find out how you will achieve and maintain the highest version of your health and wellbeing!

Wishing YOU a wonderful journey into optimal health and wellness!


Feedback from Visitors

A big thank you goes out to all those who have shared their feedback over the years about EvolvingWellness.com. It is so very much appreciated and encourages the work of this site to continue. Below is what some visitors and readers have shared about this site.

Dear Ms.Ochel, Just wanted to say how refreshing it is to hear someone speak the truth about fast food and fatty liver disease. And yes, it is absolutely crazy-making to try to talk to people about their health and how they have total control over what they eat. Many just do not want to know. So, thank you. You are much appreciated.

Anita — March 2018

This is a very good site, very easy to use and the information is very useful. It is in keeping with what I have learned so far about nutrition and more. Thanks.

Guest – August 2012

Very helpful when doing a report or science project. Very easy to use and read. And even for minors who don’t understand some words very well can use this site thanks to lots of explaining and easy to understand paragraph. Also could be easily understood by adults. Just a well rounded site altogether.

Guest – March 2012

Great and helpful articles. Well done. keep up the amazing work.

Guest – February 2012

Fantastic info, great recipes, overall awesome site.

Guest – February 2012

Excellent site full of information that is essential for life!

Guest – February 2012

Her accuracy is spot-on. Very well written for both the ‘green’ and the ‘medical’ communities. There is extra value in her making this dual target audience in a positive way. Bravo!

Carla – February 2012

I enjoy coming back to this site…well designed with interesting content!

M.K. - February 2012

I share your views on nutrition completely. I absolutely enjoyed how you interviewed Howard Straus. Keep up with your awesome work. I too share your passion with getting the message out.

Jim B, Michigan – February 2012

Evita, thanks again for a refreshingly frank, fair and honest assessment of these products TVP and Vega). Your criteria are honest, objective and sincere. Your own efforts, by trying these products, is reassuring and most helpful. Your breath of awareness and concern covers just about every base. Integrity is the word that most describes your articles and recommendations and I for one am very grateful. Please keep up the great work. It is a joy and relief to know there is someone out there one can trust…..Thanks.

VJY – January 2012

“Movies about food you must see” was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for doing the work for me :)

Guest – January 2012

The best website I have come across to date regarding natural health issues. Keep up the good work!

Colette – January 2012

I love this site…it is so informative and I wish everyone could read it!

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Great Site – Great Content – Very Professionally Done.

Guest – December 2011

Really look forward to your reviews on new products that are marketed to be healthy….I am always impressed with your honesty about the products.

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Evita is awesome with the wisdom and knowledge shared by her, and that other folks like me enjoy learning – many blessings!

Charlene – December 2011

Love this site, information 5 stars, accessibility 5 stars and completely user friendly!!

Guest – November 2011

This is by far the best site that I have found about living well. The articles are well written and informative. It encourages me to change my lifestyle without being pushy.

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Lisa – August 2011

What an amazing amount of information, and very simply accessed. I’d never heard of salba seeds until half an hour ago, and now feel knowledgeable enough to want to drop my many supplements and switch to salba.

Guest – August 2011

Excellent article, I strongly believe in the alkaline diet as a means of rebuilding and reducing the damage we have done to our bodies. Real foods, fresh air, natural exercises and a loving and spiritual way of life, back to basics!

Guest – July 2011

Spicy rice paper sprout wraps recipe very well laid out and easy to follow. Thank you!

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Wish I found this site sooner very informative.

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Great tips and very well written. Accurate information! Thanks!

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This is my first time visiting Evolving Wellness and I am super excited to dig a little deeper and read more inspiring wellness stories!

Liz – June 2011

What can I say but that this is the best arena for learning about health of the body , mind and spirit on line and probably anywhere else! I look to you, Evita, to constantly inform, educate, inspire and encourage me in this world where the truth is hidden in all sorts of profit-making agendas. Thanks for living and teaching the truth!

Jean – June 2011

I absolutely love the vast amount of reliable information that this site contains! Finally, someone out there has the right idea about what health truly should be centered around, and THAT is the food we eat. How can we hope to live a healthier lifestyle when all we are eating is unhealthy, highly processed foods that are devoid of practically all of their nutrition? Too many people today are horribly mislead by biased media propaganda, whose only goal is to put money in their pockets. This site is a great start to spreading the word about proper nutrition! Keep up the good work! Its information like this that inspired me to become a fully fledged vegan only a few short weeks ago (I’m proud to say this at the young age of sixteen)! It was not a tough decision and I’m all the better for it. I just wish I had all the information I needed, as I’m at a bit of a loss as of where, what, and how many nutrients I should be getting. Though I’m sure that helpful sites like this will greatly help me in my search.

Guest – May 2011

Very informative articles, kudos guys. :)

Guest – March 2011

Evita, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your objective review of your own personal health findings. Being willing to share is a huge step in helping others to search out optimal health for themselves. I am constantly studying nutrition from all sources so that I can be correctly informed in what I share with my friends and family. Thank you again and keep sharing your knowledge!

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