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15% of People Believe the End of the World is Near

The future of our world seems bleak. At least that is what a new international poll discovered. 1 out of 7 people believe that the world
will end in their lifetime, that’s 15% of the population. 10% of people believe that the world will end this year in conjunction with the “Mayan Calendar” ending.

Those numbers are pretty significant, considering that how we think plays a role in our overall condition, both individually and as one collective whole. It just goes to show how much negativity there is in the world and how much belief we have in our world leaders (not much), to change our views.

Opposing Views of Reality

Then there’s the other view of reality. The people like you and me, who believe in the evolution of our consciousness to bring about the changes needed to create, rather demand, a sustainable future for all of humanity. We do this through various ways, like going green, holistic approaches to health and wellness, becoming activists for the environment, and so on.

Becoming involved in these environmentally friendly practices increases our ability to not only use the Earth’s resources efficiently, but shows others that they work. Unfortunately, most of the Western world has yet to truly accept these approaches to sustainability for various reasons. The reason that the environmental approaches to sustainability, that include health, nutrition, effective and efficient use of Earth’s resources are not moving through to mainstream population yet, is education.

Western civilization is more focused on using the most cost efficient ways to use resources and gain as much profit as possible. The medical community, including pharmaceutical companies would stand to lose billions of dollars by not selling prescription drugs to the population. I am not saying that some are not necessary and I am not a conspiracist, I simply process what I see. When I see that there are countless ways to use the resources on our Earth for the benefit of sustainability and we are not using them because it will dip into the corporation’s pocketbooks, I get a little worried.

But we can change this. No matter how the powers of the world feel about the way we use our resources, with enough voices questioning the status quo, providing solutions for bettering mankind, and using unconventional methods for sustainability, they won’t have a choice. It will just happen anyway, and it’s only a matter of time. With more and more people waking up to understanding the benefits of using the methods that lead to sustainability, the faster we will make the changes needed that lead to a brighter tomorrow.

Unconventional Methods

Some methods that speed up the process of moving towards a sustainable future are as follows:

Human Connection

Becoming aware of the needs for our mother Earth and starting to take action in ways to sustain her are important, but there is more that can be done to speed up the process of educating the masses. Human connection is one of these ways. One of my favorite topics to talk about is how human connection is the key to everything in our reality. This includes bringing about a more sustainable future. When you think about it, the power of connection with others can help you accomplish anything. For example, my writing this article came about by connecting with the gracious Evita here on Evolving Wellness. By establishing a connection through a few e-mails and similar interests, I am able to spread this message to you. If I do this on every platform that focuses on a sustainable future, I am getting the word out to more and more people, where in turn, someone will spread the message to others and hopefully, on and on it will go.

Another way to use human connection is with our minds. There are studies being done that show how our thoughts manifest reality. When we send out thoughts, it not only affects our own reality, but others as well. This is because we are all a part of the same system, rather part of the greater whole, the entire universal organism. How we connect with others in this system, affects the outcome of our reality. You can see the evidence in the world today. The majority of the crisis that we are experiencing (i.e. all the bad in the world), is a result of humanity acting for the benefit of self. When we act with the intention of the others and become connected as a whole, we will see great changes for the better. Basically, when you send out positive vibes into the world, you benefit yourself and the rest of the world as well.

Recreate your Reality

Recreating your reality involves changing the way you see, act, and think about your life and the world. If you form a solid foundation of using sustainable methods like ones here on Evolving Wellness and others alike, you begin to recreate your reality. If you change your perception of life from doing what you are “supposed” to do, to doing what you want to do, you begin to recreate your reality. As mentioned above, how we view the world, affects others’ views and actions as well. If you recreate your life to one that includes a sustainable future and following your dreams, others will follow. Recreating your reality aids in recreating the whole of reality.


This probably doesn’t seem like an unconventional method, but if you look at what we are teaching our youth, you might think otherwise. In the United States, the education system is a mess. More focus is put on making sure the test scores are higher so the school can receive more funding, than actually teaching the kids what matters. I have two nephews and a niece in school right now, with my daughter starting this year. From what I hear from my brother, not much has changed since I was in school 12 years ago.

Half of the curriculum focuses on nothing a student will ever use outside of school. The kids that are not keeping up with the pace of the class are sent to “special education”. Everything is based on competition, when it should be based on cooperation and helping others succeed. Let me just say this, if my daughter didn’t need the socialization, I would home school her, which I will do anyway in regards to teaching her about sustainability, following her dreams, and helping others.

What we need to do as far as education goes, is teach not only our youth, but each other about sustainable living in this modern world. We need to be a voice of encouragement and inspiration to each other. We should spread the messages that allow us to make the changes needed to become a world that focuses on resourcefulness and sustainability versus a world that focuses on doing whatever it takes to make a profit at the expense of our resources and livelihood.

Moving Forward

Looking towards the future, there is much to be excited about, yet much work to be accomplished. It is up to you, me, and everyone else to be the voice, spread the message, connect, and educate others about what it takes to create a more sustainable world. The task is great, but the benefits are immeasurable. If you take action and inspire others to take action as well, we will create a movement that cannot be ignored and thus become the change we desire.

About the Author

Justin Harmon is the writer for Unplugged Recreated. He believes in An Integral Reality, where together we can change the world and our worlds alike. Justin is a truth seeker, world changer, and Independent Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Visit Justin at Unplugged Recreated and grab a free guide to Changing Our World.