Aside from the food I eat and how much I sleep, there is one other thing that I take super seriously, and that is the water I drink.

In today’s world, too many of us have gotten too comfortable with the idea that water is water, and that as long as we are drinking enough, we are fine. However, just like there is processed food, there is processed water. And with your body being over 70% water, there is perhaps no more important substance, then the water we put into our bodies.

This is why, having researched water on both a biochemical and energetic level, today I only put natural, spring or Artesian well water into my body. Unless I am faced with some dire emergency I was unprepared for, you will never find me buying water or drinking water from plastic water bottles.. Just the fact alone of having to pay for water – a basic human right – is something that I refuse to participate in, support or stand for. I also avoid the chemical laced tap water in most municipalities

In fact, I take the quality of water so seriously, that it is one of the reasons why today I live amidst nature, on a pure, drilled well, with a natural spring flowing from the Earth only minutes from my home. The spring water, is always my first choice and on a weekly basis, my husband and I take a trip to fill up a large 20 liter glass bottle.

While this is perfectly serving our needs, what happens when I need to go out and need to bring some water with me? I have been re-using some glass bottles from some mineral water that I bought in the past, or the odd time a stainless steel bottle, which I am not too crazy about. Never, do I put my water in any plastic bottle, for when it comes to plastic, there is no such thing as good, healthy plastic. Glass is the best option for carrying our water in, for not leaching anything into our water and keeping its taste and quality most pure.

The Solution

While this works for me, many people are still weary or uncomfortable with glass bottles, out of fear they will break and cause a mess or problems. This is why, when I learned about the Takeya Glass Water Bottle, I was immediately in love!

Here was an awesome glass water bottle, that came in a stylish protective sleeve, to help prevent breakage in case of dropping.

Takeya USA is a subsidiary of Takeya Japan, which manufacturers innovative food and beverage containers. The company has 50 years of design expertise, and is known for enriching consumer’s lives by using modern ideas, a rich palette of colors, food-safe materials, unique functionality and high-quality craftsmanship. Takeya prides itself on providing real solutions that save the consumer money, are eco-friendly and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The official store is located in Huntington Beach, California – a beautiful, small surfer’s town on the ocean, which I actually had a chance to visit last year, and which embraces a natural, holistic lifestyle.

Takeya offers 3 different sizes of their water bottle, a 16oz, 18oz and 22oz, in 2 different shapes and about half a dozen different colors. They also offer drink makers, tea makers, food storage, glass tumblers, jugs and pitchers!

The Good Stuff

I truly love using this bottle! The one I chose is Classic 22oz in blue. It is easy to carry with me, thanks to the grip it provides and the side ring on the cap. To add to that, the bottle even looks really fun and stylish!

The protective sleeve that surrounds the bottle is made of silicone and provides also for a great grip. Both the bottle and the sleeve are dishwasher safe. The cap, and ring are made of plastic, and both BPA free. I am not crazy about any plastic, but I don’t have an issue with this little bit of plastic used at the top, for when in an upright position, the water never comes in contact with the plastic anyway.

Unlike stainless steel bottles, one can easily also see how much water is still in the bottle, as the sleeve has two openings on both sides, not engulfing the entire bottle.

The bottle was designed in the US, made in Japan, and put together in China. I wish this wasn’t the case, and more companies would keep production local and not waste environmental resources in all the transport that then needs to take place.

I do not own a dishwasher, so I cannot comment on how it washes under those circumstances. Washing it by hand is no problem, and I found no problems with any of its maintenance.

The taste of the water is awesome! It does not change throughout the day or even after a few days, as often happens with a plastic or stainless steel bottle. The bottle cap, which is a twist on, also seals perfectly, with no unwanted leaks.

It is also a bonus with this silicone sleeve, as some gyms or yoga studios do not allow glass bottles, but are okay with this bottle thanks to the protection it has.

The Not So Good Stuff

The only two things that I can think of people having a problem with this bottle or complaining about are as follows:

1) The sleeve provides for a good grip, but its naturally gripping material also easily picks up sand, dust, clothes fluffs, etc. While this can happen, it does not need to be a big deal, as it rinses off easily.

2) Another complaint people have about glass bottles is their weight. For me this is a non-issue whether I am hiking or walking. It is all a matter of what one gets used to. In the end, I want my water to taste good and be pure, so a slightly heavier bottle is a small and negligent price to pay.


In the end, I am so happy an option like this exists for all those people who are both Earth-conscious and Health-conscious, but want to have some added support when it comes to glass bottles.

The bottle really looks awesome and is very functional, hence I feel comfortable recommending it to others.


The bottle does not come in any extra and unnecessary packaging, just what is needed for shipping.

Price (as of this posting)

  • 19.99US for the 16oz Classic or Modern bottle from
  • $24.99US for the 18oz Modern bottle from
  • $24.99US for the 22oz Classic bottle or


  • Available directly from the official Takeya web site with free shipping within the continental US on orders over $75
  • Available from
  • Available through several online web stores

The Good

  • Versatile
  • Stylish
  • Non-toxic
  • BPA free
  • Does not leak
  • Easy to wash
  • Keeps water tasting fresh all day
  • Does not alter taste of water
  • Provides an excellent grip and carrying ability
  • Provides great protection from breaking or shattering
  • Great Price

The Bad

  • Small dirt/dust particles may stick to silicone sleeve, but can be easily washed off
  • Nothing else that I am aware of at this time