Even though we are in the midst of a modern health crisis, where weight and health problems plague our modern day societies, something extremely positive is happening during this time as well. It is an awakening that is driving a shift in consciousness. Thanks to the brave pioneering work and dedication of many people in the world today, as well as the ease with which we can share information, thanks to the Internet, we are leaving behind the age of ignorance. We can each now expand our awareness on all topics thanks to so many blogs, videos, documentaries, speakers, books and other sources that awaken, enlighten and inspire us.

Along my personal health journey, I know I have been greatly inspired, awakened and moved to action thanks to so much of the pioneering work done over the years by various experts, but especially in the past decade. Today, I enjoy giving back through the work I do, to inspire and awaken others to be most informed and have the best health and life quality possible. About four years ago, one of the many resources that opened up many new doors of information for me was the best-selling documentary Food Matters.

Today, the makers of that film have produced another film, called Hungry for ChangeYour health is in your hands. The film addresses the general topics of our food, health, and nutrition today, with a specific focus on lasting weight loss, abundant energy, and vibrant health.

Even though Food Matters was a great documentary, it does not compare to this new film Hungry for Change. To sum it up, this is a phenomenal film! It is an absolute must-see for every person and family in our society today to become explicitly aware of the effects the food they are choosing is having on the health and weight they experience. I just had the pleasure of seeing this film myself, and in this review will share with you more of what you can expect and why I strongly recommend for each person to see this film.

The Background

Hungry for Change is a documentary film, newly released in the spring of 2012. The film was produced and directed by James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch. They are nutritional consultants turned filmmakers, who believe that “Your body is worthy of good care, and no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.” Both of them attended the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, California, and were passionate to help others understand the connections between diet and disease. The film was also produced and edited by Enzo Tedeschi, who has been working in the film and television industry for a decade.

The film is about 1 hour and a half in length, and available for viewing online and on DVD, with screenings coming soon. Up to date information can be found on the film website: HungryForChange.tv

The Content

Hungry for Change highlights the role food plays in making us sick, tired and fat, or healthy, energetic, and fit. It exposes secrets the diet, weight loss, and food industries don’t want you to know about, as well as the deceptive strategies designed to keep you craving more of the most harmful foods.

The format of the documentary features various medical and nutrition experts speaking out about the different chemicals in our food, why we gain weight, why we cannot lose weight, and how our modern diet and lifestyles are working against our body’s natural state of health. In between hearing from the experts, the film weaves a storyline of an average, single, office working woman, who leads a typically busy and stressed life, nourishing herself with various processed and junk food. She is self-conscious, tired, lacking in vitality while buying into the conditioned mainstream gimmicks of diets and diet foods. Throughout the film, as we hear from the experts, we see her transform her life to embark on a more empowered health path.

The experts featured in the documentary include:

  • Dr. Christiane Northrup – author, medical doctor
  • David Wolfe – author, nutrition expert
  • Mike Adams – author, nutrition journalist
  • Dr. Alejandro Junger – author, medical doctor
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola – osteopath doctor
  • Daniel Vitalis – nature food, nutrition expert
  • Kris Carr – author, nutrition expert
  • Evita Ramparte – raw food expert, reporter
  • Frank Ferrante – actor, film director
  • Joe Cross – film director, producer
  • Jon Gabriel – author, weight loss expert
  • Jason Vale – author, juicing expert

Personal Commentary

In a nutshell, the film is really fantastic! I greatly enjoyed it myself for a number of reasons. First, it shares and highlights pretty much everything that I live and teach others. There are no diets involved in natural, wholesome, plant-based eating. There is no calorie counting, no weighing, nutrient percentage balancing, nothing complicated, except for delicious, living foods that rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. It is our most natural and optimal way to nourish ourselves, prevent disease, live, and thrive. It also emphasizes that diets are temporary and do not work, and the importance of cleansing our bodies, juicing and engaging in healthy lifestyle choices.

Secondly, I am a huge supporter of many of the experts that were featured in the film who bring forward information to help raise awareness about the happenings of things on the corporate side of the food and health industries. I am very familiar with their work and know the value of all that they share both personally from experience and my research.

Thirdly, the film is exceptionally well-rounded. Not only does it discuss the physical aspects of our body and food, getting right to the biochemical levels of the interactions that create a healthy, fit body versus a diseased, overweight body, but it also touches upon the most essential foundation—our mind. Today, as we are awakening on every level of our evolution, we are coming to a clear understanding that our thoughts are the most critical tools in driving not only the health we have but every part of the life we have. Amidst this, it touched upon the role of visualization, positive thinking, consciousness, and our spiritual nature. The movie completely won me over when it covered the topic of self-love and how important it is for a healthy mind and body. I have always shared with others that it is impossible to engage in harmful behaviors like putting junk in our bodies when we love ourselves enough.

My last main reason for praising this film is that it is very timely and up to date with all the right information to help us as consumers make the best, most educated decisions when it comes to what we put into our body and why. It will be helpful to educate those people for whom this may be the first exposure to such material. It will be inspiring for those who are on a journey of being health conscious to continue forth. It will also be very affirming for those who have mastered a health-conscious path of nourishing their bodies optimally with natural, wholesome, living foods. Lastly, it focuses on taking accountability for our life, and this is huge. It has the power to transform our lives, eliminate suffering, and create desirable outcomes based on the choices we make.

Some of the topics that stood out the most included why people gain weight so quickly and have such difficulty taking it off, and keeping it off; the real effects of ingredients like MSG and aspartame; how corporations get us addicted to their food; the myths of zero-fat, low-fat and diet food items; why diet food items actually cause us to gain weight and get sick; the importance of sleep for a healthy weight; and how destructive foods like refined sugars and flour are.

In conclusion, I have no constructive criticism to offer when it comes to this film. Everything about it resonated with me, and I found it to be an extremely valuable film. It was very well produced, very enjoyable to watch, had very relevant information, and held one’s attention consistently throughout thanks to the passionate energies of the experts featured and the exciting content covered.

It is a pleasure to support this film and recommend it to others. You can view Hungry for Change on Netflix or Amazon.

Here is the trailer to learn more: