For the past three years, VegSource has been bringing the world some of the latest and most powerful information when it comes to real and natural health, through their annual Healthy Lifestyle Expos.

The Healthy Lifestyle Expos feature various highly respected and world-renowned doctors, nutritionists and other health specialists that offer lectures on various topics where health and nutrition are concerned. Each year then, each of these series of lectures is then available for purchase for any of us, as a 3 disc DVD set. You can read my review of last year’s expo.

This year, VegSource decided to do something different, and instead of a Healthy Lifestyle Expo, they produced and released a documentary film entitled Processed People. Get ready for this film to awaken, shake up, motivate, and inspire you to make dietary changes that will lead to a new way of life and amazing health that you may never have known before was even possible naturally.

Being familiar with the high-quality of information presented through the Healthy Lifestyle Expos, and having seen the trailer for Processed People, I knew this, too, would be a worthwhile resource. I excitedly watched the film as soon as I received it, and in this review article, I want to share with you an overview of the film and my thoughts about it. This highly-motivating new film is sure to inspire some new thoughts and choices when it comes to what you are eating.

Overview of Processed People

Processed People is a newly released documentary that was produced by Jeff and Sabrina Nelson. They are also the backbone of VegSource – a leading health and food website dedicated to promoting healthy plant-based eating. It features 9 highly regarded and highly progressive experts in the areas of nutrition, and real, natural health.

The experts are as follows:

  1. Nutrition Expert – Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  2. Cardiovascular Expert – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
  3. Health Expert – Dr. Milton Mills
  4. Nutrition Expert – Dr. Jeff Novick
  5. Naturopath and Women’s Health Expert – Dr. Pam Popper
  6. Child Nutrition Expert – Dr. Jay Gordon
  7. Writer and Psychological Expert – Dr. Jeffrey Masson
  8. Nutrition Expert – Dr. John Mcdougall
  9. Diet and Nutrition Expert – John Robbins

The video is 40 minutes long and divided into the following chapters:

  1. Why Are We So Fat?
  2. What Is Health?
  3. Health Care or Sick Care?
  4. Are we what we eat?
  5. Do We Need To Eat Animal Products?
  6. What’s The Role Of Exercise?
  7. Can You “De-process” Yourself?
  8. What Happens If We Don’t Change?

And just when you thought that was already an amazing wealth of information, the DVD also comes with almost 3 more hours of additional interviews from the health experts.

Personal Review of Processed People

To begin, I give a huge two thumbs up to this movie!!! As I was watching it, I was thinking “Oh my God, how can I get everyone in the world to see this?” Okay, a little too hopeful, but I was really exploding with passion and enthusiasm for the messages the movie presents.

In one word, this is a must-see movie for everyone! It will either wake you up and perhaps be the push you need for changing your dietary lifestyle or confirm the amazing benefits you are getting from following a natural, plant-based and real food diet.

The movie is extremely well put together. It has many great images to catch the attention of people of all ages, including teens. The terminology is simple for everyone to understand. The professional look and feel add to its high credibility and value. It is a movie of true value and worth that the whole family should sit down to watch together.

It touches upon political issues, economic issues, health insurance issues, educational issues, pregnancy, baby and breastfeeding issues, medical issues and of course health and nutrition issues. It is funny. It is sad. It is logical. It is revolutionary. It is so, so true!

We think that we are so advanced today. I have people all the time telling me that “today we live longer than ever”, that “today we have the best food advances” and much more. But in my opinion, that just goes to show how brainwashed we have become and how far we have gotten away from our natural state of being.

Pills of every shape and color, procedures, surgeries, and countless doctor’s visits are NOT indicative of us living longer or better – they are masking techniques for us not waking up to our amazing health potential. Colored, artificially flavored and preserved, fried and many other ways processed food is NOT technological advancement – it is a waste of our intelligence and resources.

This film makes us look at where we went so wrong and how we can get back on the right path – the right path of amazing health, each day, every day for the rest of your life. It is possible to feel that good every day, but it all begins with what we put into our mouth today.

Check out the Processed People trailer below, and if you find it valuable for your current health journey you can order the movie on the Processed People film website.