As unique as all of us are, each day we all do several things that are the same and which we all have in common. One of those things is the act of eating.

Each day most of us eat, on average 3 meals a day, some drinks and snacks.

But how many of us know where our food really comes from? How many know what is really in the food we eat? Or what effects it has on our body and mind?

How many of us take the time and care to pick local, organic, free-range, cruelty-free or home-made food options?

The truth is that unfortunately too few of us, and it shows. We go about our busy lives, throwing food into our system, when and how convenience strikes, as if we were some garbage system. We have become disconnected from a substance that is the living fuel for our bodies and was meant to sustain us, heal us and protect us from disease.

Today our food is causing us disease and this is showing in our poor states of health, obesity rates and overall happiness rates.

Bringing Back Real Food For Real Health

But change is in the air. Each day more and more people are waking up, taking a stand and getting empowered. Each day more and more of us are saying ‘enough‘, to a flawed food system and taking matters into our own hands. We may have allowed it to get to this point, but we have learned from our mistakes and are ready for a new way of living.

Just because junk and processed food is the main, most abundant food source wherever we look in society today, does not mean that we need to continue choosing to eat it.

Just because our parents fed us white grain products and told us sugary snacks were “treats, does not mean that we continue to accept that.

Just because we were lead to believe that our food system is safe, humane and nutritionally sound, does not mean that it really is.

Today, we are more empowered then ever. We may have been asleep for some time, and there is no point in laying blame today at whose fault it is that our food system and food choices are largely made up of processed, genetically modified, nutritionally deficient, drug and chemical filled food.

Today we choose change. Today we choose to make a new choice and start a new trend. Whether you are 19 or 90, it is never too late, not for your body, and not to make a lasting difference for generations to come.

Thus I leave you with some inspiration today from the next generation. Here is an amazing 11 year old boy, who knows very well that our current food system is not working. Not only is he making changes in his own life, but he is inspiring everyone of us – you and me – to take accountability and make changes in our own lives as well.

The choices we all make when it comes to our food, are for us and for all the children of the future generations to come. Love yourself, your body, your being, nature and this amazing planet enough to choose a different way today.

So in the words of the wise Birke Baehr, I leave you with these concluding words:

Think Local. Choose Organic. Know Your Farmer. Know Your Food.