The natural state for the human being to live in is optimal health. However, not many believe that today or feel this is realistic, as we have quickly become one of the sickest societies ever.

We have so many different diseases today. From infectious diseases to chronic diseases, the list is long and not pretty. Many people think that with all of our advancements in medicine we are healthier than our ancestors, but this is simply not true. Diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes have increased drastically in the past 100 years and are known today as lifestyle diseases, infecting the majority of the population. From various archeological records, we know that these diseases were extremely rare hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

So when it comes to the topics of health and disease, many people like to fall back on the hopes that we will find a cure – a cure for AIDS, a cure for cancer, a cure for MS and on and on the list goes.

The truth is that we DO have so many amazing resources at our finger tips already. The cures are often right underneath our finger tips, literally on our plates, yet we choose not to see them. We simply need to expand our awareness and look a little deeper at what is available. The politics behind leaving the people feeling weak and vulnerable run deep. Hence, we have a war against this or that disease and are told we need more money to do more research and in the end, all we get is more drugs and less signs of hope. A few in our world are getting richer and benefitting, while the majority continue to suffer physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

So today, let us look at the top 2 of 3 lifestyle diseases and what role the charities associated with them have, to find out if you are helping with your money, or just wasting it.

Diabetes Charities

Diabetes type 2 is today known to be both preventable and reversible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes type 2 comprises 90% of people with diabetes around the world, and is largely the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity.

Many people still are under the impression that diabetes type 2 just happens, or is perhaps the result of bad genes. Instead of changing their lifestyle habits to healthy ones, they then go on a frenzy looking for sugar free products, which are normally sweetened with toxic artificial sweeteners. Drugs or insulin shots may become the norm and many people in this situation, find themselves with an increasingly more debilitating quality of life.

The fact is that numerous doctors and organizations around the world are reversing diabetes type 2 naturally, normally with diet alone. Leaders in this frontier are ones like Dr. Gabriel Cousens and the Raw For Thirty movement.

We never need to look for a cure for diabetes type 2 because the cure is in prevention and in changing our lifestyle habits. It is as simple as that. Aside from perhaps some very complicated scenarios, no one with diabetes type 2 needs to suffer, take drugs or feel they are with this disease for life.

And how about diabetes type 1? This rare case of diabetes occurs in a very small part of the population and while it is not as easy to deal with as diabetes type 2, even hope exists there. Check out the links to the work of Dr. Cousens and the Raw For Thirty movement above, to learn what is possible for diabetes type 1.

So when it comes to donating money to diabetic charities, you really have to do your homework, as to what are you really donating the money for. As mentioned, we already have a cure for diabetes type 2 and the best thing any of us can do is simply spread awareness about its prevention and reversal free of charge.

Cancer Charities

I remember the first time I heard of and saw the pink ribbon campaign a few years ago. It was plastered all over some popular personal care products in a pharmacy. I immediately thought to myself how ironically crazy that was. So I am supposed to buy products with cancer causing chemicals, to have a portion of the sale donated to cancer research? That just seemed ludicrous to me. Unfortunately many people were buying these products and still do to this day, not realizing that the solution and the problem are both in the same bucket.

The pink ribbon campaign is just one example that has attached itself to foods or products throughout the years that directly influence the proliferation of cancer. This naturally made me a little suspect as to what was really behind these charities. As I dove in and begin researching the foundation of these organizations, what I discovered wasn’t pretty. I personally know enough to never offer any of my money to the pink ribbon campaign, and actually avoid buying products with any link to them. To me it is nothing short of more deceptive marketing in our society.

So yes, it has been drilled into our heads that we need to find a cure for cancer. Fighting for the cure, looking for the cure, hope for the cure, and run for the cure are just some of the common phrases we hear and see. In fact on a recent trip to a local bank, I found it decorated in young children’s art all with slogans to kill cancer, beat cancer and fight cancer. From a young age our society conditions the generations to have such a misrepresented view of cancer and prepares us to be good little citizens, feel hopeless and donate our money to them, not once offering the positive messages of the promising natural treatments that already exist. On the contrary, on those fronts we see resistance, people being threatened, called quacks and the like.

But what if we already have a cure? Or what if there isn’t “a” cure—at least not the way we think?

In order to understand this a little further, we need to understand the disease of cancer a little better itself. First of all, cancer is not one disease. It is over 220 different diseases, so finding one cure is highly deceptive and misleading. There are as many cancers, as the different types of cells we have in our body. Secondly, we know today thanks to the area of epigenetics that cancer genes get primarily turned on or off based on our lifestyle habits. This is another reason why cancer is considered a lifestyle disease. There is so much research today beyond the scope of this article that points to our food and toxins being the two top causes of almost all cancers. Yet so many of us refuse to change our eating habits, our physical activity patterns and our ways of thinking. No one can blame those who do not know, but so many of us do know and still refuse to change, to take preventative steps.

Finally, it would be one thing if the money donated to the cancer charities was going towards alternative treatment, rather than the harsh chemical treatments of things like drugs, chemotherapy and radiation, but it isn’t. In fact, all of the mainstream research refuses to touch the numerous natural cures and therapies that exist for cancer today. This is normally for no better reason than the fact that they are not money makers. Telling people to start eating raw fruits and vegetables as the bulk of their diet does not make the pharmaceutical companies money, and hence none will support any such claims. As for many of the charities themselves, unfortunately they enjoy lavish profits at the expense of many people’s hard earned money. Natural health experts have even gone as far as saying that none of these foundations are interested in ever finding the supposed “cure” because that would mean no more use for them.

Dr. Samuel Epstein has just published a new book entitled NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE and AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest that dives deeply into the politics and economics associated with the false promise of finding a cure, while no efforts are being put towards natural prevention or natural therapies. He is not the only one speaking out loudly about this. Many other health authorities worldwide are as well, like the widely known Charlotte Gerson or Dr. Mercola. In fact I strongly recommend you to give this article a read from Dr. Mercola, which outlines the key findings of the book from Dr. Epstein.

Bottom line the organizations who are making lots of money from cancer, all hold strong ties to one another. It is not a coincidence that the same charities trying to find a cure are best friends with the pharmaceutical companies and the chemo and radiation companies. Whether we are talking mammograms, or drugs or cancer charities, all of these are interconnected and they are all greatly benefiting from the perceived war on cancer.

But what if you knew that you could cure cancer with diet alone? What if you knew that you can prevent over 70% of all cancers? What if you knew that various plant and fungal compounds exist that can help terradicate cancers? What if you knew that the root of most cancers is in our emotional states and the toxic emotions or stress we harbor throughout our lives? What if you knew that high doses of vitamin C kill cancer cells? What if you knew that an alkaline state in the body can prevent and treat cancer? What if you knew all this and more?

The point is we have so many resources today. We have so many non-invasive ways to work with our body’s natural healing abilities. We were meant to live in optimal health. I understand that many people are distraught due to the loss of a loved one to a disease like cancer, but all the money in the world will not bring them back. I also understand that hurt, anger, frustration and betrayal are just some of the feelings associated with these types of situations. But even in such cases, the clever marketing works with our already fragile or weakened defenses telling us that we are running or raising money for our loved ones. While everyone has their own choices as to how they will help themselves, or their loved ones, we just need to know that often there are way better ways to help with our money or resources today.


Neither cancer, nor diabetes, nor heart disease is a death sentence. We may have allowed poor lifestyle choices, a toxic inner or outer environment to get us here, but through awareness we can turn things around for ourselves—not becoming victims or part of the statistics. The two cases mentioned above are just two of many examples. A similar story can be said about the heart and stroke foundations and many others. Whether these charities are really helping or not, takes some prudent research on our part. So what you do with your money, time and efforts is ultimately your business. I know what I choose to do with mine.

For me, instead of being part of a ‘war on cancer’ or anything else for that matter, I choose a peace-filled approach. I choose to take responsibility today and practice prevention, so I don’t have to fight against anything tomorrow. I choose to work with my body’s natural healing abilities. I choose the holistic, non-invasive spectrum of natural health. And most of all, I choose to support anyone working for the true betterment of humanity as a whole. Hence why I cannot support, or waste my money, or resources on things that are robbing humanity of their fullest potential and keeping them in the dark, while a small minority profit at the expense of the masses.

Ultimately I choose to spread awareness, for the more we know, the better decisions we can make on all fronts. In the words of the famous Will Durant, “Knowledge is power, but only wisdom is liberty.” May you use your knowledge wisely and liberate yourself from any and all oppressive ways.