I moisturize my skin on a regular basis, as I know it helps to promote skin’s elasticity and prevent drying, which can lead to premature ageing. Hence I am always on the lookout for a good natural lotion, as I use them so often. I do not have overly dry skin, but practice prevention before I get there. So, I decided to write about a lotion that I no longer use or have used for a while, for reasons that will be explained, but one that I thought would be important to write about. This lotion is by the famous Vaseline brand and it is called “Aloe & Naturals”.

The lotion is not thick, or greasy. It goes on well and absorbs fast. As far as long lasting effects, don’t expect much out of this one. It has a nice pleasant and fresh scent. Okay, so that is the good, now the bad.

The reason I felt that it was important to review and write about this product, is because it is an excellent example of how misleading companies are in their labeling and packaging and how easy it is to fool and instill a false sense of safety in the average consumer. And many will be fooled (like me in the past) that this variety of the Vaseline line is somehow better, i.e. more natural, then their other varieties, and would be safer for my overall health. Unfortunately the above is false.

The lotion is packed and I mean packed with synthetic, chemical ingredients. Oh sure there are a few plant based ingredients infused in between the chemical soup, but how is that good? It is like saying “that a person murdered someone but they didn’t steal their wallet”. I mean come on; a tiny “right” does not cancel out a huge “wrong”.

So as I previously said, I would never be using this again. The only reason I bought it in the past was because it was one of few lotions which did not contain any parabens, which was the first chemical I was on the lookout for avoiding. So save your money and your health and really don’t bother with this one, or any of their other lotions as there are just too many chemicals being absorbed by your skin.

And in case you are still not convinced, check out the following ingredient list and read the details behind the rating of 8 out of 10 as a high health hazard as analyzed by Skin Deep. So a better name for this product in my opinion would be, “Aloe & Naturals, but mostly Chemicals”. J


(italicized are from plants)


The lotion comes in plastic #2 bottles so easy to recycle once product is all used up. The bottle of this one is green with green writing and a blue cap (signature of the Vaseline brand).

Price & Availability (as of this posting)

  • Any drug store/department store in the world pretty much, I am sure, as Vaseline has made quite a reputation for themselves and has grown worldwide
  • Price is relatively average to any other commercial lotion
  • BUT – for the sake of your health – you do not want to be using these products

The Good

  • Excellent absorption
  • Pleasant scent
  • Average price
  • Widely available

The Bad

  • Uses “fragrance” in ingredients, which is a high health hazard and does not explain its source
  • Is made up of mostly chemical/synthetic ingredients with questionable and some known health risks
  • Check out what skin deep has to say about this cream