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Natural skincare is a world full of obscure and unlikely ingredients, harnessing the power of nature’s greatest gifts to provide dermal rescue and relief. Leading ingredients you’ll find in proven natural remedies are some of the most common substances on earth; being tapped for, among various other assets, their beneficial skincare properties.

We are taking a look inside nature’s tool chest on the hunt for skincare secrets, and today we’ll be exploring the wonders of cera alba, better known as beeswax.

What exactly is beeswax?

Produced by the noble worker bee, beeswax is the substance you’ll find lining the structure of a honeycomb. By turning nectar into wax, bees build honeycomb as a storage space for all of the honey they produce. With its aromatic, therapeutic and dermatological properties, it is one of nature’s most versatile ingredients.

How can it help my skin?

Beeswax is one of the most multipurpose substances on the planet, used in candles, sealing wax, natural chewing gums and, most importantly, as an essential skincare ingredient. Its natural properties make it ideal for dermatological products—from both a cosmetic and medical perspective—with countless benefits.

  • Beeswax fights bacteria thanks to its biologically active makeup. Ingredients like this are mainstays of the natural skincare world, helping to maintain your skin’s cleanliness and fight contamination in an array of effective skin relief products. Beeswax even helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus, and is used in the treatment of numerous bacterial skin conditions as a result.

  • Beeswax promotes hydration by attracting water naturally. Like a magnet for water molecules, this natural miracle works to restore and maintain your skin’s moisture, keeping it hydrated and healthy in the long term.

  • Beeswax has protective powers, helping to defend against environmental attacks and cling on to our skin’s natural moisture. Other ingredients containing petroleum are notorious for suffocating our skin, clogging pores and aggravating dry skin, while beeswax offers thirst-quenching protection for your skin.

  • Beeswax is hypoallergenic, making it an absolute life-saver for anyone suffering from eczema, dermatitis, or even more intimate conditions like hemorrhoids. Its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties help it to relieve the irritations associated with these skin complaints and make for an ideal cosmetic ingredient, even for those prone to allergic reactions.

  • Beeswax is vitamin-rich, containing plenty of vitamin A with the power to support the turnover and reconstruction of skin cells.

  • Beeswax is a healing ingredient with the potential to effectively treat and soothe wounds, and it’s all thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory status. In addition to its potential as a treatment for hemorrhoids, beeswax is also thought to be effective in the healing of sores caused during chemotherapy, making this one super-powered natural ingredient.


There’s no doubt beeswax is one of natural skincare’s greatest assets, and by choosing the right herbal ointments and skin creams, you can give your skin a taste of this sweet, soothing relief.

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