Healthy lifestyle choices have become a necessity in a society where nutritionally-depleted foods, toxic products, and unprecedented chronic diseases and obesity rates have become the prevailing reality. We have allowed modern convenience, corporate marketing, ignorance, and laziness to dictate our lifestyle habits and lead us into various states of mental, emotional, and physical suffering. Most of us are seeing clearly, today, that this approach is destructive to us and unsustainable. This makes us search for resources and solutions that can help us turn around our health, weight, and wellbeing.

One positive lifestyle habit that many people are taking an interest in today is juicing, which helps us cleanse and detoxify our body, lose weight, invigorate our energy, and improve our overall health. To help you know where to start and how to do juicing in a safe, effective, and successful manner, there are many books, films, and other resources that you can consult. One of these is The Healthy Juicer’s Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long by author Farnoosh Brock, which I will share with you about in this review article.

Let juicing be your one true present for yourself starting today.

Farnoosh Brock, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible

About the Author

Farnoosh Brock is the passionate founder and president of Prolific Living Inc. She helps people live out their potential, stop settling, and serve the world from their highest self. She is an expert green juicer, an Ashtanga yogini, an amateur photographer, and a devout world traveler. Farnoosh left her long career at a Fortune 100 technology corporation to start her own company and pursue her life’s work through writing, consulting, and speaking. Her goal is to help you achieve freedom in both your health and your profession through the systems and techniques that she has built. For more information about the author and her work, visit Prolific Living.

About the Book

The Healthy Juicer’s Bible is about 300 pages and well organized into useful sections that build upon each other. It is a beautiful book as well, with numerous large, full colour illustrations that enhance the reading experience. The images are very inspiring and motivating to do juicing and appreciate the beauty of the fruit and vegetable world at the same time.

The book is organized by chapter-like sections with sub-sections of clearly outlined topics. The major chapter sections are as follows:

  • Why Juice? Irresistible Benefits and Your Own Reasons
  • Juicing Explained: What Juicing Is and Is Not
  • How to Start Juicing: The Bare Essentials
  • Let’s Talk Ingredients
  • In the Kitchen: Getting Ready to Juice
  • The Recipes and the Benefits
  • The Aftermath: You’ve Juiced. Now What?
  • How to Improvise: Making Your Own Recipes
  • Pushing Past the Resistance to Keep Juicing
  • Upping the Ante: Juice Fasting, Baby!

The book also includes an introduction, conclusion, as well as ingredient index, highlights, and recipe index. At the end of every section, the reader will find a “Juicer in the Spotlight” story where a short excerpt is included from different people’s juicing experiences.

One of the reasons juicing is so much fun is because it gives you countless—and I do mean, countless—options. You can create your own recipes to the end of time.

Farnoosh Brock, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible

Personal Commentary

It was a pleasure to read the The Healthy Juicer’s Bible and share with you about how it can serve as a valuable resource on your health journey. The book is extremely comprehensive and covers everything that one would expect in order to learn why they should juice, and how to do it. The reader will learn things, such as what constitutes juicing, how it differs from the many other fruit and vegetable beverages out there, how to pick a juicer, how to shop for the right ingredients, what to juice, what not to juice, how to store juices, what to do with the leftover pulp, how to approach a juice fast and then some! The practical dialogue that explains juicing to make juices versus blending to make smoothies is one of the most valuable parts of the book because many people still mistake these two processing methods as referring to the same thing. I also enjoyed the explanation given to compare the different types of juicers, as it will make it very practical for each person to make a wise investment.

Based on my personal experience with juicing to date, I found myself in resonance with many of the tips that the author offers. One of the key points that is mentioned, which I also found to be true on my personal journey, is how different tasting the whole, raw vegetable or fruit can be versus its juice. It is quite amazing and one of the reasons why I find it very enjoyable to drink juices with parsley or celery in large amounts, whereas I would not enjoy meals that contain these vegetables in large amounts. Another valuable tip I found myself strongly resonating with from personal experience, is what fruits and vegetables serve as the foundation for the best juices for, both, your health and taste buds.

The book is written in a logically sequential style and a friendly, conversational tone. It often feels like the author is right there next to you, walking you through the whole process in person. The reader can easily follow the author’s train of thought and build upon the ideas shared to grasp and utilize the information. The information is presented in great detail and with care to make it easy for anyone to follow and most importantly succeed with juicing. The book is full of practical tips about every aspect of juicing and eases the reader gradually along each step of the way. It appears that every aspect has been thought of when it comes to understanding the basics of juicing and making it a regular part of your life.

While this book approaches juicing from the perspective of both body and mind, what I also found to be a big asset to this book is the personal development component that it includes. It is not enough to just hear about the physical health benefits of this or that or be told what to buy and how to prepare it. What must take place first, and what is often not emphasized, is the mental preparation required to make a paradigm shift in any given area of our thinking to succeed with a new lifestyle habit. The author addresses juicing from this regard in several parts of the book and even encourages a “juicing journal” to optimize the reader’s experience.

The best part of the book, aside from the great content and beautiful images, is how inviting it is to get the reader to start juicing. Readers will be happy to have over 50 recipes that are clear, straightforward, and even include tips about optional additions or possible replacements. While I did not put any of the recipes to personal use yet, as my juicing habits are spontaneous and don’t depend on any recipes, I have no doubt that they make delicious juice combinations given the ingredients Farnoosh outlines in them.

With every health habit, you have a choice. You can look at it as “something to do and get over and done with.” Or you can look at it as a journey, an experience, a path that teaches you more about who you are, what your likes and tolerances are and how willing you are to explore new things and grow to become a better version of yourself in the process. Let your juicing be a big deal and treat it as such a journey.

Farnoosh Brock, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible

Highlights of the Book

Here is a summary of the main highlights of this book:

  • Thorough: It is clear that the author considered every concept that should be covered, right down to fine details that would come up for anyone working with produce and learning to juice.
  • Empowering: The reader is set up to succeed based on what is covered and how it is shared in every chapter, image, explanation, and tip.
  • Practical: There are tips upon tips and sound advice provided that make the whole juicing process possible for anyone to apply.
  • Motivating: The author presents the information in a fun way and with an energy of excitement that comes right through the book pages.
  • Includes over 50 juice recipes of various fruit, vegetable, and herb blends.
  • Addresses the topic of juice pulp, and what to do with it for efficient use of the whole fruit or vegetable.
  • Addresses the topic of juice fasting, and what to do before, during, and after the process.

Limitations of the Book

I am happy to share that it was not easy to spot the limitations of this book, as everything was covered really well. The book tackles one, specific topic — juicing — in a simple, comprehensive, and friendly approach. It is based on sequential steps to give the reader everything they would need to make juicing a lifestyle habit, and it really couldn’t be any simpler than that.

The only two things that I can think of mentioning to help you manage your expectations about this book accurately are as follows:

  • This is a book that provides general guidelines, foundations, and practical tips for juicing. It may not be the book for you if you are looking for a more academic book that provides scientific research about the health benefits of juicing or a nutritional analysis of the juices.

  • The pulp recipes provided do call for the use of sugar and animal products, which would not be suitable for those who follow a whole food plant-based diet or who lead a vegan lifestyle.


In conclusion, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible is a valuable and pleasurable read for anyone who may be interested in juicing. The influx of toxins in our world today is a direct contributor to many of the weight and disease problems that we have. This is where juicing can provide us with powerful health support to lose weight, detoxify, cleanse, heal and prevent diseases, strengthen our bodies, and ensure optimal longevity. And this book can serve as a valuable asset for you to understand the amazing world of juicing and all of the potential it may offer you. The book is available on Amazon, and I have also provided links to it and other books by Farnoosh Brock below.