Our understanding of health, our bodies, and medicine have come a long way in the past few decades. We have come from seeing our bodies as simple machines, that randomly break down and need to be fixed by external sources, to intelligent living systems, capable of healing themselves. Thanks to modern research and ancient wisdom, today we are on the cusp of integrating a more complete and holistic understanding of health and disease. Leading the way and supporting us on this journey are resources like Superhealing by trailblazers like Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson.

Amidst our age of information, we have virtually any resource we’d like available to us within a few clicks. However, not all information is worthy of our attention. Not all information has our health, well-being, and best interest in mind. Not all information is meant to empower and liberate us. This is why I am quick to praise resources that truly stand out when it comes to guiding humanity to its highest potential, and Superhealing by Dr. Elaine Ferguson is one such book. At a time when we have more chronic disease and more humans (and animals) on pharmaceutical drugs, we need quality resources more than ever to help us understand the nature of health and disease.

This is where Superhealing excels. It is a book that not only gets to the root of why we get sick but focuses on helping us heal in the most powerful and natural way possible. It is therefore my pleasure to share with you about this resource that can change your health, and life, for the better. It can empower you with the right knowledge and action steps to take responsibility for your health and healing journey. As Dr. Elaine shares, the book was “designed to provide you with the vital health-promoting information, tools, and techniques you need to unleash the remarkable, inborn healing capacity that resides within you.” Whether you are enjoying good health right now, or are suffering from any acute or chronic condition, this is one of the most valuable books you can read to transform your life.

In this review, I will share with you more about the author, the book, and why it is such a powerful and vital resource for our times.

Superhealing is an integrative healing approach to transforming and transcending the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual limitations that have been imposed on us throughout our lives.

Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson, Superhealing

About the Author

Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson, MD, is an Ivy League-educated physician, a graduate of Brown University, and Duke University School of Medicine, who completed her residency at the University of Chicago’s Hospitals and Clinics. She has practiced holistic medicine in the Chicago area for over two decades and is currently a Senior Medical Director for the U.S. Postal Service.

In addition to actively practicing, Dr. Ferguson is also an accomplished lecturer and teacher who has spoken at numerous colleges, universities, and medical schools. Her consulting practice, One Health, offers a line of downloadable, educational audio and workbook products designed for those with various physical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and post-surgical recovery.

To learn more visit: drelaine.com

Content Summary

The book includes a preface and introduction, as well as 10 chapters, and an afterword. A general summary of the chapter contents is as follows:

Part 1: Your Superhealing Mind

Chapter 1: Your Superhealing Mind-Body Connection

  • Explores the link between stress and illness
  • Explores the link between personality and illness
  • Explores the link between depression and illness

Chapter 2: Superhealing Mind-Body Research Breakthroughs

  • Explores how the mind operates as an interface between body and spirit
  • Explores emotions, and how they influence the body
  • Explores genetic expression in response to our internal environment
  • Further exploration of how stress causes disease, including aging
  • Explores neuroplasticity, and the brain’s ability to restructure itself
  • Explores the power of beliefs, specifically the placebo and nocebo effects, and their effect on our health
  • Explores the power of positive thinking

Chapter 3: Engaging Your Superhealing Mind

  • Explores mind-body techniques to engage the mind for superhealing (laughter, meditation, visualization, expressive writing, affirmations)

We now know that working on improving our health through the body alone is like sailing a sailboat with three masts, with only one open. Healing becomes superhealing when all three sails (body-mind-spirit) are unfurled and catching the wind.

Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson, Superhealing

Part 2: Your Superhealing Body

Chapter 4: Establishing a Superhealing Environment

  • Explores natural versus man-made environments on our superhealing ability
  • Explores some toxic substances to be aware of in our environments
  • Explores some stresses of modern life
  • Explores the benefits of natural environments and activities (gardening, earthing)

Chapter 5: Superhealing with Movement

  • Explores the nature of our modern lifestyles
  • Explores the physical benefits of movement
  • Explores the benefits of movement when coupled with awareness
  • Explores how spiritual health is related to movement

Chapter 6: Superhealing with Nutrition

  • Explores the different considerations that must be made when thinking about nutrition
  • Explores how our digestive health is impacted by our mental and emotional health
  • Explores how our digestive health is impacted by awareness and appreciation
  • Explores how our digestion impacts our mental and emotional health
  • Explores which foods to include and which to exclude for superhealing

Part 3: Your Superhealing Spirit

Chapter 7: Your Superhealing Spirit-Body Connection

  • Explores the nature of spirit
  • Explores the nature of spirituality
  • Explores the spirit-heart-brain connection
  • Explores the areas of spiritual health and development
  • Explores the three personal qualities common for superhealing

Chapter 8: The Superhealing Power of Love and Relationships

  • Explores the relationship we have with ourselves and self-love
  • Explores the role of touch in superhealing
  • Explores the benefits of loving relationships and altruistic expressions
  • Explores the role of gratitude and forgiveness in our superhealing

Chapter 9: Engaging Your Superhealing Spirit

  • Explores how to engage with our spirit in meaningful ways
  • Explores how being, awareness and present moment living benefits superhealing
  • Explores ways for expressing our spirit
  • Provides 7 superhealing techniques for engagement with spirit

Part 4: Your Superhealing Lifestyle

Chapter 10: Your Forty-Day Superhealing Action Plan

  • Outlines the 6 steps of the superhealing action plan
  • Provides practical guidance and resources to carry out the action plan

The sign of our growth is not the absence of difficulties but the way we handle them.

Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson, Superhealing

Personal Commentary

Reading Superhealing was one of my most enjoyable reading experiences for so many reasons. Aside from the fact that the book is flowing and easy to read, as well as real and practical, it is simply put a beautiful book. There are books that present fantastic information, and then there are books that lovingly impart transformational knowledge to us. The latter is the case when it comes to Superhealing for not only does it cover comprehensively and extensively every aspect necessary for attaining a complete understanding of health, but it also does it in a beautiful way. The wording the author chose and how she expresses herself throughout the book, including the scientific and educational overlay, are all presented from a core of love and compassion. No matter what disease you may have, the author offers tangible hope and empowerment, from beginning to end, that you CAN heal.

What made the book even more powerful for me, as both a human being and health expert, is that Dr. Elaine shares my personal philosophy and understanding when it comes to our health, and the role of the mind, body and spirit almost to a tee! Reading her words imparted a feeling of familiarity and knowing, when it comes to how or why a disease appears, and how it can be healed. The essence of this understanding lays in the power of attending to, and aligning the mind, body and spirit. Of additional importance are the personal responsibility and empowerment aspects. We give up responsibility so easily thinking that the medical establishment will save us from our poor choices, but our healing path starts with choosing to take back our power. In every moment, every day you are choosing, whether consciously or unconsciously, but choosing nonetheless your food, drink, lifestyle habits, thoughts, words and actions. Each one of these is either leading you toward maintaining your natural state of health, or towards disease. When we know how to work with all aspects of the body, mind and spirit, it is then that we are consciously empowered and can engage in superhealing. We can overcome our greatest challenges and health concerns by knowing how to make the best choices for us.

What else you can expect from Superhealing is a book that not only educates effectively, but also provides real and practical solutions to implement in our daily lives. The book is equally full of information, inspiration, and instruction for the reader to unleash within them a desire and hope to heal and thrive. The content covers lots of research and studies, as well as some personal stories and the author’s experiences. The story of Yolanda in Chapter 7 was one of my favorites, and one of the most emotionally moving stories I’ve had the privilege of experiencing. Depending on your personal background, Superhealing may challenge your beliefs in many ways. Allow it to, as you grow and expand your consciousness, allowing yourself to see and understand new possibilities and the holistic nature of life. The content is extremely well-rounded and offers smart and valuable guidance for living in a state of optimal health and well-being. Many chapters include question sets for the reader, for further reflection and introspection about the topic at hand, and how it relates to their life.

Ultimately the book presents the foundation of optimal wellness in terms of what is needed on a mind level (i.e thoughts & emotions), body level (i.e diet & movement) and spirit (i.e. love and forgiveness) level. It highlights the importance of addressing stress with resolution to avoid the risk of chronic disease. We must make a shift to prevention through our daily thoughts, words and actions, but can also engage in superhealing as needed. If you are looking for a holistically-oriented, deeply comprehensive, yet easy to read and assimilate book on health, healing and prevention, and one that is highly empowering, supportive and encouraging, then I highly recommend Superhealing. Allow yourself to push the boundaries of all that you thought or knew up to this time, and experience the potential of all that is possible when it comes to your health and well-being. Each day on our planet more and more of us are ready, and willing, to tap into our incredible healing capacity, and live with joy, optimal health and vitality, are you?

When we neglect our emotional and spiritual needs, it is to our own peril, because that neglect is detrimental not only to our emotional health but to our bodies as well.

Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson, Superhealing

Video Interview with Author

Aside from reading the book, I also had the pleasure of interviewing the author to speak more about the superhealing that is possible when we engage our mind, body, and spirit. You can enjoy this half-hour video episode below: