In an effort to incorporate healthier personal care alternatives, my journey has led me to switch to a natural toothpaste. This means a toothpaste, which does not contain chemicals that are highly risky or knowingly problematic for our health and/or for that of our Earth. Due primarily to good marketing, many people consider Tom’s of Maine as a natural toothpaste. While that option is much better than any of the common, conventional choices, it unfortunately still contains several problematic ingredients. In addition, for years now it has been owned by Colgate-Palmolive, which is not a company that contributes to creating healthy products for people or our Earth. For a truly natural, healthy and responsible product, my research and exploration has led me to Green Beaver, and one of their natural toothpastes, which I will share with you about in this article.

Finding Green Beaver Natural Toothpastes

Upon one routine trip, a couple of weeks ago, to my favorite local health food store, and after reading about 10 different so-called “natural” toothpastes, I finally discovered one that truly was worthy of the designation “natural and healthy”. This toothpaste comes from The Green Beaver company, which as I also pleasantly discovered is Canadian, and thus local for me. I am so impressed with this company that I decided to write an entire article on the excellence of Green Beaver personal care products. The company was started by a married couple whose inspiration for truly natural products was their new baby son. They offer a wide variety of personal care products, including natural toothpaste. Their toothpastes also come in a variety of flavors, one of which is Cilantro and the focus of this review article. Other flavors include: Frosty Mint, Green Apple, Zesty Orange, Cinnamon and Star Anise.

Green Beaver Cilantro Toothpaste

The first thing to expect when switching to a natural toothpaste is that you will not experience any intense foaming or overly strong flavor. This toothpaste is a little less thick in terms of its consistency, as compared to conventional toothpaste. It is not bleach white in color, but has a delicate cream color. The flavor is obvious, but not overly potent, and great if you enjoy cilantro. It is quite a unique flavor for a toothpaste, so this may take a while to get used to.

In terms of effectiveness, you can expect a great clean feeling in your mouth, which I found lasts right through to the morning. I feel that the substances in this toothpaste create a better oral balance and I really enjoy using this toothpaste to achieve an effective result.

Finally, in terms of the ingredients they are outstanding. At first we may think that it is no big deal to use just any toothpaste, regardless of the ingredients, since we just spit it out anyway. However, for the entire time that toothpaste is in your mouth, which is on average 2 minutes, twice a day, for 365 days, for our entire life, this creates a lot of time for these ingredients to interact with some of our most sensitive tissues. Depending on the type of ingredients, there can be tissue irritation, as well as absorption taking place throughout this time.

With this toothpaste you can feel confident, as it contains NO fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial flavors or dyes, chemical preservatives, parabens, chemical whiteners or animal products. Its excellent and safe ingredient make-up actually makes it safe to swallow in case of accidental swallowing, making it perfect for kids.

In summary, the Green Beaver Cilantro toothpaste:

  • Is made of natural and safe ingredients
  • Is vegan friendly and not tested on animals
  • Is safe for kids (if swallowed)
  • Is gluten-free
  • Contains natural antibacterial ingredients
  • Leaves the mouth feeling fresh for a long time
  • Leaves the teeth feeling clean

The only drawback to getting this toothpaste is if you do not enjoy the cilantro flavor. In this case, I recommend that you simply pick another variety from the Green Beaver collection of other flavors.


(All Plant Ingredients Are Italicized)


The toothpaste comes in a 75ml tube, that comes in a fully recyclable box.

Price (as of 2017)

  • Around $4 – $6 per tube at Health Food Stores in Canada or the US
  • $5.79 per tube at
  • $5.99 per tube at Aviva
  • $5.99 per tube from


  • Health Food Stores accross Canada, some US
  • Online stores for US and Canada

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