In the search for more natural and healthy products for ourselves, one cannot forget hair care. A few months ago I noticed this on a store shelf and decided to try it, more for my husband then myself as I very rarely use conditioner. The front label caught my attention thanks to the colors and the fact that it was labeled “certified organic, naturally derived, pure vegan, and paraben free” – now assuming this is all true, does it get any better?

So what is it? Well it is a conditioner from a company called Live Clean. I checked them out and love what they stand for! They aspire to being green and earth friendly. They offer 3 lines of hair care. The “Green Earth” line has a shampoo and conditioner that is invigorating, the “Clean Air” line has a shampoo and conditioner that is volumizing and the “Fresh Water” line has a shampoo and conditioner that is moisturizing.

The product I picked was the Green Earth Invigorating Conditioner. The conditioner is a good thick consistency and has a very nice scent to it. It kind of smells like a really fruity pina colada. It works very well as a detangler for your hair, leaves her soft and rinses out well too.

As for the ingredients here it goes: in terms of the organic label, there is no certification stamp so you just have to take their word for it. The first ingredients are plant based and so that is great as they constitute the majority. The chemical ingredients are almost all low health risk based on Skin Deep’s Database. It is not listed yet in their database, but I have contacted them to add it. There are two ingredients that are high risk and those are the parfum and the DMDM hydantoin. I have contacted the company to verify the source of the parfum and suggest that it can be reformulated to become an even better product in terms of health. For now I have not yet received a response. So by no means is the product perfect as a natural product, but it appears much better than the average commercial conditioner.


(italicized are from plants)

  • Aqua (Purified Water)

Certified Organic Botanicals:


The conditioner comes in plastic #2 bottles so easy to recycle once product is all used up. The bottle of this one is green and white and very simple so it gives a wonderful Earth friendly feeling.

Price & Availability (as of this posting)

  • $5.99 CAD (any drug store/department store throughout North America – I am pretty sure)
  • Around $7.00 CAD/US from (Canada’s online Drug store)

The Good

  • Great Detangling Properties
  • Pleasant scent
  • Leaves hair soft
  • Paraben Free
  • Lots of plant derived ingredients (at top of ingredient list)
  • Fair price
  • Nice Packaging

The Bad

  • No official certification to verify organic products
  • Includes “parfum” and “DMDM Hydantoin” ingredients which are considered high risk ingredients
  • Not yet widely available