One of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies to prevent and heal disease, decrease the effects of aging and live with vitality is to provide our body with the right acid-alkaline environment. The most direct way to do this is through our diet.

The modern “SAD” diet is highly acidic, being high in animal products, refined grains, sugars and processed food. This leaves the average person’s body in a state of chronic acidosis from which numerous diseases develop like osteoporosis, gout, cancers, infections and more. One would think the medical professions would be promoting this, yet a natural, dietary approach to health isn’t exactly in their scope.

However, as more and more people are not wanting to participate in the modern medical approach that simply manages diseases, rather than actually healing them, they are turning to natural health. Through this they are learning about the numerous natural approaches to health, like working to maintain our body’s natural acid-alkaline balance. And so while our food is the number one way to do this, due to the power of this approach on our health, alkaline water has also become a popular choice for many.

Hence, in this review I would like to share my thoughts with you on the AlkaMate – a bottle based on mineral nanotechnology that transforms regular water into alkaline water.

AlkaMate is distributed through Healthier Living 4 You – a family owned company that provides various holistic products to enhance health and healing. They are located in Ontario, Canada and ship their products throughout North America.

AlkaMate is a bottle that is claimed to quickly neutralize the acid in the water we drink. Based on the minerals used in the 2 filters it has and the nanotechnology it uses, it increases the alkalinity of the water and ionizes the water. (See link above for full list of minerals used.)

To help explain more specifically what the AlkaMate is, how it works, its safety and efficacy, I had the chance to interview Craig Jacobs, the vice-president of Healthier Living 4 You. In the video below he shares all this and more about the AlkaMate.

Here are some of the observations, thoughts and experiences I had using the AlkaMate based on 3 weeks of use:

The Pros

The first impression upon getting the bottle was impressive. Even though it is a stainless steel bottle, it is no ordinary bottle. It actually reminds me of some fancy time capsule, or just a really fancy small thermos bottle. It is embossed with silver and gold writing in an emblem on the top of the lid and on the bottom. The bag it came with is also of nice quality and practical to have and transport the AlkaMate in.

The bottle is easy to fill, easy to use and easy to clean. It just takes some conscious awareness or getting into a routine to use it according to the instructions, instead of just filling it with water and drinking right away.

In terms of health benefits, I personally know the benefits of alkaline food and credit it greatly for my amazing health and vitality. Knowing about the health benefits of alkaline water as well, I do not doubt its power on our health. However, as to the health benefits of the AlkaMate, that I am not sure about – more on this below. Because of my natural habits, dietary and lifestyle choices and being in optimal health on a daily basis, I did not experience any particular effects (positive or negative) of the alkaline water on me. It probably just compounded the great feeling I already feel. Perhaps making this a regular habit and sticking with it for a few months may have shown further results.

Finally, if the bottle does what it claims to do, I think the price is very fair, especially that one can get a bottle for as little as $50.

The Cons

Looks aside however, in terms of functionality there were a few things that didn’t quite measure up for me. The first is just from a practical standpoint, the way the bottle is made every time you fill it, shake it and then eventually open it, water droplets run down the sides. Not a big deal perhaps, as long as you don’t mind a small puddle of water where the bottle is standing.

Secondly, as mentioned above, one does have to get into a routine of filling the cup and allowing it to sit for at least 15 minutes before drinking. Again this may not be a big deal, depending on one’s preferences and schedules.

The biggest con I find is that there is no way to prove what is actually inside the bottle, in terms of the minerals, their source, and purity or what it is doing to the water. Of course one can conduct their own tests, but this means investing some time and money into getting the water tested by a private water lab, using any samples of water that one drinks from normally. (The AlkaMate will produce different results based on the water sample put in – some water will be more, some less alkaline.) Tests to be run should show the pH of the water before and after using the AlkaMate, but even more importantly the quality of the water and if there are no particles present that should not be there, any contamination, heavy metals, etc.

I tried to test the water with the highly sensitive/low range pH paper strips I have at home, which did not show alkalinity, but as I learned from Craig in the interview, this is not an adequate way of testing. To test water properly one needs a digital pH meter or indicator droplets.


Since I take my health and the quality of my water—the fluid of life—and what I recommend to people very seriously, I am very cautious these days in taking the word of others as to various claims about their products. It is unfortunate, but in today’s world we must all take accountability for what we decide to put into or onto our bodies. Thus, at this time I cannot vouch for or against the AlkaMate fully, either until more testing comes out or I decide to pursue testing myself with my own water samples.

I can definitely vouch for alkaline water and alkaline food, and I would like to believe that the AlkaMate is an outstanding new product that can help many people. However I just don’t have any proof at this time to base those claims on. And so if you are interested in getting the AlkaMate, I would still recommend doing some further personal research into the product yourself to be fully comfortable with your purchase.


The AlkaMate comes in a the protective carrying pouch made of black canvas like material with a zipper.

Price (as of this posting)

  • $99.97 CAD/US for 1 bottle, 2 filters & pouch
  • $139.99 CAD/US for 2 bottles, 4 filters & 2 pouches
  • $199.99 CAD/US for 4 bottles, 8 filters & 4 pouches
  • Sold through


  • Sold through various online and on-location distributors (see link above)

The Good

  • Durable and high quality look and feel
  • Can provide alkaline water easily
  • Can provide various health benefits
  • Filters last a long time (6 months)
  • Saves the environment from plastic water bottles
  • Easy to order

The Bad

  • No independent testing or certification to prove safety or purity of the materials in filters or quality of the water.
  • Takes at least 15 minutes before one should drink the water poured into the bottle