The human being is the only creature on earth who has the right to choose, and what’s more, he is the one who can exercise his choice. Have you ever seen an ant ordering a pizza or an elephant choosing whether he would wear jeans and play football? This has never happened and never will.

Human beings are the only living beings who have the widest array of choices as well as creativity. Humans have the power to rise above both, circumstances and intelligence to satisfy their needs. Humans are creatures who have an imagination in their mind and with this creativity, they actualize ideas into reality.

An Abundance of Endless Choice

Humans also have the capacity to enjoy and share their created realities with their fellow beings. The highest and largest varieties of choice to date have been created for Saris - a woman’s garment that is most popular and commonly worn in India. Right from the day of actualization to date, maybe 200 million or more different designs and variety have been created! And just imagine, none of them are exact replicas.

The second-highest choice that has been offered with the help of human creativity is in the area of jewelry. Look at the variety of jewelry that we have all over the world. The materials used, the use of shapes, sizes, colors, and the finer intricate designs, it seems unimaginable to create! And yet there it is, available in, what seems like, an infinite variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to suit anyone, and made of numerous natural and synthetic materials. It could be just a small piece of paper that is colored and varnished to look like a precious stone, or it could be the most expensive diamond crafted in a ring or a necklace. The third choice is in the area of watches. The variety of dials, straps, and features that you get is simply beyond imagination!

So variety and choice will keep on varying every time something new is created. Ranging from this material aspect, a huge variety is available for choosing a career, a life partner, a friend, a job, or a spiritual path. There is no lack of choice that a human being has. And, the right choice at the right time will always give you the right result! At the right time, a wrong choice or right choice at a wrong time, will give you wrong results.

Learning to Take Responsibility for Our Choices

The biggest hypocrisy of human nature is that a human being blames somebody else for the results of their choices if the results are harmful, negative, and problem giving. If the results are to their liking, meeting their needs and expectations, then our human nature wants to take the credit for the same. We want to take the entire credit to ourselves and attribute our success to our intelligence and capacity to make a certain decision.

If things go wrong, however, we blame the world, our luck, and the stars for that disaster. Any such disaster can set in a major depression, disappointment, and inaction thereafter. Subsequently to the disaster, an ineffective, improper, and often childish decision is impulsively made, which further complicates the matter.

The moment we as humans bear the ownership of our choice, decision, and actions, the situation changes. Taking responsibility for our choices allows us to learn from such decisions and will empower us to:

  1. Develop capabilities for making the right decision.

  2. Develop the capability to improve upon our previous decision.

  3. Share our learning with others so that others don’t make the same mistakes that we have.

  4. Take corrective steps and keep on improving our capabilities, imaginations, actualizations, and thus, create wonderful, practical, and usable solutions, which ensure better quality and a variety of choices.

The Choice of the Hour

The struggles of both our ancestors or our peers have created for us a vast library of choice when it comes to education, entertainment, cuisine, lifestyle, and health, amongst other things.

The need of the hour in today’s stressful times is to make the right choice about what mode of treatment we use to keep ourselves healthy. Afterall, it is only if we are healthy that we are able to enjoy the fruits and rewards of our other choices.

It is, therefore, high time that people realize the strength, power, and capacity of gentle, chemical-free homeopathy and put to use this treatment to remain healthy and have a high-quality life for a longer duration.

About the Author

Dr. Jawahar Shah is a homeopathic practitioner, technocrat, clinician, and distinguished academic. He resides and works in Mumbai, where he has been running a successful Homoeopathic practice for over 45 years and has thousands of happy and satisfied patients all over the world who benefit from his expertise for all their health needs. He has lectured at more than 500 seminars in over 30 countries and revolutionized the homeopathic practice with a ground-breaking software called Hompath. He is also the founder of Mind Technologies and Enlightenment Education, which serve to educate and empower individuals and health professionals in the field of homeopathic health sciences.