We find ourselves at an interesting time in history where chronic lifestyle diseases are our top killers. Yet despite this we fail to give attention to the things that got us there in the first place like our processed food diets, negative emotions, stress and levels of chemical toxin exposure.

So when the solution is to face these areas and reverse our habits, most of us choose to ignore them and instead seek medical intervention, which not surprisingly comes in the form of more chemicals needed to be taken up by the body.

These times put us at interesting crossroads as more and more people wake up and realize that the medical industry, so-called science and scientific studies aren’t what we have been lead to believe. Politics, greed, fraud and corporate agendas are pulling the strings of our medical industries while people suffer. This has been a huge and bitter realization for me over the last decade.

When I hear about the cancer rates and see the fear in people just hearing the word “cancer”, it saddens me that more do not know about the natural options out there. We think that chemotherapy, radiation and drugs are the answer, but they cause immense harm to the human body and offer no guarantees.

This is why when I learned about the film The Beautiful Truth: The World’s Simplest Cure for Cancer about a year ago, I immediately wanted to see it. I have since seen it twice and this month, as we focus on cancer research, it is my pleasure to finally share a review of this film with you.

This film covers the potential we have for curing ourselves of numerous diseases, most notably cancer. It is a film that examines the political side and the natural healing side of cancer. It is mind-expanding and eye-opening. It has the power to shift our paradigms and liberate us from limiting medical paradigms. But more than anything, it is a film that offers us choice—a choice many people do not realize they have.

The Background

The Beautiful Truth is a documentary movie that was released in the fall of 2008.

The film was written, produced and directed by Steve Kroschel. It is narrated by Steve and features as the main actor his 15 year old son, Garrett Kroschel. Other main actors include Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus.

It mentions the work of, or features interviews from various experts like Dr. David Kennedy, Gerald Cox, Harold Hodge, Edward Bernays, Dr. Weston Price, Dr. Dean Edell, Dr. Stephen Barrett, Dr. Hal Huggins, Jack Samuels, Dr. John Olney, Dr. Russell Blaylock and Jay Kordich.

The film is about 1 hour and a half in length and suitable for all audiences, from young teens on.

The Content

The film is narrated by Steve Kroschel and starts with a beautiful introduction about our planet. It then introduces the boy named Garrett. Garrett is 15 years old and lives in Alaska. He lives in a natural setting, where part of his life is learning how to care for orphan animals, as to what they need to fully thrive. Thanks to Dr.Gerson he learned quickly how important proper nutrition is, especially during the first few months of life. His interest in nutrition and healing gets the attention of his town, especially when it comes to the presence of natural cancer therapy. Due to a sequence of events Garrett needs to be home schooled and his first project is learning about and presenting research for a project called “My School Report for Improving Human Health and the Environment.” This leads Garrett on a great journey in learning what is not only required for humans to thrive, but also in finding the proof for natural healing modalities when it comes to treating cancer.

As the narrator states, the story really starts in 1928 when Dr. Gerson—a German Jewish physician— first realized that he was able to cure his patients of all sorts of degenerative diseases. A cure for cancer and most other chronic and degenerative diseases has been available since that time.

The therapy was hailed by Nobel Laureate Dr.Albert Schweitzer as, “the most brilliant medical genius ever.” Dr. Gerson cured things like migraines, tuberculosis, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and even cancer. He cured Dr. Albert Schweitzer of diabetes, his wife of tuberculosis and their daughter of a rare disease. Unpopular amongst his peers because he went against the status quo, he was also a threatening presence to the pharmaceutical companies.

Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr. Gerson learns about Garrett’s instrumental role in his community in helping people learn about other healing options available. His research touched the lives of many in his community from all walks of life. She ends up sending him her latest book Healing the Gerson Way : Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases.

Garret continues to learn about the power and potency of vegetation as our food. In wanting to know more and offer the proof the people around him are asking for, Garrett sets off for a trip through the US gathering the various evidence he needs.

The movie then presents the various sides of the cancer industry. Today the chemical and pharmaceutical associations run the medical association. The two main causes of cancer as presented by Dr. Gerson are toxicity and deficiency.

Cancer industry is about money and drugs, yet all the money in the world won’t save you if you make the wrong decision.

The Beautiful Truth

Through Garrett’s trip and findings, the movie goes on to explore the major issues that fall under each heading, which we are all subjected to today in one way or another.

In the toxin arena topics heavily discussed are fluoride, dental amalgam fillings and food additives like MSG and aspartame. Mercury in our fillings is considered the worst exposure to mercury we have. MSG for example is an excitotoxin and research proves that glutamate is strongly related to the growth of cancer. Other topics briefly mentioned include cell phones and vaccines.

In the deficiency arena, topics explained are GMO, irradiated and pasteurized foods. Each of these leaves our food deficient or stripped from its natural nutrients. This is on top of the highly processed food that is the main food source for most people today.

The film shows Garrett visiting the Gerson Institute in San Diego, California as one of Garrett’s many stops, where he has the chance to meet and talk to Charlotte Gerson herself. He tours other parts learning about the many pieces of the puzzle that hold the power to make us sick or healthy.

Garrett finally goes to visit the Gerson Clinic in Mexico and meets cancer patients which go to the center for treatment. Garrett found cured patients everywhere. Some personal testimonies from patients are shared.

The movie closes on a beautiful note, reflecting on what life is really all about and what will really matter at the end. It asks questions like how will the value of your days be measured?

A life lived that matters is not of circumstance, but of choice.

The Beautiful Truth

Personal Commentary

In my life I have come to live by the famous words of Hippocrates, “let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” One of Hippocrates’ other statements of wisdom when it comes to health was “do no harm”, yet as the film points out every single drug does harm. How is this any kind of health care?

I know from personal experience that the answer to optimal health lies greatly in our food. We build every cell in our body through the food we eat. Why then do we continue to negate the connection between what we eat and the state of our bodies? No, it is not a chance event. We know today that it is not even your genetics.

We are told to eat and drink substances of a chemical nature. We are told to take part in things like subjecting ourselves to vaccines and fluoridated water. All this while we know today that the processed food, chemical personal care products, drugs and vaccines are the major players, which contribute to our state of health or disease.

The movie was very informative and deeply touching on many levels. It is unfortunate that a system that was put in place to make us well, has been turned into one of the biggest businesses on our planet. It is perhaps extra troubling that a sensitive and vulnerable condition such as cancer has become so exploited. As the film states, “cancer industry is a big business and continues to persuade the public that they are still searching for the cure.” Equally it was sad to learn the basis on which the American Cancer Society was built and how it functions today for the cancer industry, not for the public. I had no idea for example that it was the wealthiest not-for-profit in the world, while it continues to request donations from people, pleading poverty. Aside from the high salaries of the workers and overhead earnings, the rest goes into research for drug and radiology companies. People often ask why the Gerson Method is not studied if it is that good? However in understanding the politics, you begin to understand that there is no money and no business in real, whole food. Anyone can go to a grocery store or farmer’s market and enjoy the benefits without corporations getting in the way.

The best part is that the Gerson Method is not a secret. It is not complicated either. It is mainly based on consuming a whole, real, organic, plant food diet. As Charlotte shares, “we overload our pancreas with excess animal food destroying it, while it is meant to protect us from malignant cells.” Aside from a clean diet, internal cleansing or detoxification is also part of the Gerson Method. Coffee enemas are performed to induce glutathione S-transferase secretion from the liver which cleanses the blood. The other fantastic thing about this method is that we should be eating a whole food, natural, organic, plant-based diet anyway. It is the best way to prevent disease, so why wait till we get sick when we can take accountability for creating the health that we want today.

Bring the power of plants into your body.

Jay Kordich, The Beautiful Truth

Sure the Gerson Method can be criticized and so can chemotherapy, radiation and every drug out there. Either way one can say there is no guarantee. The difference is one method is invasive and debilitating, while the other gentle and natural.

And so today we do have a choice when it comes to healing. Remember the Gerson Method is not just good for cancer, but heart disease, diabetes and almost every other disease. It is not some false miracle cure, or unsubstantiated hype. It is almost common sense that our body heals or suffers based on what we put in it, and that it has a natural healing ability when properly supported.

As you can imagine the movie and the entire Gerson Method has its share of critics. As bizarre as it may seem, this is not information that is welcomed by most even in the general public. The big companies have a lot to lose and make sure that claims like these are ridiculed. The average person has put so much faith in today’s medical system that to come to believe something so simple like this is possible and their doctors are not telling them about it, risks tearing down everything they thought they knew or stood for. This can naturally be extremely confronting and unbearable for many people. Just understanding that Dr. Gerson was ostracized by most of his peers for going against the status quo in many areas, having his manuscript of his famous book outlining his methods and case studies stolen and having arsenic poisoning tied to his death, begins to show the relevance of his work. Even though he reconstructed the book, to this day conflicting information circulates around about Dr. Gerson, his life and his work, almost as if to continue to stir confusion and perpetuate doubt.

In the end, I am happy to know that I have a choice when it comes to healing and treatment no matter what happens. Of course preventative steps are always my first choice. So knowing what I have learned to this day about the natural and the pharmaceutical side of things, I know what route I would choose to take. I choose to support my body in natural ways always, to elicit its natural healing response, rather than ruin it further through modern chemical means. While my choice is right for me, only you can decide what is right for you. The only thing I invite you to do is examine both sides with an open mind and heart.

The Beautiful Truth Viewing

The Beautiful Truth can be seen for free by everyone. It has been made available on YouTube and you can view it here below. If you would like a hard copy for yourself or to gift to someone, it can be ordered on Amazon.com here: The Beautiful Truth: The World’s Simplest Cure for Cancer