When it comes to natural health, what you put on you, is just as important as what you put in you. Our bodies function as a whole, synergistic organism where there is always communication between all aspects of the system. Hence, we cannot neglect that everything we put into and onto our bodies has an effect, whether positive or negative, on many internal levels.

This is why it is my pleasure to introduce you to Annmarie Gianni. Annmarie is a natural health advocate and at the end of 2010, she has released her own all natural, organic, and wild-crafted skincare line. In this article, I have the pleasure of sharing with you an interview I did with Annmarie Gianni when her products first came out.

This month, as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, as a treat for all of our female readers I will be featuring reviews of Annmarie Gianni’s natural skincare products. I will also share that she has graciously offered the readers of Evolving Wellness a discount on her products this month. Stay tuned to the reviews for more information.

In the video interview, Annmarie shares a bit of her own personal journey with natural health and discusses why she made this natural skincare line, what is different about her products, how to decipher common personal care ingredients, what her products really contain, the aromatherapy aspect of her line, how they are made, what to expect from her products and more!

I am very excited to bring you a detailed review of each product, which you can find in this Annmarie Gianni skincare review article.

Annmarie Skin Care Products