Breakfast is a super important meal of the day. Is it the most important? Many would argue yes, as it is your body’s main fuel after a long period of fasting. Regardless, every one of our meals should be treated with conscious intent as to what we put into our bodies.

Some people choose to start their day on a lighter side, while others with a big breakfast meal. Ultimately, breakfast is an important part of optimal health and I never recommend skipping it – no excuses.

The time has come where more and more people are awakening to a healthier way of living. We see the statistics and we are connecting the dots – what we eat has a direct correlation with the state of our health and well being.

If we eat processed, chemically enhanced, dead food – we tend to have low energy, frequent infections, headaches, irregular bowel movements and problems maintaing a healthy weight. This is normally just the start of brewing, bigger chronic health problems.

If we eat whole, natural, nutritiously dense food – we tend to be naturally energetic, pain-free, have great elimination and overall good well being, staying disease-free for the most part.

We will get really practical for all those of you, who are ready to choose healthier food options, but are not quite sure where to start, without compromising nutrition, taste and convenience.

If you like: Healthy Substitution

(white or brown spongy, or heavily processed whole grain)

Choose the healthiest, least processed, most nutritionally dense breads like Ezekiel bread or Sprouted Grain Bread
Bagels Sprouted grain or whole, multi-grain, least processed bagels

Consider less bulky, healthy bread options above

Nutella Spread Hazelnut Butter with Maple Syrup or Brown Rice Syrup

Any natural, unsweetened nut butter with sliced bananas on top

Jam Homemade, fresh fruit spread:

Banana – mash ripe banana in a bowl and use as a spread or topping

Berries – mash desired berries in a bowl and use as a spread or topping


(fried or scrambled)

Scrambled Organic firm tofu

Hard-boiled eggs – choose local, organic, free range eggs


(boxed, dry, processed)

Cooked real whole grain (steel cut oats, oatmeal, amaranth, teff, oat bran, kamut, etc.)

All natural (unsweetened) Musli, Granola, or other whole grains.

Homemade granola

Bacon or Sausage Sorry, there is no healthy substitute for these food choices. For optimal health, they should be avoided. Not even the vegan/vegetarian mock versions of these items are healthy.
Cheese Daiya Cheese — select vegan shredded, slice or cream versions.

To spread – use hummus (homemade or most natural store bought varieties)

To drizzle – use cashew & nutritional yeast ‘like cheese’ sauce

To slice – use Organic Firm Tofu

Coffee or Tea Eat more greens and focus on getting more sleep for better, more regular energy levels.

Raw Cacao “hot chocolate”; for a brown, slightly bitter drink similar to coffee

Green Tea; for a delicate caffeine boost with higher beneficial health properties

Herbal Tea; for a warm and soothing drink

Orange Juice

(processed, store bought)

Peel and blend fresh oranges in a blender with water/ice cubes
Granola or Energy Bars

(boxed, processed)

Lara Bars, Vega Bars, Weil Bars, Organic Food Bars, Oskri Coconut Bars, other all-natural Fruit & Nut bars

Homemade granola or fruit & nut bars

Doughnuts Sorry, there is no healthy substitute for these high sugar, high bad fat food choices.

(store or restaurant bought)

Homemade muffins (opt for healthy ingredients, eliminating bad fats, sugars and chemical additives)
Milk Non-dairy plant milks: almond, coconut, organic soy, hemp, oat, brown rice, etc.; choose original, least processed versions OR make your own

Make your own fruit milk (i.e. Banana Milk: blend banana with enough water in blender), or Almond Milk.

Yogurt Non-dairy plant yogurts: coconut, almond, organic soy, etc.

Avocado pudding or Organic Tofu pudding

Thick fruit-only or green smoothies that can act like yogurt

Fruit Juices/Drinks Blend fresh fruits together using a blender (add more water to make a juice, or less water to make a smoothie).

Use a juicer to make a homemade fruit and/or vegetable juice.

Protein Shakes Focus on eating a whole-food, plant-based diet instead of isolating nutrients unnaturally. There is more than enough protein in all whole, plant foods without needing to rely on processed, isolated powder products, like protein powders. Opt instead for whole-meal smoothies, like green smoothies and fortify with real, whole food ingredients as needed or desired instead.
Pancakes, Waffles or Crepes Make your own homemade versions of these from whole, plant foood ingredients, and top with things like fresh fruits, dry fruits, raw nuts, raw seeds, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, etc. Here is a sample recipe: homemade crepes.

Sweet Potato pancakes



Steamed, baked or boiled sweet or regular potato.

Sweet Potato pancakes

Food additive: Sugar

(white or brown)

Maple Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup

Pure Coconut Sugar

Agave Syrup

Food Additive: Salt Sea Salt (unrefined grey) or Himalayan Salt (pink)
Other Healthy Options Acai Bowl

Fruit Salad

Potato or Yam Salad (homemade, no mayo, oils or processed dressings)

Bean Salad

Raw, Vegan Cakes