This is a delicious fruit salad that incorporates the goodness of Salba chia seeds and greens. It is fully raw and offers an amazing assortment of micronutrients. It is naturally low in sodium, high in fiber and cholesterol free. It also provides some healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The presence of fruit in this salad can provide a way to get greens into kids who would otherwise not eat them.

TYPE: Salad, Appetizer
PREP TIME: < 15 mins
SERVINGS: not set, make according to personal needs

  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Wheat-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Peanut-free
  • Nut-free
  • Refined Sugar-free

Goodies Needed


  • 2 cups/handfuls of BabySpinach (organic,)
  • 1/2 - 1 cup/full fruit Oranges/Mandarins/Clementines (organic)
  • 1/2 - 1 cup Strawberries (organic)
  • 1-2 - 1 Banana (organic)
  • 2 TBS of chia seeds (organic)
  • Optional - Apple Cider Vinegar (organic, raw)


  • Salad Spinner (optional)

Preparation Steps

  1. Rinse spinach, unless pre-washed, and dry using a salad spinner, or shake off excess water.
  • Cut handfuls of the spinach into smaller pieces and place into a familial salad bowl, or servings directly into individual bowls.
  • Peel and cut up orange(s) into small pieces. Toss into the bowl(s) with greens.
  • Peel and cut up the bananas into round slices. Toss into the bowl(s) with greens.
  • Rinse the strawberries and cut up into small pieces. Toss into the bowl(s) with greens.
  • Sprinkle the salad with the chia seeds. A typical serving is 2 tablespoons per person.
  • No need to add dressing to this salad as the fruits give the salad an amazing juicy taste. Optionally you can drizzle some apple cider vinegar for increased health benefits, and it goes nicely with the fruits as well. Enjoy.

Meal Nutritional Benefits


  • provides an xcellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and is a rich alkaline food source
  • good source of: vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B2, calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, tryptophan, fiber, copper, vitamin B1, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin E, omega-3, vitamin B3 and selenium
  • protects against osteoporosis, heart disease, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, arthritis, and other diseases
  • enhances eye sight, immune system and mental function
  • for more information, visit the spinach detailed overview from World’s Healthiest Foods


  • good source of (in descending order): vitamin C, fiber, folate, vitamin B1, potassium, vitamin A and calcium
  • contain antioxidant properties to protect against free radical damage and prevent cancer, enhance healthy immune function and enhances overall good health
  • protect against cardiovascular disease, may help lower cholesterol, prevent kidney stones, help prevent ulcers, protect respiratory health and help protect against rheumatoid arthritis
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  • excellent source of antioxidants
  • good source of (in descending order): vitamin C, manganese, fiber, iodine, potassium, folate, vitamin B2 and vitamin B5
  • contain antioxidant properties to prevent cancer, enhance healthy immune function and protect against rheumatoid arthritis
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  • offer a high energy food source
  • good source of (in descending order): vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, fiber and manganese
  • offer cardiovascular protection, offers protection from ulcers, helps replenish electrolyte stores, enhances proper elimination, protects from age-related macular degeneration, helps build stronger bones and promotes kidney health,
  • for more information, visit the bananas detailed overview from World’s Healthiest Foods

Chia Seeds:

  • an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants
  • rich in manganese, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and copper, as well as fiber
  • helps optimize blood sugar, cholesterol and a healthy weight
  • enhances optimal bowel, digestive, cardiovascular and overall health
  • learn more about the health benefits of chia seeds

Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Contains a host of vitamins, beta-carotene, pectin and vital minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, chlorine, sulphur, iron, and fluorine
  • Pectin in the vinegar is a fiber which helps reduce bad cholesterol and helps in regulating blood pressure
  • Helps extract calcium from the fruits, vegetables and meat it is mixed with, helping in the process of maintaining strong bones
  • The potassium in this vinegar also helps in eliminating toxic waste from the body
  • The beta-carotene helps in countering damage caused by free radicals, helping one maintain firmer skin and a youthful appearance
  • Contains malic acid which is very helpful in fighting fungal and bacterial infections, as well as dissolving uric acid deposits that form around joints, helping relieve joint pains
  • Helps with weight loss as it has properties that help to break down fat It is also claimed that apple cider vinegar is helpful in ailments such as constipation, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, hair loss, high blood pressure, obesity, along with a host of many other ailments
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