My passion for helping others when it comes to matters of improving their health or happiness is an ever present force in my life. It feels good to help, it feels good to use my talents, knowledge and skills. However, being a teacher or speaker or holistic nutritionist may ultimately be nice in theory, but defining ourselves through our career, or job or title is never the way to achieve deep and lasting happiness.

We have to be more than our jobs and more than any, and all titles that define us. This is why as much as I enjoy helping others, in all the years that I worked as a teacher, consultant or natural health practitioner, I have always tried to remember one thing – to not lose my personal joy for life.

In our society all too often we are taught to push and pull, to struggle and try and work hard. We are taught all too often to please others, at the sake of our own happiness. While many are not yet ready to abandon this habit or honestly ask themselves why they do half the things they do, if we want the best of health and happiness, we need to approach life in a new and different way.

Hence, in this article I will share with you what I consider the healthiest habit to make a part of your life. A habit that goes beyond any food you can eat, any supplement you can take or any exercise you can do.

Joy Beyond Doing

Before this new year started, I had many ideas in my head for this site – Evolving Wellness, the books that I want to write, the presentations I want to give and on an on the list went. It is now well into the third week of this new year, and I have found myself not wanting to do any of it. It is not because I wouldn’t have enjoyed these things, but because there was something else calling me.

When I entered into some moments of reflection, for which we should all make regular time, I realized that there was something that was even more important to me at this time. When I listened to my inner being, the message was not “to do this or that“, but simply “to be joy – to be in-enjoy – to enjoy”.

And it isn’t that I won’t be doing some of the things mentioned above or continuing to love adding value through this site, but our lives should always be in balance of “doing” and “being” based in joy. My heart, mind and soul longed for the simplicity of being, longed for play, longed to immerse myself fully into the delicious love affair I have with life.

So what have I been doing these first three weeks of the new year? Falling in love with life all over again!

I began the year wrapping up some travels, where my senses were being delighted with new sights, sounds and experiences. Upon my return home, I have been relishing in filling my mind with valuable material by enjoying books and video, which are adding to the growth of my being.

Meal times have been extra delectable as I have enjoyed experimenting with new flavors and recipes featuring the wholesome, natural and home-made food I choose to fill my body with. From fresh cranberry-parsley quinoa sauce to delectable raw date cookies, it never ceases to amaze me how gourmet and delicious natural healthy eating can be!

And since it is the deep season of winter where I live, I have been making the most of the season like never before. Whether sunny or snowy, each day sees me outdoors taking walks, cross country skiing, feeding the birds or just basking in the winter sun!

In essence, I am not doing anything extraordinary or anything that has not been done before. I am simply connecting with myself and enjoying life. Something each and everyone of us can choose to do each day.

It All Comes Down To You

So this year, while I will always encourage you to make the best health choices for yourself when it comes to the food you eat, the drinks you drink, the personal care products you use and so on, there is one other habit above all else, which should be your number one.

The healthiest habit any of us can truly adopt and make a part of each day, is simply to enjoy life!

It may seem simple to you, maybe too simple, and some of you were perhaps expecting me to share some latest research discovery. But to truly live out the best life and have the best health, no matter what environment or situation we live in, we need to begin by truly enjoying life.

Now before you misunderstand, this does not mean that I am telling you to abandon your healthy habits and go on a fast food binge, make alcohol your fluid of choice, gamble, have empty relationships or whatever other destructive habits there may be. Enjoying life is not meant to be destructive. People who eat all they want or drink all they want may think they are enjoying life, but in essence they are abusing it, and in turn themselves.

What I am saying, is that we do not need to continue running through life always in a state of “doing” or focused on so much of the “wrong” stuff. At the rate some of us are going, all the healthy food, exercise or natural supplements in the world will not help us if we do not grasp the most important aspect of life – to enjoy it.

Spend time with people who add quality joy to your life. Find quality time for yourself. Continue to find ways to enjoy wholesome, natural food to nourish your body with. Delight your senses, mind and body with fun indoor and outdoor activities. Travel. Explore life!

No matter what your age, race, financial state, job or relationship status, each of us can find ways to connect back to ourselves, connect back to life and enjoy our time here on this planet. Remember, true enjoyment of life will not hurt you, anyone else or any aspect of nature. True enjoyment is based on living out of our heart-space, living based on love. Thus, this would also be a good time to re-examine the habits you have which you “think” are making you enjoy life, but may actually be hurting you.

So as much as I will always stand by taking care of our mind, body and soul with the utmost love and respect by feeding it natural food, giving it quality sleep and exercise, I also know that without the presence of true enjoyment, none of it is enough to give us optimal health, happiness and longevity. Only we can give that to ourselves.

This new year before you and I, is a year full of options, opportunities and possibilities. Each of us can use those to create what brings our heart and soul joy. Each of us can make the most of each day and each moment. Let us not put our life on hold any longer. Let us not put our joy on hold any longer.

Your life is now. Fall in love with it. Live it. And enjoy it!