In this video interview, Maureen shares more about her work, how our deepest problems start in childhood, how the Modus Operandi healing technique she developed and uses to go to the root level with people works and more.

When we speak about diseases and how or why they affect some people while not others, there is often a missing part that is not addressed in the conversations. Every so often I get someone asking me what the real value of eating healthy or taking proper care of oneself is, when they knew so and so, who ate so healthy and seemed to do all the right things, yet still succumbed to some disease. Other people cannot understand how someone can lead a life of unhealthy habits and yet outlive in full health those who practiced healthy habits.

What the missing piece in all of these cases is the emotional component. Each of us can only observe from the outside what the other person is eating, doing, etc. We have no idea what is going on in their mind, or at the soul level. We may think someone is a positive thinker or an easy-going person, but we have no idea what really is taking place in their subconscious mind. This is where the real answers lie.

How we deal with stress, how we deal with or express our emotions, what kinds of hurts we have endured, what kind of a childhood we had and what is programmed about life and ourselves into our subconscious are where the real answers are. This sets the foundation for our physical, mental and emotional health.

Eating an optimally healthy diet, drinking enough water, staying physically active, reducing our exposure to toxins, etc., are all important steps to take to support our bodies and work with them in the most beneficial ways to maintaining good health. But the ultimate deciding factor in whether we get a disease and what kind lies deeper, in our emotional and mental field.

Many people have not yet made this connection or been exposed to the power of this information. However, as the information discovered by quantum physics continues to become more widespread, more and more people are understanding that at our root level we are energy beings. Thus, energy has a big impact on how we feel, heal, and thrive in our environments. We are finally beginning to see the human being as not just a body that is machine-like and gets “fixed” when it breaks, but a complex energy field that is constantly interacting with its environment on a multidimensional level. Thus every single disease comes only after enough emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance has occurred within and was not addressed.

Maureen Minnehan Jones’ Wisdom to Wellness

Our bodies communicate with us every single moment. Unfortunately today we have lost or forgot the ability to understand what our bodies are trying to tell us about ourselves and our environment. Thus we suppress symptoms, ignore signs and rarely work on the root causes of issues, going for surface level, quick fixes to rid ourselves of any problems.

This is why when I first learned about Maureen Minnehan Jones’ new book Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow, I was immediately attracted to it. In her book, Maureen makes the connection between our diseases and their preceding and chronic emotions. I have for a long time now been drawn to the deep root cause of any disease or condition we get—the one that goes past what we eat and whether we exercise—but instead goes to what and how we think. We live from our subconscious mind over 95% of each day, and the problem is that the majority of us are completely unaware of what is stored in there when it comes to the programming we operate with on a daily basis. This programming can be beneficial or detrimental to our health and well being, depending on what is stored there.