One big area where lots of confusion exists when it comes to our health is that of supplements. In recent years the supplement industry has ballooned and sales continue to skyrocket. Today, one can easily find an abundance of numerous supplements at one’s local pharmacy, or health food store, or speciality supplement store. We have numerous brands that each promise to be “the one” to deliver the best quality product, at the best price. We also have numerous natural health practitioners promoting supplements of every kind, while other medical professionals negate their very existence. So what are we to do? How is a wise consumer supposed to make sense of all the supplements out there today and know how to make the best decision for them?

To cover this topic, as well as the root of our health, healthy eating with a specific focus on the holiday season, I had the pleasure of being a guest once again on Dr. Tony Hutchinson‘s radio show Where Your Health Matters. This showed originally aired live on November 25, 2012 and during it Dr. Tony and I addressed some of the common concerns when it comes to understanding supplements, when they should be used, and which ones. Dr. Tony also brought up the topic of holiday eating, and how to focus on doing it in a healthier way. We also touched upon topics related to inflammation, with a big emphasis on the toxic effects of sugar on every area of our health. You can enjoy the free 1 hour audio show in a recorded format below:

Supplements, Sugar & Healthy Holiday Eating (MP3 audio)

The first half of the show focuses on understanding some basics about supplements, why some are used and how to make the most of them. Specific examples in order include:

  • Tea tree oil and its topical uses
  • B Complex vitamins for stress
  • Immune boosting nature of echinacea
  • Goldenseal for immune support
  • Cinnamon in supplement form
  • Magnesium for a healthy nervous and muscle system
  • Tips to pick the best supplements (19:50)
  • Ginkgo Biloba for memory and concentration
  • Oil of Oregano for the immune system

The second half of the show focuses on eating healthy, especially during the holidays. Topics covered in order include:

  • Understanding what is a real “treat” (26:00)
  • Why some people have a fear of eating fruit (29:30)
  • Tips for reduction of inflammation (31:40)
  • Examples of foods high in omega-3 (33:17)
  • Tips for reduction of dehydration (34:26)
  • Why is our association with food so strong during the holidays (35:25)
  • Practical tips to make unhealthy holiday foods, healthier (37:30)
  • How to make healthier changes positive and easy (38:43)
  • How to make the holidays less stressful (39:30)
  • Why is refined sugar so toxic to our body (40:10)
  • How is the sugar cane plant different (43:20)
  • How to understand the addictive properties of sugar and its connection to depression (44:15)
  • Sugar comparison between soda(pop) and juice (47:18)
  • Why whole food sugars are different from refined sugars (49:17)
  • The nutritional differences of consuming fruit juice versus whole fruit (50:38)
  • Are fresh squeezed juices from juice bars or restaurants healthy options (53:05)
  • What healthy sweet treats are available, especially for the holidays and how to find them (54:55)
  • Final tips for an optimal diet that is anti-inflammatory in nature (57:30)
  • Concluding words (59:30)

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