The pH balance within our body is a crucial set of conditions that hold the key to optimal health, healing, and prevention of disease. However, little is shared about the potential of this vital mechanism in mainstream and conventional medical arenas. Luckily, there is an increasing amount of resources that have come out, and continue to do so about this topic, to broaden the understanding for all in the general populace. One such resource is the book The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health written by Dr. Robert Young and his wife, Shelley Redford.

The pH balance, also known as the acid-alkaline balance is a philosophy that forms one of the main foundations in the natural and alternative health fields. With a return to a more holistic approach to our health and increased health consciousness in our society, today we are hearing more about the importance of dietary habits that are acid-alkaline balanced. One expert on this topic is Dr. Robert Young, who has formulated a program around the pH balance rationale that is helping people lose weight and perhaps, more importantly, reverse and heal from numerous diseases.

His book, The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health serves as an information-rich resource that will be eye-opening to each of us on many levels. Its purpose is to help the reader reclaim the balance of all body systems on a physical, mental and energetic level. Along with his wife’s input of a wide selection of acid-alkaline balanced recipes, the book is equally theoretical as it is practical.

However as wonderful as many books like this can be, and health benefits of programs like the pH miracle, it is also important to always be a discerning consumer that considers all sides of the story before deciding if a particular approach or philosophy is in alignment with their personal journey. In this review, I will share with you a detailed analysis of this book, my personal take on it and outline some of its highlights, as well as its limitations.

About the Authors of The pH Miracle

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health is written by Dr. Robert Young, along with his wife Shelley Redford Young. Dr. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., is a microbiologist and nutritionist, and expert in live blood analysis. He has written several books (see the books section at the end of this review) and regularly speaks to audiences around the world on health and wellness. He has gained national recognition for his research into diabetes, cancer, leukemia, and AIDS. Shelley Redford Young, L.M.T., is a licensed massage therapist with a passionate interest in optimum nutrition. She regularly speaks with Dr. Young about the basic requirements for a healthful diet and shares her alkalizing vegetarian recipes.

Summary of The pH Miracle Content

The pH Miracle is about 430 pages and packed full of information. It is a dense, but flowing read that exposes layer by layer, with each chapter, the dynamics of the acid-alkaline chemistry within our bodies and its effects on our health. In between the Youngs’ writing, in every chapter, the reader is also provided with personal stories from people who share their various health issues and healing successes thanks to the pH Miracle program.

It is divided into 3 parts and 11 chapters, which are as follows:

Part 1: The Theory

  • Chapter 1: The New Biology of Healthy
  • Chapter 2: The ABCs - Acid, Blood, Candida
  • Chapter 3: D is for Digestion
  • Chapter 4: E is for Eating Right
  • Chapter 5: You Are What You Drink: Water, Juice, and “Green Drink”
  • Chapter 6: Food Combining

Part 2: The Program

  • Chapter 7: Transitioning
  • Chapter 8: Cleanse
  • Chapter 9: Motivation
  • Chapter 10: Supplements
  • Chapter 11: Putting it Together

Part 3: The Recipes

The book also includes detailed “Resources” and “References” sections, where information can be found about the many products recommended, and citations to numerous studies and supporting literature are included.

We’ve forgotten that it is natural to die — and to live — healthy! In fact, it is your birthright to live healthy, right up until the day you die.

Dr.Robert Young, The pH Miracle

Summary of The pH Miracle Content

Chapter 1: The New Biology of Healthy

In this chapter, the author lays the foundations for the solutions we have to the health problems we commonly see (and experience) in our society today. He explains why diets, nutrient and calorie counting, as well as the common medical and pharmaceutical interventions aren’t (and won’t work) on a deep level and how we will find truly effective solutions in understanding our body’s biochemistry. The authors also share their personal health journey in this chapter, in terms of how and why they adopted and continue to follow the pH Miracle program.

Chapter 2: The ABCs - Acid, Blood, Candida

In this chapter, Dr. Young provides the scientific foundation on which the pH program was built. He explains the deleterious effects of imbalanced body pH — excessive acidity — on our health and wellbeing, how it fuels microbe imbalances, which then create a vicious cycle of more ill health. He helps the reader understand what is meant by terms like “acid” as it relates to diet and lifestyle, as well as the role of the blood in regulating our health and body pH. Dr. Young also provides an understanding of the impacts of beneficial and harmful microforms, like Candida on our health and body biochemistry. He shares a wide array of illuminating information about how poorly understood the field of microbiology has been thus far, and how much it is the environment, not the specific microbe that is the real problem behind our ill health.

Chapter 3: D is for Digestion

In this chapter, the reader learns about the process of digestion, the helpful bacteria mandatory for digestion, and about the functioning of the key organs involved in digestion, like the small intestine and colon. An understanding is provided of how and why mucus imbalances form in our bodies and how the pH Miracle program works to restore the balance within our digestion and health.

Chapter 4: E is for Eating Right

In this chapter, the author presents the foundation of the pH Miracle program in terms of what foods to include, and which foods to avoid. The reader is provided with detailed information about specific foods and food groups to understand how to eat according to the pH Miracle program both in terms of quantity and quality of food types. Raw versus cooked foods are discussed, as are animal versus plant foods, just to name a few key areas. Detailed lists of food types are provided, as are nutritional values, and pH effects of each one.

Chapter 5: You Are What You Drink: Water, Juice, and “Green Drink”

In this chapter Dr. Young covers the details of drinks and beverages, and their impact on our body biochemistry. The importance, type and quality of water is discussed, as are juices, and green drinks. The author also presents a sample hydration schedule for the pH Miracle program, as well as the supplements involved.

Chapter 6: Food Combining

In this chapter, the author explains the importance of proper food combining for optimal digestion and health, and the rationale behind it. He provides a detailed explanation of which foods/food groups go with which, and which foods are best avoided being eaten together, using numerous examples. The guidelines are laid out from several angles to make them clear and easy to apply.

Chapter 7: Transitioning

In this chapter the reader gets lots of tips and practical advice on how to begin the program, where to jump in depending on one’s personal health needs, and what to expect along the way. The author covers in a great amount of detail how to handle some of the key challenges like transitioning in the areas of breakfast, sugar, raw food, meat, dairy, eating out, as well as numerous other common areas that can pose challenges for those transitioning into the program.

Chapter 8: Cleanse

In this chapter, the method of cleansing is described in full detail, as it is a necessary part of the pH Miracle program for healing and prevention of disease. Readers are walked step by step to understand the rationale of the cleanse and feel comfortable pursuing it themselves, as well as what to expect along the way. A timeline of a typical day on the cleanse is provided, as well as any ingredients and supplements needed.

Chapter 9: Motivation

In this chapter, the reader is made aware of the mind’s role and inner preparation required to make this program work, not just the physical steps and preparations. The Youngs provide 8 key personal areas to consider that can guarantee adherence, results, and success on the program. The authors also present a 5 step approach to make sure that you honor your commitment, and in turn yourself.

Chapter 10: Supplements

In this chapter, Dr. Young shares all about the supplements needed during the pH Miracle program. The reader learns what products to use, how to choose the right products and the dosages to use. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, colloids, probiotics, herbs and other supplement groups are described. The reader also learns what specific supplements to focus on in order to address specific health conditions.

Chapter 11: Putting it Together

In this chapter, the reader is given some practical strategies for implementing the program based on all of the information shared in the book. The reader learns how to stock their kitchen with the right food and equipment, as well as how to make sprouts and dehydrated foods. Lots of everyday tips are provided for short and long term success.

For this program to work for you, there must be a change in the way you eat and live. Perhaps most important, there may need to be a change in the way you think.

Dr.Robert Young, The pH Miracle

Personal Remarks About The pH Miracle

To begin with, let me share some personal background as to where I stand on this topic in general to help you understand my remarks about the book. When it comes to the acid-alkaline or pH balance philosophy for optimal health, I am a huge proponent for it and personally apply it in my daily diet. After I researched this area, along with the foundations of my scientific background, there is no doubt in my mind about its validity and importance where our health is concerned. However, as with all things, I like to consider a smart, balanced approach that is most in tune with nature and our natural state of being.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed the Young’s book and found lots of value in it myself that further expanded my understanding of the pH balance within our body. Dr. Young presents clear cut information that is well organized and described for the reader to truly understand the vital importance of this topic where their health is concerned.

My favorite part of the book was Part 1 - The Theory. It is here that Dr. Young gives an outstanding explanation, and often eye-opening exposé of the connections between our overall health, our food, our digestive health and our blood biochemistry. However amidst some outstanding information, it only took a few chapters to key in on the author’s strong bias against the microbial world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that today most people’s bodies are extremely out of balance and polluted with numerous harmful micro-organisms. I also understand that within the microscopic world we have a lot of organisms that can cause harm to the body. What I do not resonate with though is any kind of fear-based, or leftist approach that pulls us away from living in balance with our natural world. And this is what I felt strongly implied by Dr. Young’s discussions about microbes. His philosophy has merit but in my opinion, is rather limiting. He denounces pretty much the entire Fungi Kingdom, which has tons of value for both our Earth and our health. He also paints almost all bacteria and viruses as aspects to be avoided at all costs. After a few chapters, I could not help but get the sense that a “bubble-like” environment would be what he would consider ideal to not come across any microbes. However, as any gardener alone knows, by being in nature and interacting with it, we touch and inhale countless microbes from the bacteria and fungi kingdoms. These beings are all around us, and I do not think avoiding them is the answer, as much as having a healthy body that knows how to work with them and balance everything within itself.

Our bodies are extremely intelligent. Nature is extremely intelligent. And so while I fully support the pH balance idea and think Young’s pH Miracle program is very valuable, I get repelled by any program or philosophy that does not work with the intelligence and perfection of the natural world. I understand that Dr. Young has seen more living beings within the blood than most would ever care to, but as someone who studied microbiology as well, I found beauty and appreciation of all of the organisms within it. So in the end, while I agree with him to a large degree about much of the research he shared to support his views, there are also some things that I cannot support or agree with as they go against what makes scientific and personal sense to me.

Therefore, since those who will be reading this book will come from all sorts of lifestyle and education backgrounds, it is imperative that each person still holds some sense of personal accountability within for any choices they make. I truly appreciate all of the various health experts out there, but we should never give our power away to anyone explicitly. We have to use our reasoning mind and still be conscious, discerning consumers.

On the note of nature, it was also sadly disappointing to hear Dr. Young’s push for the eradication of most fruits from the diet. While it is prudent to consider the ideas that Dr. Young proposes seriously, especially if one is dealing with any kind of illness, I do not feel that it was explained enough that such an approach is not needed for everyone. Fruits are a gift from nature that provide numerous health benefits and are one of the most nutritiously sound foods that have been used by humans on this Earth since the start. To completely vilify them to me is not an answer for optimal health. Rather, the reader should be taught to understand their role in a healthy and sick body.

Another area that raised a red flag for me was the heavy promotion of supplements and my least favorite section was in part 2 - Chapter 10, which covered the supplements. While I generally shy away from anything in pill form, I can definitely appreciate and support a sensible approach to some high-quality supplements when needed - especially those healing from all sorts of serious ailments. However, to say that the Youngs’ program is supplement heavy is an understatement. It was overwhelming to read about all of the supplements recommended, never mind even consider taking them.


The pH Miracle is highly educational and eye-opening on many levels, and below I will share some of the key highlights of this resource.

  • Very thorough in its approach, outlines everything from the why’s, to the how’s and everything in between.
  • Provides lots of theoretical information and practical application.
  • Walks the reader every step of the way of the program for successful healing and optimal health maintenance.
  • Promotes independence so that the reader/program user is not dependent on much, if any external help.
  • Provides excellent recipes that are diverse to meet the needs of anyone interested in pursuing an acid-alkaline way of eating and healing.
  • Includes instructions on a cleanse, why it is important and how to do it.
  • Explains clearly how to transition into the program and what to expect along the way.


While this book is filled with lots and lots of valuable information, and the Young’s program has lots of credibilities, there are still some major limitations that need to be pointed out to provide a complete picture of this resource.

  • Out of alignment with our natural world. Dr. Young paints a very grim picture when it comes to all microbes (aside from the odd probiotic) and is very biased against them being a part of our healthy life.
  • Too heavily reliant on supplements. Participants of the program need to consider taking dozens of different formulations throughout each day according to the Youngs’ recommendations.
  • Proposes the elimination of nearly all fruits from the diet, which are highly beneficial from a nutritional standpoint for our health.
  • Slightly contradicts itself in several places as to the specific info it provides, which can cause confusion to readers.
  • Encourages “cheat” days, which should not even be an issue if someone understands the foundation of their body and diet. There is no need to pollute our bodies on purpose “just some of the time”.


In the end, I want to make sure that this review of the book accurately reflects how it can impact you and your life. Despite its limitations, I am definitely supportive of this book and would recommend it to others, but only given that they understand the whole picture perspective.

Yes, it is an outstanding resource, which will educate you and expand your understanding of your body, health, blood biochemistry, microbes, digestion and food, and then some! And yes, I have no doubt that the Young’s pH Miracle program is a powerful healing tool for literally any ailment, as well as weight loss.

But, no, the information presented does not have the whole or balanced story, and in no way should be taken in any dogmatic way as the best or only way to lead a healthy life or heal.

Therefore, if you are a healthy individual, use this resource to expand your awareness about your body, health and the importance of a pH balanced approach in your diet and life. By adopting an acid-alkaline balanced dietary approach, you are preventing future problems and paving the way for optimal health. However, you do not need to become overwhelmed or feel like you need to follow the rules of the program that are meant for people who are suffering from various ailments.

If you are an individual whose weight and/or health is out of balance to some small or large degree, then giving Young’s pH Miracle program an honest effort can provide the healing you seek. It is a non-invasive approach, that works with the natural healing ability of our body. It will without a doubt offer a powerful re-balancing of your body if you take it seriously, to give you back a state of health and wellness to improve the quality of your life.