r### UPDATE DECEMBER 1, 2013

Dear Readers, please note that this juicer is no longer available. Unfortunately, the company that Jay and Linda Kordich represented as spokespeople for the past three years, Live Foods Live Bodies, LLC., has been forced to go out of business. Any remaining or similar models of this juicer are no longer affiliated with Jay and may not be supported for any warranty.


Jay Kordich’s website is currently promoting the Tribest and Kuvings juicers.

UPDATE MAY 14, 2018

My Power Grind Pro juicer officially became unusable when the plastic disc-shaped part that is fixed on top of the unit, under the removable juice processing and collection parts, snapped into several pieces, upon turning the juicer on after several months of inactivity. I suspect that the plastic part hardened over time, and while being subjected to fluctuating home temperatures became weakened and cracked. Given that the juicer is obsolete and this part is not replaceable, this renders my juicer unusable.

Original Review from 2012

When it comes to the world of optimal health, more and more of us today are tuning into the amazing health benefits of juicing. Now when I refer to juicing, this means home juicing, not the consumption of any commercial or store-bought juices, but freshly made juices at home. While in the olden days, home juicing was something more of a struggle, today thanks to advancements in technology, we have a wide variety of juicers available to us that make juicing easy. Hence in this review, I will share with you about the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro juicer.

The name Jay Kordich may already be very familiar to you, as Jay has been known for decades as the “Father of Juicing” and the “Juice Man.” He has been a prominent public figure advocating for juicing, as well as whole plant food diets composed of raw and living foods for decades. He has had an affiliation with the late Dr. Max Gerson and the Gerson Institute, which specializes in alternative cancer and chronic disease healing, after his personal experience with cancer in his 20s. Since then, after experiencing the profound healing effects of living plant foods, specifically juicing, Jay’s life mission has been to help others live with health, healing, and prevention of disease. Today, Jay is almost in his 90s, vibrant, healthy, and sharing with the world his juicing machines. Jay is married to Linda Kordich, who is also a proponent of whole, living, plant food diets and juicing.

The Jay Kordich juicers are trusted and known for their excellent reputation for decades, and I felt very comfortable and happy to invest my time into this juicer for the purpose of a review and home use. Jay Kordich’s work is so much in alignment with my own that when it comes to this juicer, I know that in owning one, I am not just supporting another company, but a lifestyle of optimal health and nutrition.

First Impressions

To begin with, I was happy to learn about the different features of this juicer. It combines a state-of-the-art hybrid technology that both grinds and extracts, making it a very versatile unit. It is a powerful juicer, but gentle enough not to destroy the living nutrients of the fruits and vegetables and preserve the juice quality, revolving at 3600rpm. It uses a slower extraction process that preserves more of the nutrients and enzymes. The juicer works by squeezing the produce between two stainless steel blades to produce the finest pure juice without any pulp. The juicer is BPA-free, compact in size, as well as quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. The juicer comes packaged as needed for such a unit in a cardboard box, being well protected inside. Most of the packaging materials are easily and fully recyclable.

Overall Experience

To give this juicer a really good try under different conditions, I created my own 21-day juice challenge. Each day, for 21 days, I made a different juice to try some of the numerous fruit, vegetable, and nut combinations. I was pleased and satisfied with this juicer, as it seems to perform extremely well on every level. The juicer is super easy, safe, and fun to use. It is exceptionally versatile in that it can juice fruits, vegetables (roots and leafy greens), nuts, seeds, and even grains! The juice it makes tastes outstanding, is rich in flavor and color, with very little foam (if any) and virtually no pulp whatsoever. It produces a truly uniform and smooth juice or milk, that is a pleasure to drink. It also leaves very dry pulp, being a sign of excellent juice extraction.


It was wonderful to know that on top of all of the other great features of this unit, it is also easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe, but cleaning takes a few minutes literally, and my preference would always be to do it by hand.

Power Grind Pro Recommendations

After experimenting with the juicer using the different fruit, vegetable, and nut combinations, which you can see in my 21-day juice challenge, I feel confident about recommending this juicer to others. As mentioned above, it is easy to use, easy to clean, makes fresh juice, and plant milk from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that are rich in flavor and whose nutrient integrity is preserved thanks to the machine’s technology.

Since my 21-day juice challenge, I continue to enjoy daily juices and what continues to amaze me each time is how incredibly delicious the final products are. It feels so good to know that I am putting in optimal nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and living enzymes) of the highest, natural and pure quality into my body and supporting my health in such a pleasurable way.

What makes the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro juicer so attractive as well, is that it is competitively priced in the $300 range, which is not very high considering the prices of many other comparable juicers while giving outstanding value through its versatility, efficiency, and usability.


  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • 3600 RPM speed
  • Makes excellent tasting juice
  • Makes juice with little, if any foam
  • Makes juice that is virtually 100% pulp free
  • Juices fruits, vegetables (roots and leafy greens), nuts, seeds, grains
  • Preserves nutritional integrity of the juice
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • It is quiet
  • Safe to operate
  • Compact unit
  • BPA free plastic
  • Comes with excellent instructional materials
  • Excellent warranty