As more and more of us learn about the powerful benefits of certain foods that are nutritional powerhouses, we begin our search for companies or products that can deliver those foods to us in the most naturally beneficial way.

One such company which I am very pleased to introduce to you is Nutiva.

Nutiva is a whole foods or superfoods company, that is innovative and leads by example in the health food industry. It specializes in 3 superfood products: coconut oil, hemp and chia.

Nutiva’s purpose is to produce the highest quality organic superfoods. What impressed me about this company is their honest dedication to the health of all individuals and that of the Earth. Nutiva takes every step of their product production seriously, right from the way they farm and harvest, to the way they package and ship their products. Nutiva is dedicated to education, health promotion and sustainability.

Their products are mostly all grown organically, they are all non-GMO, and contain no soy, no hexane, no gluten and no dairy.

What is also awesome about Nutiva for all of our friends in the US, is that it is a California based company, and is a leader in hemp products in the US. Normally the majority of hemp products had to come from Canada, but now there is an option for all those who live in the US, to have a company who can provide this awesome superfood directly.

Thus to help us get to know this company better and all of its products, I had asked Nutiva’s founder and CEO, John Roulac for a short interview, where all of our readers can learn more about what makes Nutiva different.

EVITA: Hello John and welcome to – it is a wonderful pleasure to have you here with us and share a little about your work and that of your company.

John, you are founder and CEO of Nutiva. What was your inspiration for starting this company?

JOHN: Hi Evita and thank you.

I wanted to help create markets for Canadian hemp farmers and thus began selling a hemp seed based bar and a can of shelled hemp seed. It’s been fun to watch the hemp industry grow and Nutiva is proud to be part of that.

EVITA: Can you tell us a little more about Nutiva. How many years has it been around and what are the feature products all about?

JOHN: I founded Nutiva in 1999 and we are the worlds leading brand of organic coconut oil and organic hemp foods.

EVITA: As there are more and more companies specializing in hemp and coconut products, can you tell us how Nutiva’s products are different?

JOHN: Glad to see more firms offering hemp and coconut. As one of the pioneers, people tell us all the time they love Nutiva’s flavor and just read the testimonials which praise Nutiva for the best tasting coconut oil, hemp seeds and hemp protein.

We also are different in that we donate 1% of sales – just like Patagonia – to non-profit group s- in our case sustainable agriculture. This year Nutiva will give away $140 thousand or more from planting fruit trees at schools, sponsoring organic farm conferences, to training Philippine farmers in the art of organic farming.

EVITA: John, it is hard to trust companies to be completely “natural” today. It seems between relaxed labeling laws and a lot of manipulation in both the nutritional labels and ingredient lists, that word has lost a lot of its credibility today. How can customers trust that what they see on the labels of Nutiva’s products is truthful and all that there is?

JOHN: Yes a very good point. Who can you trust ? We take pride in the fact that over 98% of our sales are certified organic – the highest among hemp brands. As someone who goes to the farmers markets and have worked at organic farms, it’s just part of my lifestyle for 25+ years. One only needs to watch our Facebook posts, and you can see I am as much an advocate for organic foods, as I am a CEO of a fast growing food brand.

EVITA: What is your favorite Nutiva product and why?

JOHN: It’s a toss up between coconut oil – amazing cooking oil and my choice for my hair,skin and massage uses – and shelled hemp seeds. The seeds are rich in protein(33%), Omega-3, GLS and SDA as well vital minerals. I suggest everyone eat 3 tablespoons of both daily!

EVITA: Oh I totally know what you mean. For me, it has to be the full flavor coconut oil. Just opening the jar and smelling it, makes me feel incredible! Maybe it is my love for the tropics or coconuts, or both, but boy does it ever feel good to know that something so delicious, is so healthy!

So John I am excited to ask, is Nutiva planning any new products for the near-future?

JOHN: Yes we have many exciting new products. Coconut Manna is a whole food from dried coconuts and finely milled into a spread which is great in desserts, ice creams, smoothies, in oatmeal and more.

We also have a new centrifuge processed raw coconut oil packed in glass jars.

Lastly we are also rolling out organic chia seeds which like hemp is an ancient superfood rich in omega-3 and protein.

EVITA: What is the best part about working at Nutiva?

JOHN: I get to help in creating a healthier and more sustainable world for all.

Nutiva and the entire food industry has a lot of work ahead to meet the challenges we face. Plus I love giving away money to all the great non-profits we support through our 1% program.

EVITA: Where can customers in Canada or the US most easily buy Nutiva products?

JOHN: We are sold in over 6,000 stores includingWhole Foods,Vitamin Shoppe and other retailers. Also you can order

EVITA: Thank you for that John and I actually noticed that for orders on your site, you are offering free shipping with just a $30 order, so that makes it very easy for anyone in the US to easily get your product delivered to them.

As for our Canadian readers, if you would like to get Nutiva easily wherever you live, Canada’s wonderful has a selection of Nutiva products and shipping anywhere in Canada is free with a minimum $29 order.

John, thank you so much for all the work you are doing to not only increase people’s health and awareness, but also all your contributions to making this world a little brighter and greener for all!

And for all of our readers, I am pleased to feature various Nutiva product reviews all month throughout August, so that you can get to know a little more about most of the products.

I leave you today with a short video featuring John, as he talks about the importance of healthy fats in our diet, shares important weight loss strategies and even some recipes!