I want to share with you, one of the most amazing health resources out there that has had an incredible impact on my own life and health, as well as friends and coworkers that I have shared it with.

One of the most known vegetarian sites out there, VegSource held a Healthy Lifestyle Expo last year in 2007, as they have done so for the past few years.

During these expos, various famous and accredited doctors and other key note speakers present health information. After this event took place live, VegSource compiled the workshops and made a Special Edition 3-disc DVD set called “Get Healthy Now! – You really ARE what you eat!

In fact, if you are not a vegetarian, please do not stop reading because this video is an amazing health resource period. It will open up your eyes to things about your health that you never even imagined.

It presents up to date, practical and mind blowing medical data where our health is concerned! It explains a lot in regards to why our population and Western society is the way it is, in terms the types of diseases we get and other negative body conditions.

Thus in this post I will tell you a little bit about this resource and what I learned from it and what you can expect to learn from it.

How I Found This DVD

It was last winter that I came across the Healthy Lifestyle Expo DVD, thanks to finding VegSource.com.

As I explored the site, there was a video showcased on “Learning how to Read Labels”. I have always been fascinated with this topic as I am an avid label reader and so I decided to watch it. The video was from nutritionist and dietician Jeff Novick.

This was one of the workshops showcased at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo and at that time VegSource was showing it on their site in its entire length.

So before I watched the video, I could say I felt very comfortable with reading labels and probably could say that I thought I knew it all when it came to understanding nutritional labels.

Well let me tell you I was blown away by what Jeff presented. You think you know those labels and how companies operate – think again!

I immediately wanted to share that video with everyone I knew as I thought it was one of the most valuable things I have ever seen in my life. It was then that I discovered that this video belonged to a slew of other taped workshops and was part of the “Get Healthy Now! – 2007 Health Expo“.

Hence there was nothing else to do, other than purchase the video, and have this fantastic resource always on hand.

Get Healthy Now DVD Overview

The “Get Healthy Now! – You really ARE what you eat!” 3-disc DVD provides over 13 hours of enlightening and life saving information.

If you love your health, if you need to improve your health or if you just want to learn more about health – I highly recommend this video.

The price of the video is $89.95 and that includes shipping within the US (shipping is extra outside of the US). Well, I know what you may be thinking “90 bucks!?!?!”

I would say trust me it is well worth it, but that does not do it justice. Remember there are over 13 hours of informative material, on 3 discs. Just think, it is like paying $30 for one disc, something many of us have no problem doing for Hollywood thrillers, which usually give us no educational benefits. Imagine too how much people pay for these workshops in person and here you are getting days worth of material, for only $90.

So besides the fact that your health will be greatly transformed by this, you can also help support the VegSource.com site through the purchase of this video.

Naturally, people who don’t really care about their health or refuse to change, shouldn’t bother, because then you really will be wasting your money. However, if there is a fire within you to get healthy, be healthy and/or stay healthy – then this is one video which you will wear out before you get bored with.

Get Healthy Now DVD Contents

Disc 1 contains the following presentations:

1. READING LABELS – Presented by: Dr. Jeffrey Novick, MS, RD, LV/N of the Pritikin Center

Jeffery reveals what the food companies don’t want you know about food labels. He used to be a former manager at Kraft Foods and in this video blows the lid off the tricks the food industry uses to keep you fat, ignorant, and buying their “health” food.

2. OPTIMIZING HEALTH FOR WOMEN – Presented by: Dr. Pam Popper, PhD, ND

Pam’s talk includes information about weight loss, osteoporosis, breast health, hormone replacement and how to reverse aging for women.

3. CREATING AN URBAN ORGANIC KITCHEN – Presented by: Bryant Terry

Bryant shows how you can convert to an affordable, healthier and planet-friendly lifestyle, to make a green kitchen while helping insure the economic well-being of small farmers.

4. THE FACE ON YOUR PLATE – Presented by: Dr. Jeffrey Masson PhD

Jeffrey discusses the issues surrounding eating “free range” and other “happy” animals.

Disc 2 contains the following presentations:

5. AGONY & ECSTACY OF OUR TIMES – Presented by: John Robbins (bestselling author)

John looks at the unprecedented loss and destruction of our current world, and asks how we can respond to the pain of our times with vitality, compassion and yes, even joy.

6. THE VALUE OF HIGH FAT FOODS – Presented by: Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD

Joel dispels myths around avoiding fat in our diet and teaches us the value of fat in our diet by learning the sources of healthy and necessary fats.

7. COOKING DEMOS – Presented by: Chef Tanya, Jennifer Cornbleet, Ann Esselstyn and Sabrina Nelson

In this video the ladies prepare a few simple and healthy vegetarian dishes.

8. PRACTICAL MEDITATION: A HISTORY, AND HOW TO… – Presented by: Buddhist Monk Rev. Heng Sure, PhD

Heng gives a survey and history of meditation practices, medical studies of meditation and practical instructions from a variety of traditions.

Disc 3 contains the following presentations:

9. NO MORE HEART ATTACKS – EVER – Presented by: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn MD

Caldwell shows the latest work in his 20-year study, which definitively demonstrates how you can avoid the number one killer in the U.S. His work and all the study participants who were supposed to be dead long ago, but are healthier than much of the population, is proof you can make yourself heart attack proof.

10. ARE HUMANS DESIGNED TO EAT MEAT? – Presented by: Dr. Milton Mills MD

Milton gives a comparative anatomy lesson on natural carnivores versus natural herbivores and omnivores. Through this he compares humans to both animal groups to prove once and for all which diet humans really thrive on.

11. COOKING UP GREAT HEALTH – Presented by: Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD

Joel shares with the crowd some of his own personal recipes that are not only healthy but exceptional for those who want to lose weight and keep it off.

12. EXPERT PANEL – Presented by: All of the conference speakers

Expo speakers take audience questions and provide answers together.

How This DVD Series Changed My Life

For starters let me begin by saying that although all 12 episodes (each just over an hour) are great, there are a few which are outstanding from the perspective that they share priceless information in a fantastic way. These you will want to see a few times to grasp all of the mind blowing and beneficial information.

Here are those episodes and my personal excerpts of how each has changed my life:

1. READING LABELS – Presented by: Dr. Jeffrey Novick

After watching Jeffrey Novick’s talk (a few times), I learned how to understand salt and sugar on the nutritional labels and why so many people have high blood pressure and diabetes type 2 today. From the first time I saw this video I pretty much have not touched any processed food again – regardless of whether it came from a health food or conventional store.

I also learned why and how companies “cheat” their numbers to make products seem healthier and the number one point I learned was to NEVER believe anything on the front label of a food product.

Let’s just say that this video has given reading labels a whole new meaning for me.

2. OPTIMIZING HEALTH FOR WOMEN – Presented by: Dr. Pam Popper

After seeing Dr. Popper’s presentation, I gave up drinking milk (even organic). I understood osteoporosis better than ever before and why so many women today really get it and how little it has to do with calcium supplements, rather with what they are eating.

I got a glimpse into healthy menopause and hormone replacement therapy and why women for decades have suffered on HRT and other drugs unnecessarily. I was also inspired to learn how breast cancer does not have to be as prominent as it is today, by changing what we eat.

6. THE VALUE OF HIGH FAT FOODS – Presented by: Dr. Joel Fuhrman

After watching Dr. Fuhrman’s presentation, let us just say I went out and bought a lot of nuts and seeds and have since incorporated them as part of a regular diet.

I have learned the value of kale, among other things and just why fruits and vegetables really are THAT powerful.

I now know that I will never get diabetes type 2 and know how to reduce my chances of heart disease to pretty much zero, along with avoiding future weight problems and even many cancers.

9. NO MORE HEART ATTACKS – EVER – Presented by: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

After watching Dr. Esselstyn’s presentation, I thanked God that I do not eat fast food – ever. My eyes were opened to the immediate and drastic effects fried and fatty foods have on our arteries.

This presentation has also given me an increased confidence that my risk of heart disease is pretty much zero!

10. ARE HUMANS DESIGNED TO EAT MEAT? – Presented by: Dr. Milton Mills

Thanks to Dr. Mills I was able to really understand why meat and other animal products are so detrimental to our health.

I learned just how much we do have in common with other herbivores out there, through scientific anatomical and physiological data.

If I did have any previous doubt about whether vegetarian is the way to go for a human, this presentation really put those doubts to rest.

Aside from these episodes, some of the other highlights from this DVD conference are as follows:

The cooking demos were nice, but nothing special. Dr. Fuhrman’s meal ideas on the other hand were definitely very useful.

Although the episodes, Creating an Organic Garden and Practical Meditation were nice, they were not my personal favorites.

Finally, the Expert Panel was fantastic! There were excellent questions addressed and again very valuable answers given.

Try the Health Expo DVD Out!

If you would like to sample some of the presenters and their presentations, VegSource has small clips of each one on their site. Click here to view Health Expo video clips now.

If you would like to get more information on this set or order it, go to VegSource.com now.


The one thing that you can depend on where this Health Expo DVD Set stands, is to be really transformed where your life and health are concerned. Get ready for these speakers to blow you away as they step outside of the drug-induced, meat, salt, sugar and fat eating Western society.

I think it would virtually be impossible not to become greatly empowered and quickly and easily make lifestyle choices after the unquestionable and overwhelming information presented here. As I told you in the introduction, the information is all credible, backed by solid science and practical to apply.

Just think, you can be part of the high blood pressure, obese, overweight, heart disease and diabetes type 2 population or risk group OR not. Ultimately the choice is yours and these videos give you tons of information on how and why to choose the “not” group.

So if you want to stay disease-free, at your ideal weight and feeling better than ever – then Get Healthy Now 2007 Expo is for you!