So have you ever thought about that question? Does fast food ever go bad?

Anyone I have ever seen eat fast food, would probably never make it, to actually do such an experiment. If you have ever seen people eating fast food, they gobble it down in very few mouthfuls.

But what if you did buy a fast food meal and just let it sit there, for an hour, a day, a year… Have you ever thought what would happen to it? Would it do the same as what you expect most food to do in a composter? Well some people did actually decide to put that to the test.

Thanks to one of our readers, who is a colon and holistic nutrition therapist, I got introduced to a video about what a 4 year old McDonald’s hamburger and fries look like. In this article we will explore that video and the results of the experiment to better understand the composition of fast food, and thus its effect on our bodies.

Watch the 5 minute video to find out what happens to fast food as it ages, and than join me for a further discussion below:

The Composition of Fast Food and Your Health

As I watched the video regarding the aged burger and fries, a part of me could not believe it, as another part was not surprised at all. I have done studies with students in the past on mould growth and how mould just does not want to grow on soft, processed white bread. Well here is another such example, except this time it is even shown on cheese, meat and the french fry that supposedly came from a potato (no surprises on the bun).

So what is that food made of?

This makes me think of a story I want to share with you. Many companies in the past and still today are trying to defend their products till their grave even if they cause humans, animals or the environment harm because money is at stake. They constantly feel the need to defend their product and attack any attacks made on it as they feel it threatens their existence, success, and livelihood, or whatever you want to call it. It makes me think of the tobacco farmers, producing a substance that is toxic (no one will argue that today) and refusing to stop or change as their “business” depends on it.

If the tobacco farmers, or better yet companies like McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants were smart business leaders, they would realize that you do not have to go bankrupt or give up everything - just change your business, by changing your product and making it smarter and work for the global good. Instead of farming tobacco, farm corn. Instead of making artificial food, make natural food. Now I can just hear the arguments on why this won’t work. But think about this, imagine tomorrow McDonald’s would go and issue a public statement on every national tv channel around the world, saying:

We are so thankful to our customers for all their loyalty all this time, we are so happy you love our products and out of our love and appreciation for you we have decided to stop producing fast-food since it has been proven that it is giving you weight problems, diseases and slowly killing you. We are now going to be the leaders of change and change every menu in every one of our restaurants around the world and provide you with as fast as possible, as natural as possible, healthy food

Can you imagine a situation like that or am I just a hopeless health romantic :) Well you know as far fetched as it may sound, it is possible. They only have to be willing to make a few changes for the good of our health. You think people would revolt, sure a few. But imagine the power this would have on the world if a fast food giant like McDonald’s decided to make such a bold move. It would literally be “Earth-changing”. And you think other companies like Wendy’s or KFC would laugh and say “what fools, more customers for us”. No way! If McDonald’s made such a statement think of how “good” they would look and how “bad” any company who did not change would look.

Okay but for now, seeing as they are not jumping up and down at my idea, the bottom line is, their food may resemble what you make on your barbecue perhaps, or in your kitchen – but don’t kid yourself, it is nowhere close to what you think it is made of.


In the end, I personally do not want to research every ingredient and additive that is used to make their food as I feel it would be counterproductive and a waste of time.

We already have enough proof to know it is not ideal for your body and health. Hence, I would rather put my energy into the proactive research of how to inform more people on what “good” things to incorporate into their diet and how to not make their bodies just healthy, but optimally healthy.