Numerous diseases are prevalent in our modern day society. Whether they be infectious, acute or chronic ones, what they all have in common is the element of suffering on some level.

Traditional medicine addresses ailments using chemical or surgical means. Today, more and more of us are seeing through these methods and how they are usually surface level approaches, masking symptoms and moving us further away from the body’s natural balance. Thus alternative medicine, which uses natural and holistic approaches that are non-invasive and work with the body’s natural healing ability, has continued to gain popularity. However depending on the modality, it may not always go to the true root level of the disease or condition either.

Today we are beginning to know that any disease we get goes much deeper, beyond the physical. We don’t get colds because other people have them. We get colds because our immune systems are down, but why our immune system is down is where the real answer to the problem lies.

Having a strong personal interest in the “real” causes of all diseases, I was happy to hear about and read, Maureen Minnehan Jones’ new book Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow. This is a book that goes to the deepest level of our healing, and presents valuable information on how to understand which diseases we have, or may get and why. Below I share with you more about this book and my experience with it.

About the Author

Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow is written by Maureen Minnehan Jones and was newly released at the start of March 2011.

Maureen began her formal career as a registered nurse. Over her 38 year career, Maureen turned to holistic and alternative methods of healing. She became a certified massage therapist and learned how to work with the energy of the human body. She became a guided imagery practitioner and today operates her practice called “Healing Gifts” in California’s Central Valley. Alongside her healing practice, Maureen travels doing various workshops and presentations teaching the emotional root causes of diseases, that underlie physical ailments.

For more information on Maureen Minnehan Jones and her work, please visit her site

I also had a chance to interview you Maureen and talk to her more about this book and her work. You can see the video interview with Maureen here.

About the Format

Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow is a quick and easy read. Following a foreword by Dr. Michael J. Lincoln, and introduction from the author, the book contains 27 chapters and a conclusion. Chapters 1 through 9 are as follows:

Chapter 1 – How We Keep Killing Ourselves and What We Can Do To Stop It
Chapter 2 – Solving the Mystery with the MO Technique
Chapter 3 – The Common Thread of Disease
Chapter 4 – The Role of Chakras in Health and Healing
Chapter 5 – Divine Connection Using the Infinity Sign
Chapter 6 – How the MO Technique Works
Chapter 7 – Steps to Releasing Emotional Sufferings with the MO Technique
Chapter 8 – Learning the Lessons Our Bodies Can Teach Us
Chapter 9 – What About Our Children

The remaining 18 chapters each focus on one of the following health conditions: AIDS/HIV, Allergies, Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Cholesterol Problems, the Common Cold, the Flu, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Hepatitis C, ALS Disease, Menopause, Migraine Headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease.

Book Content & Personal Commentary

In Wisdom to Wellness the reader gets a chance and is invited to gently go down the path of uncovering their true selves. This includes facing and understanding any emotional suffering, energy blockages, trauma and the programming we use to navigate through life. The average person suffering from a disease may not see a correlation in how or why that would be of value, or relate to the disease they have. However, thanks to the field of quantum physics, the expansion of consciousness on our planet and deeper understanding of spirituality, today we are understanding the critical connection between the mind and body.

We know today that the body follows the mind. Thus if we have lived through a tough childhood, suffered some devastating life changes or live using destructive emotional patterns, all of this gets recorded in our mind and influences the body. At the root of it all, is the problem that most of us have lost the ability to communicate with our bodies, understanding what they are trying to tell us, which compounds problems. To add to this, the average person does not process negative emotions in healthy ways, or have the ability to fully love or accept themselves.

At every moment of life, our bodies are becoming what we think about, which is largely determined by how we are programmed.

Maureen Minnehan Jones, Wisdom to Wellness

Although many people may not be ready yet to pick up Wisdom to Wellness, it does not make it any less of a valuable book. I understand that it is still not easy for many of us to look deeper at everything we have in our lives, whether good or bad, and take full responsibility for it. Most of us live with the idea that “life happens to us” and of course this includes the diseases or ailments we get. However, each day more people are starting to connect the dots that the mind-body connection tells the full story of any illness that is present. Maureen is joined in what she presents by numerous other health professionals, teachers and researchers. For example, author of Embrace, Release, Heal Leigh Fortson, who after 3 cases of cancer finally healed deeply, by going within herself and acknowledging the emotional areas that were in desperate need of healing.

Throughout the book, Maureen is compassionate and considerate as she provides us with the missing piece to complete healing. She explains such concepts as signature emotional suffering, soul discoveries, the common thread of disease and the energetic nature of our body. This is all so valuable I find, especially for so many of us who cannot seem to understand why seemingly healthy people get sick, people with unhealthy habits stay well, or why some diseases continue coming back on a reoccurring level in our lives.

Maureen then shares her MO—Modus Operandi—technique to allow for healing at the deepest level to happen. The technique is based on guided imagery and energy work, thus it is non-invasive and side-effect free. It is easy for anyone to do on their own, or with Maureen’s assistance.

The MO Technique becomes the model for people to look compassionately inside themselves and take responsibility for their illnesses.

Maureen Minnehan Jones, Wisdom to Wellness

I found the book to be a pleasant, stimulating and easy read. I especially enjoyed the chapter on the Chakras, as I live with the belief that the part of the body inflicted by any illness, is our body’s way of communicating with us as to what area in our life is blocked or needs attention. Likewise, I really enjoyed the chapter where Maureen talks about children and illnesses, as it is such a valuable area to broaden our perspective on. Many people can at least get to a place of connecting their emotional problems to their illness, but most of us cannot comprehend how or why innocent children have to suffer with any kind of illness. Maureen offers some thought-provoking theories on this matter.

Alongside the book, Maureen also has a companion CD entitled “Steps to Release the Common Thread of Disease.” The CD is divided into 6 parts and provides over an hour of material. It takes the listener on a guided imagery journey, and can be compared to or used as a type of meditation. It is guided by a narrator who offers a very soothing, tranquil, pleasant, safe and comfortable environment to guide us on our healing journey.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is ready to take a deeper look at any disease or ailment in their life. If you are ready to heal and understand disease on the deepest level, if you are suffering from any of the conditions covered in the book, or want to be proactive in preventing any disease, this is a great book to start with. Maureen is compassionate, highly knowledgeable and gently guides us every step of the way.

When you’ve mastered loving yourself, you have an excellent chance of healing on every level.

Maureen Minnehan Jones, Wisdom to Wellness

Interview with the Author