The food we choose to nourish ourselves with is directly responsible for the state of our health and wellness. It can improve or deteriorate any condition, even when its root cause stems from our mind, toxins or genetics. Therefore eating right is one of the main steps to protection and prevention against all illnesses. It is also the right step to take if we are interested in having our body function at its highest potential.

In the words of the famous Greek philosopher Hippocrates,

Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.


Our food truly has the power to heal us or make us sick. We choose and create our health with every single item we choose to put into our body. On that note, it is the intention of Evolving Wellness to inspire others to take accountability for their own health, through what they put in their body.

I have no doubt that we have all heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. But are we taking it seriously, and do we even know what that means? In simple terms, the tools you use (a.k.a. your food) to build your foundation and structure with (a.k.a your cells, tissues and organs) will create the quality of your structure (a.k.a. your health).

We wouldn’t build a new home with rotting wood and porous bricks, yet when it comes to our bodies too many of us put in anything and everything not respecting the quality of materials we are building our body and health with. Your body organs, tissues and cells are made of whatever you give them. It is no wonder therefore that we age so rapidly and see the rates of disease and disability that we do today. We are building poor quality vessels by using fast, cheap and processed materials. Whenever we do not provide our bodies with the right nutrients and in the right amounts, or give our bodies toxic or unnecessary substances, we participate directly in their breakdown.

There is of course no doubt that our bodies are extremely resilient and try to cover up deficiencies whenever and wherever they can. That is one of the biggest reasons why so often we do not correlate the outcomes between the substances we intake and the negative health effects we get back in return. Unfortunately, the resilience runs out sooner or later and we are left with various illnesses and conditions that prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest and living out our highest potential.

Therefore, in alignment with the mission of Evolving Wellness, to provide a holistic, natural and green approach to optimal wellness, the recipe section reflects the highest quality of nutritional information that is known at this time.

In the Recipes and Meal Ideas section you will find recipes that:

  • Are quick and easy
  • Suit any day of the week or time of the year
  • Are always nutritious and healthy
  • Include meal characteristics
  • Include beneficial nutrition information
  • Take into account common allergens
  • Look beautiful and gourmet
  • Include large images to quickly show you the final product
  • Are completely customizable
  • Are practical and economical
  • You can feel good about eating
  • You can be proud to serve others
  • Are good for the whole family
  • Have easy to shop for ingredients
  • Rarely require more than an hour, or any special preparation
  • Have simple, almost common sense steps

All of the meals that you will find on Evolving Wellness are plant-based. Most are vegan, and with a few exceptions several are vegetarian. Those however can be easily altered, and modifications are given to also make the meals free of common allergens. The meals and recipes focus on being 100% plant-based for the following main reasons:

  • The negative health effects associated with meat and animal product consumption
  • The negative health effects associated with the farming practices and toxicity levels in animal foods
  • The negative effects of animal farming on the environment (contribution to global warming gas emissions, depletion of water sources and pollution from livestock farms)
  • The inhumane treatment of animals, which deserve their own rights to carry out their own lives and evolution without artificial interference
  • The Evolving Beings and Healthytarian paradigms of living with compassion for all species, and no discrimination
  • The fact that we know today that we can not only survive, but thrive without animal products in our diets

So enjoy getting back into the kitchen and taking accountability for your health as you transform your life! Enjoy the recipes, customize them with whole, natural, plant foods to be most in alignment with your taste buds, be creative and have fun!

All meal ideas and meal titles were created solely by Evita Ochel. References to any other recipes are clearly made.