This article is written for Evolving Wellness by guest author Mary Ward.

You’ve likely heard it since you were a little kid -”breakfast is the most important meal of the day“. It sounds quite cliché, but it is in fact true. There are a multitude of reasons as to why eating breakfast is a good idea and here we will examine what those are:

1. Curbs Your Appetite

Eating a good breakfast that is full of all the right nutrients can actually help to hold you for longer and curb your appetite. This ensures that you don’t grab a doughnut at the office or throw down a handful of candy without even thinking. If you start off with some good proper nutrients, it will hold you and keep you full longer.

2. Keeps You Focused and Sharp

Eating breakfast can keep you focused throughout the day as it provides a good start for the activities ahead of you. This helps you to be smarter, sharper, and allows you to stay focused for longer as you work through the tasks that you take on.

3. Increases Energy

Having a good solid breakfast at the beginning of the day can give you much more energy and keep your energy levels constant throughout the day. You will feel energized and ready to take on the world almost as soon as you finish that last bite.

4. Improves Your Metabolism

Many people think that skipping breakfast gives them a boost on the day as it allows them to skip unwanted calories. This couldn’t be further from the truth though, as eating breakfast can actually help to boost your metabolism and keep it up. It will prevent a drop from occurring and will help you to burn the calories as you move about your day. This is great for losing weight or just getting yourself into proper nutritional shape.

5. Provides Better Eating Habits

As you think about what your body requires throughout a given day – all of the different foods and nutrients that it builds a healthy body with, breakfast can give you a jump start. It is believed that eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day makes for better eating habits and therefore starting off with breakfast is a surefire way to get a jump on that.

6. Provides Less Risk of Blood Sugar Problems

People who eat breakfast have far less of a chance of developing blood sugar problems, particularly diabetes. If you keep your body running with fuel throughout the day, you are far less likely to see a drop or spike in blood sugar levels and this is good for your overall health.


You always knew you should be eating breakfast, but for those of us who’ve continued to ignore Mom’s great advice, the above, are even more reasons to motivate you!

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