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Welcome to Evolving Wellness! This living reference site provides information based on nature’s wisdom, holistic science, and real-life experience. Its mission is to empower you to be an intelligent, discerning and responsible participant in the creation of your own health and wellness. It promotes optimal wellbeing through whole-food, plant-based eating, mindful living, and mind-body awareness.

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Coconut Cashew Carob Cupcakes
A raw treat that is packed with nutrients and delicious flavors.
Quinoa, Bean and Veggie Salad
A delicious and filling blend of colors, flavors and textures in a creamy tahini dressing.
Banana Chocolate Mousse Pudding
A delicate and smooth treat that provides a delicious chocolate experience.
Chewy Coconut Almond Vanilla Squares
A delightfully sweet and chewy coconut treat.