In this video interview with Dr. Alexander Rinehart, we discuss the field of medicine he currently practices, which is called Functional Medicine. You can learn what is functional medicine, how it relates to the field of natural health and nutrition, what a typical treatment program involves and how you can benefit from it.

I feel that we are so blessed today to be living at a time, when the world of health, healing and medicine is greatly expanding to become more holistic, and less invasively damaging. The fields of alternative, integrative and natural medicine are all growing.

We have come to a point in time, where enough people have seen the effects of invasive pharmaceutical and common medical approaches, which often can cause more harm then good.

We are seeing weight problems and disease rates continue to increase, debilitating more people and taking away drastically from the quality and quantity of our life.

We have also come to a point where we are coming back to seeing health and healing from a total and holistic perspective of the mind, body and soul, rather than fragmented systems, which simply need their symptoms suppressed.

Thus today, we are at an incredibly empowering point of human history where we have the ability to understand our health and healing from a much more “whole story” perspective. One of the biggest aspects that plays a role in this is our diet, or the nutritional choices we make each day, which build, repair, heal and protect our body.

One of the pioneers in this area, and practitioner of natural and integrative medicine is Dr. Alexander Rinehart DC, CCN. I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex last year for a series of interviews, which can help us understand various aspects when it comes to nutrition, health, healing and prevention. If you missed any of these interviews, you can find them here:

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