Do you have an inspirational story to share about your health and wellness? Have you overcome some health condition or challenge using diet, exercise or any natural therapies? Were you motivated to change your lifestyle and improve your well-being? Share your success and inspire others, by participating in the Lifestyle Changes in Action series.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your story to help and inspire others along their personal health and wellness journeys. Below are the guidelines for submitting your story.

Guidelines for Submissions

  1. Share your story in the following format and sub-headings, providing about 2-3 paragraphs per section.

    i) Area(s) of My Health and Wellness that Needed Change
    ii) Strategies I Implemented & Their Results
    iii) How My Changes Benefitted Me
    iv) Next Steps on My Health and Wellness Journey
    v) Wisdom & Inspiration for Others

  2. All sections must be answered, and your story should be no less than 1000 words, and no more than 2500 words.

  3. Please adhere to proper spelling and grammar, and be proficient in the English language.

  4. Include about 3 images of yourself or something that represents you with your story, which are no less than 480 pixels in height. You must hold the copyright to the images, meaning that they are yours and not used from other sources.

  5. Send in your written story in a doc, pages, or rtf file format, along with any image files to

Please note that is a natural health and optimal wellness site, which does not support or promote the use of animal products, pharmaceuticals or any products which are not in alignment with our body’s natural healing ability or our Earth’s harmonious balance.


I have a personal website, can I include that as part of my story?

You sure can. As long as it is a personal site, like a blog, and not a commercial site, you can include a link to it, so that those who were inspired by your story can learn more from you.

I have a book, film, or other product, which I created as part of my healing and wellness changes. Can I include that as part of my story?

You are free to mention it/them within a natural context, however please do not engage in any soliciting or sales pushes.

Can I recommend some material of others (ex: blog, book, product, etc.)?

You are free to mention anything that inspired or helped you along your personal health and wellness journey in its natural context. Links to external sites or products will be approved accordingly during the submission process.

Can I re-post the same story I submit here on my own site or blog?

Once you decide to share your story with and on, it is requested that you do not re-publish your story in the exact format or wording elsewhere online. You are free however to share the link to your story on any online platform, including your own site or social media networks.

I submitted a story in the past, but it no longer represents my current stage of life or wellness. Do I need to have it removed?

No. We each go through constant change in our life, and what represents us at one point in our life is often not likely to represent us at another point. We are constantly growing, learning and evolving.

If you would ever like to add an update to your story, you are free to send one in anytime you choose.

If you feel that you have reverted to old habits, which are not serving your health, allow your story to represent a captured moment of your potential. You can come back to it anytime and have it inspire yourself, not just others.

I am not comfortable sharing personal information online, do I have to provide my full or real name?

While authenticity and transparency is encouraged so that others can benefit from the “real” connection with another being, you can definitely use your first name only, or in a rare case scenario use a nickname.