There are numerous products on the market today that advertise themselves as anti-aging. When we look at the ingredients of these products, hyped up names hide a flurry of chemical and synthetic ingredients that do much more harm to our skin and health, than undoing any aging signs. The truth is that when it comes to anti-aging products what we do from within and the lifestyle we lead is where it matters the most. No amounts of creams or lotions will undo a poor lifestyle, where one’s diet, sleep, emotional and stress levels have to be taken into serious account.

For those looking for something to help with mature skin, while I don’t think anything will help erase our wrinkles or lift our skin, there are products which can help to nourish the skin in beneficial ways. This is where natural, high quality nourishing oils can really help. One example of such products comes to us from the Annmarie Gianni pure skin care line. Among the various skin care products she offers, there are 3 that are designed for mature skin and marketed as anti-aging. These are:

  1. Anti-Aging Facial Oil
  2. Anti-Aging Serum
  3. Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I will share my thoughts on the first two of these products with you in this review. While the products are based on various plant oils and extracts, their anti-aging properties are enhanced from containing sodium hyaluronate, which acts as a lubricant and promotes tissue repair. Both the serum and eye cream contain this, as well as several other ingredients, which stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

Annmarie Gianni is a natural health advocate who has at the end of 2010 come out with her own line of natural, organic and wild-crafted skin care products. You can get to know Annmarie Gianni in the video interview I had the pleasure of doing with her. You can also see my first reactions of her products and why natural products are important in the video featuring Annmarie’s products.

The Annmarie Gianni line of skin care products was crafted by Annmarie with an emphasis on providing truly natural personal care, being totally chemical-free. Her products come from organic and wild-crafted sources and feature ingredients that are all listed on the label.

This is what I value most about these products is that the ingredients are so straight-forward with no unknown chemicals or synthetic substances hiding in the list. As for how well the anti-aging products work, I feel that will be a very personal decision. I enjoyed trying and using both the facial oil and serum.

The anti-aging facial oil was very similar to me to the herbal facial oil for normal and combination skin. It is excellent at moisturizing the skin and absorbs both really fast and really well. The oil left my face soft and moisturized without any oily residue or unnatural shine. Like the herbal facial oil, I found the scent to be stronger initially than I am used to or would personally like in a product. However like the other oil, the scent does calm down significantly once it is applied, so one does not have to worry they are leaving a fragrance trail wherever they go. As for the fragrance itself, it is also like the other oil similar in terms of being very rich from a flowery aspect, with an emphasis on jasmine being the strongest tone.

The anti-aging serum on the other hand is a delicate watery, instead of oily substance. It is opaque, white in color and has a very subtle aroma. My skin appeared smooth and soft after putting it on, and I cannot emphasize that a very small amount is needed to get really nice results. The scent itself has a most delicate rose aroma and I enjoyed using it very much.

The only downside I can see to these products is that they are much pricier than any of the other skin care products in the Annmarie Gianni skin care line. However, one has to compare how much what they are currently using costs, versus these products and also take into account seriously the purity of the products and potential benefits.


In conclusion, I think anyone looking to hydrate, nourish, protect and enhance mature skin can benefit from the great natural and beneficial ingredients in Annmarie Gianni’s anti-aging products. The 3 products can widely serve various skin care needs and one can enjoy an aroma of natural aromatherapeutic scents in the process.

Ingredients of the Anti-Aging Serum

  • Organic Rose Distillate
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel
  • Organic Rose Distillate & Vegetable Glycerin (Herb Extract of Gotu kola leaves, Gingko leaves, Rosemary leaves, Calendula flowers, Comfrey root, Fennel seed)
  • Rhodiola root
  • Life Everlasting flowers
  • Milk thistle seed
  • Plantain leaves
  • Roobibos
  • Shavegrass
  • Nettle leaves
  • Amla berries
  • Seabuckthorn berries
  • Olive-derived Sodium hyaluronate
  • Organic Edelweiss Extract
  • Organic Buddleja Davidii Extract
  • Organic Flax Seed Extract
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Extract
  • Organic Red Raspberry Seed Extract
  • Organic Chia Seed Oil
  • Organic Carrot Seed Oil
  • Organic Tamanu Oil
  • Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil Extract
  • Vitamin E Tocopherols (non GMO)
  • Aspen Bark Extract
  • Essential Oils of Rose Absolute
  • Frankincense
  • Sweet Myrrh
  • Vetiver
  • Jasmine sambac
  • Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract
  • Xanthan gum

Ingredients of the Anti-Aging Facial Oil

  • Organic Jojoba Oil infused with wild-crafted & organic herbs (Milk thistle seed, Rosemary leaves, Green tea leaves, Roobibos, Life Everlasting flowers, Licorice root, Gingko leaves, Ginseng leaves, Gotu kola leaves, Calendula flowers, Lavender flowers, Hibiscus flowers, Echinacea purpurea, Plantain leaves, Shavegrass, Chamomile flowers, Malva flowers)
  • Organic Oleic Sunflower oil
  • Hempseed oil
  • Organic Rosehip Seed oil
  • Organic Red raspberry seed oil
  • Organic Cranberry seed oil
  • Organic Bluberry seed oil
  • Chia seed oil
  • Organic Carrot seed oil
  • Organic Broccoli seed oil
  • Organic Pumpkin seed oil
  • Organic Pomegranate seed oil
  • Organic Black Cumin seed oil
  • Organic Acai Berry oil
  • Wild-crafted Buriti fruit oil
  • Organic Seabuckthornberry oil
  • Vitamin E tocopherols (non-gmo)
  • Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Jasmine sambac, Vetiver, Rose absolute, Sweet Fennel, Frankincense


The products each come in a MIRON violet-glass bottle, which does not allow visible light to pass through. This helps to prevent the product from breaking down in unfavorable ways. The bottle should be fully recyclable when finished with or better yet re-used for something else.

Price (as of this posting)

  • $49.95US per 15ml bottle of the Anti-Aging Facial Oil from Renegade Health
  • $49.95US per 15ml bottle of the Anti-Aging Serum from Renegade Health
  • $49.95US per 10ml bottle of the Anti-Aging Eye Cream from Renegade Health
  • $99.90US as part of kit of the Anti-Aging Oil & Serum from Renegade Health
  • $149.85US as part of the complete trio Anti-Aging Kit from Renegade Health
  • $249.95US as part of the complete Anti-Aging Kit with all products from Renegade Health


  • Online from Renegade Health (See above)
  • Various retailers throughout US and Internationally, for the closest retailer to you check the store locator here

The Good

  • Excellent Ingredients
  • Flavorful & Delicate scents
  • Excellent moisturizing properties
  • Excellent skin nourishing ingredients
  • No oily residue
  • Quickly absorbing
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
  • Leaves skin feeling hydrated
  • Alcohol-free
  • No parabens
  • No artificial aromas, fragrances or dyes
  • No chemical ingredients
  • Vegetarian friendly

The Bad

  • Scent or fragrance may not be suitable to everyone’s likes
  • Some may find too pricey