I recently had a chance to meet Karen Salcedo who is the founder and director of Earth’s Berries—one company that imports and sells soap nuts. In this video interview, Karen shares more about this outstanding and natural alternative to do our laundry with, how to use it, its benefits, additional uses and more.

Along our journey of optimal health and consciousness expansion, we each strive for the healthiest and most natural ways to live. When it comes to food, we know that wholesome, unprocessed, organic and plant-based is best. When it comes to personal care, we know that the most minimal and natural approach is most in agreement with our body. In fact, we can name any part of our life and find alternate, more harmoniously natural ways of doing all the things we need in our daily lives.

One of the things that we will explore today has to do with our laundry. The average person goes to the supermarkets buys the most commonly marketed laundry detergents and additional laundry additions like fabric softeners and dryer sheets without thinking twice. We have become conditioned to believe this is the “normal” way of doing things and in our busy lives most don’t stop to think twice about the choices they are making.

But what about our health? Do you realize how much of an impact the average synthetic detergents have on your health?

What about the environment? Sure there are greener options available, but do you think about how much your personal actions are impacting the health of our planet?

And what about sustainable practices or efficiency or not participating in greedy corporation agendas? All of these things matter whether we are talking about big things, or something as simple as doing our laundry. What we put out always comes back to us, and it is time for a more conscientious approach that is more harmonious for our life, health and the well being of all on this planet. Every choice matters and we have to remember that we vote most powerfully with our dollars.

This is where I am excited to share with you the most natural thing I discovered when it comes to doing laundry, aside from using plain water. Up to about 2 years ago I was using the green choices of products like 7th Generation Laundry Detergent or Greener Choice Laundry Detergent. Both were nice and working well, but there is nothing like going beyond the factory and beyond the bottle, straight to Mother Nature. I first learned about soap nuts a few years ago thanks to Mike Adams and the NaturalNews.com team. I was so intrigued but couldn’t seem to find them locally to buy anywhere. Finally while at a Natural Health Expo about 2 years ago, I found a vendor who was selling them. I picked up a bag, finished all my bottled laundry detergents, started using the soap nuts and haven’t looked back since. It is such a pleasure to do laundry with the soap nuts as I know that I am not putting anything chemical on my skin or into the environment. I am saving money, making a more globally conscientious choice and and I love my laundry even more! It feels great and doesn’t smell of anything, no artificial lavenders or lemons or other scents.

While I advocate the soap nuts as a great choice for anyone, they are an especially outstanding choice for anyone with sensitive skin, skin allergies, or babies and young children. The last thing we want to do is increase the amount of synthetic or toxic products in the lives of our youngest, such as artificial scents or residues in their clothes or anything we care for them with.