Ever since I became seriously health conscious and interested only in nourishing my body with whole, natural, fresh and plant food, I realized how much our society is not set up to support such a lifestyle. Going out to eat at a restaurant or to vacation at a resort with included food, became pretty much a thing of the past.

There is definitely no lack of restaurants in our society, which cater to serving greasy, fried, highly refined food, based greatly on animal products. Finding a place which even remotely comes close to being health conscious and catering to vegan or raw food eaters can be one of the toughest things.

This is why when I recently met Doug McNish, I was greatly pleased to hear that he is a totally different kind of chef, with a completely different outlook on health and nutrition. This was one leading edge chef, with a passion for both beautiful and great tasting food, but most importantly truly healthy food whose foundation is a compassionate and humane approach for all beings.

Doug is a vegan chef and specializes in the vegan, raw, organic, wholesome and natural cuisine. In fact, he has recently become the executive chef at the Grail Springs Retreat & Spa. This is an award winning spa, located in Bancroft, Ontario that specializes to a completely holistic, organic, detoxifying and sustainable lifestyle.

It was a great pleasure to spend some time with Doug in the Grail Springs kitchen and learn a little more about him and his journey. His story was equally inspiring, as it was moving. It was amazing to hear how Doug lost over 100 pounds and completely turned his life around. He is a great role model on so many levels and leading the way when it comes to how we prepare our food and what we choose to nourish ourselves with. Alongside being a chef, Doug is currently writing a raw food cookbook, which will be available in early 2012. I also had the pleasure of enjoying Doug’s food during my stay at the Grail Springs, which was outstanding!