The current health situation in North America is no new news. Chronic disease rates are staggering and many still fail to understand just how much our lifestyle choices play in developing heart disease, diabetes, cancers, increased infections and more.

Being overweight or obese naturally plays a big role in this whole situation and today I had the pleasure of being invited to sit down with Mike Nabuurs, host of TALK820 to talk more about how our habits are leading to our poor health.

This interview couldn’t have come at a better time, as The Hamilton Spectator has just published an article entitled “The skinny on Hamilton: We’re fatter than most“, which reveals that the city of Hamilton has above average weight and obesity issues. National rates peak at around 60%, where as rates of obesity are far higher in this city, than other major Canadian cities like Toronto, Calgary or Montreal. Hamilton is a smaller city compared to the three mentioned, with no major metropolitan area and there seems to be a trend here that translates urban sprawl to more inactivity and poorer eating habits.

Please join me below, as Mike and I discuss the current health statistics and offer some solutions as to what can be done to help today:

I look forward to your comments, on how you or the city or part of the world where you live, is doing when it comes to eating healthy, having enough fitness and staying the right weight for your best health and wellness.