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All right, I adore chocolate! And I’m not just talking about the good-for-you raw-cacao bean kind (angel blessings to you, David Wolfe, for sharing this ancient Mayan secret with the World!). One of my favourite chocolate indulgences is Laura Secord French Mint.

However my spiritual journey + two gorgeous children = a Spiritual Mom seeking honest-to-goodness healthy alternatives to yummy, scrumptious delights. Excitedly, I’m happy to share that I’m learning that when you introduce your kids to the goodness of the ‘good stuff‘ early on, they’re sincere enjoyment of it, is just as natural as can be!

When I was pregnant with our daughter, we called our growing girl our “Little Raspberry.” For Mother’s Day, my husband even surprised me with her first outfit, an adorable Raspberry Dress! So you can imagine our delight when our “Little Raspberry” had her first taste of ‘little raspberries’ and was just as delighted by them as we were by her. Her exact response (not quite audible through a fruity mouthful) was a red-grinned, “Mmm.. I like it!

Love Expressed In A Healthy Way

Now for this Valentines, instead of treating her and her little brother with artificial chocolate hearts (and bedtime belly aches) we’re going to head to the grocery store and grab some extra organic raspberries. These cute little fruits are the perfect little red hearts to go from our hearts to theirs.

Not only simple, sweet and tasty, they also make fun fruit puppets! I discovered this one morning when my ever-adventurous husband was adorning our daughter’s fingertips with a raspberry each. She beamed from ear-to-ear with joy and made an entire game of counting (1, 2, 3,14-5), puppetry (“Hello!” “Hello!“) and some other magic I’m not quite sure about, before happily popping them into her mouth.

Today, even the Grandma’s have come on board and bring along raspberry and blueberry surprises instead of the past heavy cakes and sugared-out cookies. And when they arrive with these red treats, our kids run to the door as if they were chocolate hearts!

Watching this marvel has helped me and my husband even further appreciate the natural sweets straight from Mother-Earth and we thank Her and the kids, and every little raspberry for their nourishing love. (And on occasion, I’m probably going to sneak in another french mint chocolate from Laura Secord until I get my hands on some more raw cacao! Shh!)

Some More Easy-Pleasy Healthy Valentine Treat Ideas

  • Pink Heart Shake (Blend Raspberries, Strawberries, Mangos and Spring Water)

  • Strawberry and Banana Popsicles (Blend Strawberries, Bananas and Spring Water, Freeze in Trays)

  • Heart-Shaped Watermelon (Just use a cookie cutter!)

  • Heart Baskets of Goji Berries (Or Red Apple Slices)

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