Enriching our knowledge about health and nutrition, is in my opinion one of the most valuable things we can do for ourselves. Many of us never pick up a book about nutrition or health, or devote any time to better understand what should be our number one priority in life – our health. We simply rely on acquired habits, conditioning or catching health claims from the mainstream media.

However today, with the health and nutrition field changing so rapidly and being so corporately influenced, we miss out on so much if we don’t keep up. Today, we can have everything we need for optimal health and longevity, if we only open ourselves up to it. This is why even with my nutritional and health background, I regularly attend conferences or events that feature other holistic health experts, to continue to add to and expand my knowledge in these areas.

On November 12, 2010 I had the pleasure of attending one such enriching event with the internationally renowned Raw Food and Nutrition ExpertDavid Wolfe.

This event took place at the beautiful Grail Springs Holistic Retreat & Spa in Bancroft, Ontario.

This was my first time seeing David live, and having been greatly inspired by him in much of my own work, it was a wonderful experience and opportunity. The day was full of amazing energy and David’s knowledge left me inspired to pursue and expand upon, even more aspects of natural health and nutrition.

Thus, in this 2 part write up of the event, I will share with you the main highlights of the event in part 1, and an interview with David Wolfe in part 2.

Who is David Wolfe?

David Wolfe has been in the field of natural health and nutrition for over 17 years. He has committed himself to researching all aspects of health and longevity, and is today an expert on raw food, nutrition, prevention, longevity, natural beauty, superfoods, herbalism, and water.

David has a masters degree in nutrition, and a background in science and mechanical engineering. He has written numerous books and travelled all over the world, presenting to thousands of people in various seminars, workshops and conferences. David has also been featured in many documentary movies, like Food Matters, Simply Raw and Frequency of Genius.

He is actually one of the most well rounded people I know, as his interests and knowledge span not just food and health, but examine all aspects of life on a deeper level, including spirituality, consciousness expansion, the state of world affairs, the illusions we are living when it comes to the economy, the health care system, security and the list goes on!

David was born in the US, but today actually lives in the wilder parts of northern Ontario, Canada. When asked why he decided to make his home there – David’s main answer includes – water. He states that after traveling the entire world and being a spring water hunter, Ontario has the best spring water in the world (next to Iceland), including a high density of natural, high quality springs. (The natural spring water, clean air and rich natural environment are exactly the same reasons, that my husband and I decided to make our home in the wild and Northern parts of Ontario as well – we just didn’t realize we were privy to some of the best water :)

Highlights From the Event

The day event with David Wolfe was held at the Grail Springs Retreat and Spa in Bancroft, Ontario – Canada’s premier health and wellness retreat center. It ran from 10am to 3pm and included a delicious raw lunch.

It was a perfect place for the event, as the Grail Springs is a completely holistically-minded retreat spot. It focuses on all aspects on natural living, eating and healing, specializing in numerous holistic spa services and healthy detox.

The property consists of 100 acres of both hard- and soft- wood forest and trails. The grounds also include a labyrinth, horses, and a 50 acre spring-fed lake. The owner and founder of the Grail Springs is best selling author and speaker, Madeleine Marentette, who also herself has a tremendous passion for optimal nutrition and natural health. She is known as Canada’s “Queen of Detox”.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Madeleine, getting to know a little more about her. She is a most inspiring individual, beaming with pure and beautiful energy. I am very excited and greatly looking forward to sharing more of her work with you here, starting with a review of her book Grail Springs Holistic Detox soon.

What David Wolfe Shared

Over the course of the day, David shared so much valuable information. He is one of the most empowering, passionate, energetic and knowledgeable speakers that I have ever seen. His messages were full of wisdom. He teaches for example, that everything we need is always already here, always right in front of us. We simply need to embrace the resources right in front of us and say “yes” to what the Universe presents us with.

Over the course of the day, David covered ample information on raw and living foods – focusing on how much power, energy and nutritional value they have for our health and life. He showed many images that were captured using Kirlian technology of “living food” and “dead food”. The differences in the energy contained within the substance were huge and made the living food look that much more beautiful.

He taught us about his friend, 109 year old Bernando LaPallo, who has been living and thriving on a raw foods diet for over 100 years!

He shared the idea of what superfoods are to him and why he teaches about them and believes in them so much. According to David, superfoods are foods that not only give us nutritional value, but also medicinal value. He thus shared some of the powerful superfoods out there today, like cabbage, chaga mushrooms, goji berries and more! He will have a mouthful of the various names for you in the interview I feature him in, in part 2.

He touched upon almost every topic that intrigues people who are serious about optimal health and understanding how so many things in our environment can be the cause of some of the worst health problems, like bad estrogen, calcium loving parasites, electromagnetic radiation and so much more!

He taught and shared so much value when it comes to the power of water and why the quality of the water we drink is so important. Even when it comes to water, there is “living” water with consciousness and healing versus “dead” water.

David also spent a lot of the day talking about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of various plants (herbs & spices) and mushrooms. The highlight of the day was learning about the highly anti-cancerous, immune boosting, antioxidant rich – chaga mushroom. It would have been amazing just to learn about this powerhouse of a substance, but it was even more so, to be told that out the 2 main places it grows in the world, the Ontario forests around us were one of them!

Out of sheer excitement, the next day after the event I went around our property looking for one, and sure enough I found a couple. That evening my husband and I enjoyed our first chaga mushroom tea! So the biggest thing I am taking away from this experience, is getting to know about the richness of the natural habitat we live in, and what they can provide us with when it comes to food and medicine.

And of course, a day with David wouldn’t be complete without talking about the nutritional benefits of chocolate. Now before you get the wrong idea, David isn’t talking about just any chocolate, but about the actual cocoa bean and raw chocolate products made of that, with various superfood ingredients from medicinal herbs and mushrooms.

Our Raw Lunch

At the present time, I don’t quite consider myself a raw foodist, although I easily could as at least 50-75% of my food on average is raw. (To be a raw foodist, one does not need to be 100% raw.) I guess I just never adhered to the label, but my nutritional patterns definitely embrace it, as I know of the amazing health and healing benefits of living food.

However, when I eat raw, the meals I eat are generally very simple, like raw shakes, smoothies, salads or soups, with my biggest accomplishment being, having mastered various amazing raw desserts. So when we found out that we were having raw lasagna, I was definitely intrigued as I have never made or had anything of that caliber before.

So how was it? Well, I would have loved to have a photo of it for you, but when I tried this dish, I could not put my fork down to take a photo, until it was all gone. It was amazing! The layers were made of zucchini and mixed in with raw sun dried tomato sauce, pesto and even macadamia cheese! It was mouth-watering and delicious!

A big thank you to both David and Madeleine for putting together such an amazing event and meal, where even the chefs were raw food experts, specially flown in from the US to prepare the delicacies.

My First Chocolate in Almost 2 Years!

Yes, you caught me, I had chocolate! But as I mentioned above, the kind of chocolate David makes and is a proponent for, should technically be called something else, because it is extremely different from what the average person considers chocolate.

Part of lunch included a dessert of various raw, superfood-charged chocolate products. The one I am eating in the photo is coconut and goji berry infused! I honestly don’t think I have ever had such delicious or better chocolate in my life.

But for all those of you wondering if I am going to eat it now on a regular basis, the answer to that, which may surprise some, is actually no. Having detoxed from all refined sugar over the past 2 years, I have no cravings, needs or desires for even this “healthy” chocolate in my life, as it is sweetened (naturally, but still). I buy crushed cacao beans on a pretty regular basis for the magnesium and antioxidant benefits, use it in my own raw desserts and that is more than enough for me :) Although, I will be getting serious about incorporating various medicinal plants and mushrooms in my diet more regularly.

So no, I did not purchase any of David’s Sacred Chocolate, but I did purchase some of David’s Sacred Food Coconut Butter, and almost literally “melted” myself, after trying it once I got home. I will have a full review on it soon.

The Power of Raw Plant Foods

During this event, David covered an amazing variety of information on whole foods, raw and living foods, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, medicinal plants, all aspects of herbalism, supplements, detox, the health care system, tips for the healthiest immune system and so much more!

During the day, I had a chance to personally meet David and talk to him a little about his work. It was truly a pleasure, as David made time for everyone who was interested in talking more with him, making everyone feel authentically welcome.

After the event, David and I sat down for a short interview, where I asked him a few questions to bring more awareness to David’s work, for anyone interested in pursuing optimal health and longevity through the power of raw foods and herbalism. (You can see the video at the top of this article.)

In the end, it was truly an amazing day – or as David says “the best day ever!” From amazing food and an amazing location, to a fabulous speaker who is such a pleasure to listen to and learn from. And to top it all off, I got a chance to meet several other amazing, and holistically-minded individuals who were there, like Imani “Green Queen” of Mamalution.

To learn more about David and see when he may be coming to your area next, check out DavidWolfe.com. From there, you can venture off to some of David’s other sites and resources that he offers.