The latest health book that I had the pleasure of reading is a new book by Kevin Graham and it is called Weight Loss EMPOWERMENT, “50 Ways to Lose Your Luggage”.

I read this book, not because I want to or need to lose weight, but because I know many people who do. Thus, I wanted to see if this was a good resource amidst the many unhealthy regimes or resources out there to lose weight, to recommend to people.

As it turns out, Kevin tackled the aspects of successful and healthy weight loss in a very fresh and different way, that has little to do with counting calories and lots to do with our thinking patterns. If we want the best and most effective results, there is no better place to start, then with our minds.

If we can help people understand why they think the way they think about food or themselves, when, why and how they eat, and transform harmful thought patterns into helpful ones, we gain access to the most powerful control center that governs our actions.

Hence today, I would like to introduce you to this weight loss resource and provide you with more details as to what you can expect from Weight Loss Empowerment.

Weight Loss Empowerment: The Background

Weight Loss Empowerment was just published in August of 2010 and written by Kevin Graham – founder and managing director of Empower Me Photo.

Kevin is an author, speaker and expert on empowerment. Today he helps to empower people to lose weight, by providing them with visual tools to help them stay on their diet or exercise program over the long run.

Empower Me Photo began in 2009 with a simple offering of photo revisions to assist with weight loss, showing clients what they look like as a thinner and healthier version of themselves. Today the company is growing rapidly, as more people learn about the power of visualization for attaining one’s goals.

Weight Loss Empowerment: Content & Structure

Weight Loss Empowerment is a fast read, separated into many sections and 2-3 page chapters, at just under 250 pages. This format makes it a super easy and fun read, without feeling heavy.

It starts off with some introductory notes from the author and then opens up into the following 9 parts, which collectively have 60 very short and interesting chapters.

Part 1 – 50 Ways to Lose Your Luggage

Part 2 – 21st Century Luggage

Part 3 – The Mental Switch

Part 4 – Quality Choices

Part 5 – It’s Not “The How To”, It’s “The Why”

Part 6 – The New You

Part 7 – You Create Your Own Future

Part 8 – Resources

Part 9 – Partnership Opportunities with Empower Me Photo

Weight Loss Empowerment: Personal Commentary

I have to be honest and say, that normally I do not particularly enjoy these types of books, that are short, broken up into so many parts and hit on too many points, leaving the reader at the end with no real substantial or valuable information, but act as a sort of tease to buy into a program or service.

In Weight Loss Empowerment, however Kevin did a wonderful job in my opinion, of putting together a quick and concise enough book to be an easy read for anyone, but at the same time one that offers enough valuable information to be of practical use.

Yes, Kevin fully explains his role in the company Empower Me Photo and what the company is all about, including the products they offer and how they can help in the book. But it is done with tact and style, to make the reader feel like they are truly being helped, and not just lured in as another sale. Besides, I think the products are actually very valuable for someone on a weight loss journey and on average an Empower Me Photo costs $20, which is a fair and very affordable price.

In Weight Loss Empowerment, Kevin does not necessarily prescribe what one should or should not eat, or what fitness program they should participate in, although he adds in some fantastic health tips. He openly explains that he is not a health expert, but an empowerment expert. Thus, he focuses on providing a deeper approach to provide clients with empowerment support for whatever weight loss journey they take, to see, feel and reach their goal.

In essence, Kevin is focusing on, and using, the method of visualization as a tool for reaching one’s goals, hence the tie in with Empower Me Photo. He quotes various personal development gurus, like Tony Robbins, James Arthur Ray and Marianne Williamson in the book as well, which was a welcome addition.

This is perhaps why I also enjoyed the book so much and feel it is a great and credible tool for helping someone attain their weight loss goals, as my work also focuses on the power of the mind in directing our state of health, weight, disease, happiness, etc.

The reality is that if you just made a slight adjustment in your thinking, you could lose weight and improve your quality of life with relative ease.

Kevin Graham, Weight Loss Empowerment

Visualization works, I know that for a fact, because I have attained many of my own personal goals, by having a physical picture of my goal and letting that guide me and keep me on track to move towards that goal.

What Kevin combines in this book is to me a well blended psychology and Quantum Physics approach, to tapping into the highest potential of our minds and understanding that everything truly starts and ends in our mind. So if we want results, no matter what those results are, we need to figure out what is going on within our thoughts first, and how to re-train our conscious and sub-conscious minds.

We can teach a person how to eat, what to eat, how to exercise, when to exercise, etc. But if we teach a person how to think, we go straight to the core of all that they have or could have in their life.

In conclusion, the book is actually a really good blend of great advice and practical solutions from both a physical level and mental level. It offers great tips for our food and fitness choices, as well as our thought patterns and emotional choices.

Food is not your friend nor is it your enemy. It is fuel for the body. Your mind may be telling you that you would feel better if you ate the ice cream, but the reality is that your body suffers.

Kevin Graham, Weight Loss Empowerment

I actually really enjoyed the energy of the book and the tone with which it was written. It is kind, but speaks to the point that we cannot continue to keep fooling ourselves when it comes to the food or activity choices we make, and thus the stories we tell ourselves. My favorite parts were when Kevin explains the real cost of watching television or how effective cleaning out all areas of one’s life truly is for better results in everything, including weight loss.

Readers who are open to works like “The Secret” and enjoy the modern personal development arena, will definitely relate to this book and find it a worthwhile read to become empowered for personal weight loss.


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