Cancer is a disease, which is today generally classified as one of the four lifestyle diseases that the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges kill 3 in 5 people worldwide. Joining cancer are heart disease, respiratory disease and diabetes, and these four lifestyle related diseases according to the WHO share four common risk factors: tobacco, use of alcohol, physical inactivity and poor diet.

Today we know that we have a huge impact on whether we increase or decrease our chances of any of these diseases. There is so much each person can do to decrease their risks, and in some cases altogether eradicate the chance of getting a disease completely. It all depends on the choices we make each day. This is why education and information should be our number one priority to arm ourselves with as much knowledge as we can to make conscious, wise decisions. There are a lot of toxins today in our food, water, air and products that we use each day, however there are also lots of options to choose from to decrease and avoid our exposure to these. Again it all depends on what choices we are willing to make, how much effort we are willing to put forth and how mindful we are every time we make a purchase or ingest a substance. When it comes to these four diseases, no treatment or cure beats prevention.

The Bad News of Cancer Treatment

The unfortunate part is that too many people in our society are either not willing or not able to make choices to minimize their exposure to toxins. Too many people are not yet aware how the mind impacts the body, and thus how every thought we have is either toxic or beneficial to creating the best physical, mental and emotional health we can have. Too many of us trust the system we are part of to do the thinking for us. And of course when it comes to cancer, there is also a small percentage of chance where a rare mutation occurs causing cells to grow abnormally, independent of any other factors. Whether it is due to choice or chance, we know that today too many people are suffering greatly from dealing with cancer. Physical, mental and emotional anguish is experienced by those directly and indirectly affected by this disease. And today we know that it strikes both the very young, across all ages and races, right to the very old.

The Good News of Cancer Treatment

The good news is that there is great hope and great progress. While most people correlate the word cancer with chemotherapy and radiation, there is in fact so much more available to us today in terms of cancer treatments. In fact, author Leigh Fortson discusses over a dozen different healing options available to us today in her most recent book Embrace, Release, Heal. Aside from the various natural and holistic options available, one other alternative cancer treatment which many people are not yet familiar with is Dr. S. Burzynski’s breakthrough treatment of targeted gene therapy using something called antineoplastons.

The Burzynski Cancer Treatment Method

Dr. S. Burzynski is the founder of the Burzynski clinic where the holistic foundation is summarized by the phrase “First do no harm“. I learned about Dr. Burzynski’s work after watching the documentary Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business. As I began to learn more about this method, I contacted the Burzynski clinic for a chance to talk to Dr. S. Burzynski more about his revolutionary treatment. What followed was a video interview where I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. S. Burzynski, and also his son Dr. G. Burzynski and the director Azad Rastegar, all of whom are deeply involved in the work at the Burzynski clinic.

It is my pleasure to share with you this video interview (see video at the top of this page) in hopes that it can make you learn more and become aware of the amazing options out there today, like Dr. S. Burzynski’s work where alternative and highly successful cancer treatment is concerned. This treatment option may not be right for everyone, but it may just be the life saving and quality of life increasing option for you or someone you know. In the end, the more we know, the better equipped we are to make the best choices for ourselves or someone in our care where the consequences are only favorable outcomes.

If you have any specific questions about a particular cancer and the Burzynski cancer treatment, contact the Burzynski clinic directly, local and international information is provided in the video.

Resources on the Burzynski Method