After spending some time on a blog I enjoy, Fertilehealthy, which is written by Hanlie Blewett, I came across a video that Hanlie was featuring in one of her posts. I asked Hanlie if I can promote it too, as this is one of those videos that is worth spreading to as many people as possible.

It is phenomenal and very cute, in how it cleverly illustrates with humour a sad reality which many of us live in when it comes to our health and our unwillingness to open up our mind for a change and see what really is going on. Too many of us rely and look for a “pill” to fix everything and anything for us. Too few of us realize that the answer to all of our health problems, starts right from what we put on our plates each day.

Check out the video below and then read on for some more information with regards to treatment versus prevention when it comes to your health.

So did you like it? Was this a common message that you were aware of before or a new way of looking at how our medical system really works?

If you look around at how the field of medicine works today, you have to face the facts – it is not about keeping you healthy! It is on the other hand about keeping you relatively symptom free. And I do say relatively, because heaven forbid you feel too good, then you might not need your doctor anymore or even worse the pharmaceutical companies.

Now, the good news is that in the past few years more and more people have been waking up to the atrocious behaviour of pharmaceutical companies. The recalls, the innocent people’s health damages, environmental pollution, animal testing and the list goes on, but let us not forget all the billions of dollars that these companies have been making at our expense during this whole time. Pharmaceutical representatives today hence, may feel unjustly treated and picked on. Well – no sympathy from me there. Let me explain:

Hundreds of years ago when the first lotions and potions were made, they were derived most of the time from natural plant ingredients and given to ease a condition or ailment, most of the time that was life threatening. Science grew. The industry grew. We developed an ever increasing number of synthetic compounds. Then we hit the post-war era and someone, somewhere got an idea that humans should never suffer. Instead, let them indulge in all the food, drinks and habits they possibly want – after all the goal is to feel good, and if they should get “ill” from this, “we” will be there to make sure they feel no pain and they can continue to drive the economy with all the food, drink and habits they wish.

Sound familiar? Now in no way am I saying that “humans should suffer” – but we as humanity have to wake up and see that it makes NO SENSE to pollute, abuse and mistreat our bodies and then complain when it malfunctions. So I will say it for the first time – the choice is in your hands!

One only needs to see one drug commercial from any TV station from the United States to see the bizarreness of the situation. There is a pill today for everything. And there are good chances that it will alleviate your symptoms, oh but don’t forget to listen to the warnings they have to give you of all the other symptoms you may get. Oh wait, but it’s okay if you do because then there will be a pill for those symptoms…

Now having said all that I am not ignorant to the fact that there is a need for some medication, and it does help save people’s lives. But I hope you see the bigger picture I am talking about.

As you watched the poor citizens of Allopath, was your mind not seeing the obvious? Were you not internally screaming out at the ridiculousness of diagnosing the accidents as skidmark disease??? It may be funny to some, or silly to others, but ultimately it is where our medical system sits right now.

And think back, if you do not have great healthy habits, how do you respond when someone gives you some reliable health advice, or tries to instill some true science into your habits? Do you invite their comments, or do you shy away with excuses or even defensiveness and anger. Think of how the old hermit was treated.

When we hear for example, that aspartame causes 101 different symptoms, including death! Why do we feel some odd urge to defend it and excuse it, or attack the parties bringing forth that information.

How about when we hear that parabens in our personal care products are found in large concentrations in breast cancer tissue, why do we feel the need to ask for more studies, when alarm bells should be going off inside of your head to wake up!

What do you think people who try to warn you against eating, drinking or using some personal products have to gain? (especially when they are not trying to sell you anything) You think they just have some personal vendetta against these companies…not likely. And yes, I have heard almost every argument out there, even the one “well everything out there is bad today.” And please don’t kid yourself and go from ignorance to despair, there are many and I mean many things out there today that are still truly natural, good and wholesome. Your only task then remains to reacquaint yourself with these products and incorporate as many of them as possible into your life, if for no other reason then the sake of your health.

So the time is now to wake up and make a choice to pay attention to sound science when it is right in front of your face on how you CAN PREVENT ALMOST ANY DISEASE OUT THERE! Yes it will take some self-control and will power, perhaps even time and money to invest, for example in certified organics – BUT is that not ultimately worth it to you?

As a famous, reliable doctor, Dr. Pam Popper said, “you can invest now or you can invest later”. So either we are going to wake up and invest in prevention or we are going to invest, probably much more, in the future for treatment. What will your choice be?