It seems that we can’t turn the corner today, without hearing that healthy eating is important for us. But so many of us still either do not grasp what this fully means, or take it seriously enough to actually apply it to our life.

For starters, many of us are confused as to what exactly constitutes healthy? For some apples are a healthy option, while for others chicken, while for others yet an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s.

Well, we will not dissect each and every food, because it is much easier than that.

If you are serious about enjoying great health no matter what age you are. If you are serious about preventing or healing diseases. If you are serious about delicious food, it is actually very simple to eat healthy and enjoy a multitude of benefits by following a simple pattern, which I want to share with you here today.

What is the Secret Food For Great Health?

The media loves drama, and all too often we get caught up in that drama when we hear one day about the health benefits of blueberries, another day the power of broccoli, and yet another about some exotic superfood.

We get excited. We feel like some major breakthrough happened, but in the end we miss one big connecting point that continues to leave us confused and missing out on the real health benefits.

If you take the last ten stories you heard about food breakthrough benefits on the news, what foods where they about? What common theme do the foods have? Can you spot it?

Was the common thread not that they all came from one group of food? You got it! All the foods that have the most protective, preventative, healing and health benefits all come from natural plant food.

When was the last time you heard a breakthrough that meat decreases your chances of cancer? Or that milk heals diabetes? Or that eggs lower cholesterol? In fact when were any animal food products promoted in research media for their healing, health and preventative benefits? Advertising campaigns for milk or beef don’t count for obvious reasons, and yes I am aware of the health benefits presented on fish.

The point that we have to take away from all of this is simply one thing. It is not about which particular plant food you should be eating now or tomorrow, it is that ALL fruits and vegetables, and other plant foods, have healing, preventative and health benefits. Simply eat a variety of them, in large amounts daily.

This is where the power lies for maintaing and attaining great health – a plant-based diet. Nature knows how to take care of us, when we learn to live in peace, and harmony with her.

I know when some people hear this, they automatically dismiss it, want to attack it or get scared thinking that they need to become a vegetarian or vegan. Heaven forbid.

Well, that is not at all what the idea behind this is. It is the simple truth that plant-based, natural food is the most beneficial for our systems to work most efficiently, for the longest period of time. That is it, as simple as that. And yes there are certain geographical exceptions, like those living in the far north, but this holds true for the rest of the human population.

You do not need to go out of your way to buy the latest “superfood“. Whether it is goji berries, broccoli or quinoa – all are beneficial and provide phenomenal benefits to our health. As do apples and cabbage, and lentils, and kale, and brown rice and the list goes on and on…

This is why eating for best health and weight can be simple. 90% of the time the media, or doctors or magazine articles are not telling you anything new or different. Simply replace more and more of your food daily with a variety of natural, plant foods. It truly does not get any easier.

Prevent Disease and Heal Cancer By Starving It

We also know that the greatest obstacle to our health today are chronic diseases, with heart disease and cancers taking the top two spots, and both being lifestyle based.

Some of us eat healthy, some of us “try to eat healthy“, some of us panic and change our ways when disease strikes, while others yet fail to change a thing, no matter what disease state afflicts. We all have a choice. But while a certain diet and lifestyle can prevent most disease completely, what happens to those of us that took our diet and lifestyle habits for granted, and are left today with a life threatening disease?

When disease does hit, most of us are quick, desperate and at the mercy for any cure. When it comes to cancer, most people think that the destructive chemotherapy and radiation are their only options. The good news is that today there is so much more, whether alternative or conventional therapy is concerned.

One of the treatments that has begun use and is currently continuing to grow in research and popularity is based on angiogenesis – the process of growing blood vessels.

What does this have to do with healing cancer, and more importantly how is this tied to your diet?

Find out in the latest research video below, where William Li, researcher and angiogenesis expert presents how the growth or death of our blood vessels can be the missing link needed to prevent and heal cancer, as well as many other diseases.


William is a leading authority where different, more holistic options for our health and healing are concerned. While his work is great, what I gather from this video is the conclusion that comes up over and over again – you cannot go wrong, and have only to benefit in infinite ways from a varied, natural plant-based diet.

We may know today the awesome benefits of this fruit, or that vegetable – but we still have not even begun to scratch the surface of the synergistic benefits when we combine variations of them together. And in the end, we really should not even need the research. Our health is proof enough.

So in the end, it really is that simple – if you want great health on physical, mental and emotional levels, if you love your life and want great longevity, if you want to heal or prevent literally every disease – base each meal and snack on natural, plant foods.

There are so many different fruits, vegetables, herbs, whole grains and legumes, that you will never be bored. Get creative, make time in your life to make healthy eating a priority and gain invaluable health benefits with every bite by making a plant-based diet a way of life for great health!