In our society, one can find music that disturbs and one can find music that heals. And with our changing times, increased challenges on both personal and global levels, it is indispensable today to focus on healing music that can calm our mind, ease our body and soothe our soul. One artist who takes the creation of this kind of music seriously is Marcomé. In this review, it is my pleasure to share with you about what makes her music so special, and healing.

When I first came across the music of Marcomé, I was immediately drawn into the ambiance and serenity of the enchanting sounds. As I explored the work and writing on her website —, I learned that this was indeed a very talented artist. Marcomé’s music is a treat for the entire mind, body and soul. It serves as the perfect background for massages, yoga, meditation, pilates, or just relaxing.

Hence, today I share with you and introduce you to this amazing artist and her music. If you like calm, beautiful music, with some exotic beats and sounds of nature – you will love Marcomé.

Who Is Marcomé?

Marcomé (pronounced Mar-ko-may) is a Canadian singer songwriter, who is today internationally known. For all of our Canadian readers, I feel that this is an extra special treat to know about the work of this very talented lady. Marcomé produces, arranges and engineers her own musical work. She is a keyboardist, programmer and sound engineer as well as a proficient percussionist.

After Marcomé completed her post-graduate studies, she worked in theatre, in both music composition and sound creation. She then moved into the music industry. Marcomé has an impressive background as a quality sound and mastering engineer, which has allowed her to collaborate with renowned artists and producers.

Marcomé’s collaborations include work with such artists as Diana Krall, Cecilia Bartoli, Le Cirque du Soleil, Branford Marsalis, Sir George Martin, Tom Waits, Daniel Lanois, Pat Metheny and Yes.

So far Marcomé has produced 2 outstanding albums: Seven Seas and River of Soul.

As I already mentioned, she is an extraordinarily talented individual who I am so happy to feature here on and introduce those of you who have not yet heard of Marcomé – to her beautifully ambient music.

About Marcomé’s Music

To me, the music of Marcomé is a blissfully peaceful mixture of ethereal sounds. In all her songs, Marcomé mixes in an array of pleasing instrumental sounds, with her beautiful voice and even the sounds of nature. Her music fuses different world music influences with jazz style and classical vocals creating a new world music genre.

The closest artist that comes to my mind to give you an idea of what Marcomé’s music and work is similar to is Enya.

The first album – Seven Seas – was Marcomé’s debut album in 1995 and remastered in 2006.

It features the following songs:

  1. Breathe
  2. Yeku
  3. Kiss of the Night
  4. Time to Follow…
  5. Librarsi
  6. Parada
  7. All Alone
  8. Memoria
  9. Seven Seas
  10. From Within
  11. Yeku (radio edit)

This album really took my breath away. It is so light and gentle and yet features such a mix of rich, and deeply penetrating sounds. My favorite song on this album is “Yeku” – it just melted me within, and it is such a treat for the senses.

The main song “Seven Seas” is also very beautiful, as is the wonderfully stimulating “Kiss of the Night“. The music of this album has an excellent array of soft vocals, mixed with beautiful words and world beats.

The second album River of Soul – was Marcomé’s second album released in 2007.

It features the following songs:

  1. Dawn’s Spirit
  2. River of Life
  3. Arabica
  4. Locked Inside
  5. World is Singing
  6. Meteora
  7. Terra Africana
  8. Tupiterra
  9. Learning to Fly
  10. Elated
  11. Nostrie Tiempo

Dawn’s Spirit” is a beautifully soft musical introduction to this album, which then opens up to the theme song after which the album is named, “River of Life“. As I listened to this one, the words of the song and the sounds truly made me feel as if I was present beside a beautiful river myself. Although I love all the songs on this album, my favorite one has to be “Arabica“. I just love the Middle Eastern beats that are infused throughout and the energy that pours out of this song.

The music of this album is very vibrant, yet soft and a perfect addition for any relaxation activity. It has such a wide array of so many sounds. It captures the dreaminess of New Age music with the vibrance of World and an exotic palette of Latin sounds, Middle-Eastern instrumentation, jazz and African rhythms.

Marcomé has also released two other albums, which are Seven Seas Remixed and River of Life Remixed. Both of these offer some of Marcomé’s other songs in more unique versions, some faster, some slower.


We all know that music is capable of having amazing healing abilities. Calm, peaceful, beautiful music has an ability to offer us ways to minimize and clear away stress, regenerate our energies, feel alive, vibrant, renewed and strengthened. Add to this beautiful, meaningful lyrics, that take one on a deep spiritual journey and you have a winning combination.

And this is where the artist Marcomé and her music come into play. Marcomé’s music offers all that and more. It is as I mentioned perfect for:

  • Massages
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Dancing
  • Stretching
  • Breathing Exercises
  • And so much more!

It is beautiful music to relax to, drive in the car with or do anything around the house with, to help infuse a sense of well being and relieve stress.

The music is available in both MP3 and CD format from Marcomé’s site or from I leave you below with one of her captivating music videos, which is also my favorite song of them all “Yeku“, to get a taste of what her music is all about. Enjoy!

River of Soul (Audio CD)

Seven Seas (Remastered 2006) (Audio CD)