For years now we have been told about the benefits of olive oil. Many of us are religiously using this oil as the so called “healthy” choice. But what if we were not told the whole story? Is olive oil really that healthy? And if so, does it matter what form it is in or how it is used?

Well here is some of the latest, very interesting research I found. It appears that olive oil may not be as beneficial as we all once had thought – or at least not in the forms that we were lead to believe.

Watch first the video below, where famous nutritionist, Jeff Novick shares his findings on olive oil and then read on for my explanation before you jump to any conclusions.

The main speaker in the video is Jeff Novick who used to work for Kraft and has left that company at some time in the 80′s I believe, for obvious reasons. He has over 24 years of experience in food and nutrition and if you are looking for some credible advice on food, he is a good person to turn to. Seeing and reading his previous work, I would consider him as a generally very credible source.

The video itself comes from the 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo which is featured on VegSource (one of our trusted resources). Aside from this short clip their videos are top notch and provide excellent news on all sorts of topics regarding health and well being. You can check out some of the older videos in full length online for free or purchase the more current ones on their site.

Ok so what are you to make of this short clip? Well first of all the researchers who speak bring forth lots of other great info about veggies and fast food diets, etc. However with the focus being on olive oil, I will only focus on explaining this right here. For years olive oil has been praised as the healthiest oil, if not fat altogether, to consume and linked to many health benefits. Now we hear about how it, just like any other fat causes the body some strain in performing its regular functions.

So what are you to do? Drop the olive oil forever? Not quite. Don’t forget, our bodies do need about 15 – 30% of their daily food to come from fat (numbers vary based on your age, sex and health condition). Your body must have fat for things like building your cell membranes, cushioning your organs and enhancing biochemical reactions and cell to cell communication just to name a few. However – it appears that at the same time the fats that come from pure fat sources as opposed to natural foods (ex. oils vs nuts) do cause our body some hindrance. But in one way or another we have always known that. So stay away from saturated fats as much as possible for sure and simply minimize your intake of other pure fat sources.

Also frying most oils is not good, especially the unsaturated ones that are very unstable under high heat, like olive oil. So we just have to remember that, just because olive oil is was considered the healthiest we cannot hide behind it and consume it in unreasonable amounts and ways. Ultimately try to let common sense always prevail, as Jeff Novick says, what is good about the Mediterranean diet with olive oil and the American diet with olive oil are two very different things.

So remember new information is great but we always have to consider it from all angles before we jump upon any extreme bandwagon.