I have just come accross a phenomenal video from TED.com that I am thrilled to share with you here on Evolving Wellness. This video features Mark Bittman, who is a famous author, journalist and television personality and whose main passion is food.

In this talk Mark explains to us “what’s wrong with what we eat“. It is a 20 minute video that is a must see for anyone who has ever considered their health, their impact on this planet, the modern day family and how the modern day government and economy work.

It is just so encouraging to see more and more people awakening to the current global situation where our health and the environment is concerned.

So without any further adieu, I will allow Mark Bittman to share with you these valuable thoughts for us and for today’s times.

So what did you think?

Personally I have to admit my heart literally leaped with joy after the first two minutes. When I hear more and more people becoming aware of the utter junk that many of us call food today, when I hear people start to consider the welfare of livestock and the impact on our planet and when I hear these messages proclaimed more and more, openly and loudly in society, I know there is hope!

I know I am just one person who can only reach so many out there for now, but there are more people like me who share in the idea that we have to come back to nature where our health and survival is concerned. And hence I feel very blessed to have found this talk by Mark Bittman and pass it to others, as it emphasizes the urgency for us to wake up and take back our health and our environment, not to mention the animals.

Even though as human beings for the past who knows how long, we have felt that we have power and dominion over the animals, we really need to think again. We are not separate from nature, we are nature and we too are animals. And just as we give or should give basic respect to other human species, one would hope we could evolve to pass on at least basic respect to the other animal species. It could be possible, if one really, really wants that meat to have it - but not based on current treatment and conditions for these animals. There is a more humane way to go, unfortunately most of us do not choose it, as we do not associate the flesh on our plate with a being and perhaps even a spirit.

Personally I would rate this video a 9.9 out of 10. The only tiny downfall for me and what would have made this presentation even stronger is if Mark actually stated that he has stopped eating animal products altogether. I guess he is not ready for that yet. But regardless, his message is loud and clear and it points us at least to think about what we consume and why.