While it is no surprise to hear that we have a severely overweight population today leading to large scale health problems, you may be surprised to hear the latest theory as to what is the real cause behind this epidemic.

Are you ready for it? Aliens. Yes, you heard me right, aliens are making us fat.

Is this sounding absurd or crazy yet?

It is with this comical introduction that begins the newly released book from Dr. Scott Olson Are Aliens Making You Fat?.

Most of us hearing that, would think it is perhaps the craziest thing we have ever heard. However, what this book so eloquently presents is that most of the so called “facts” our society passes around today when it comes to our food, health and nutrition, can be considered just as crazy.

Straight from the title, and cute book cover, down to the nutritional lifestyle for weight loss recommended, Dr. Olson brings us hard facts, in a simple to understand, fun and easy format.

And so with a population looking for the next diet or magic pill to take away their pounds, I am happy to share this new nutritionally sound resource with you, as it may just be the answer for you to finally lose your weight for good.

About the Author

Are Aliens Making You Fat? is written by Dr. Scott Olson. The book was newly released in January 2011.

Dr. Olson is a naturopathic doctor, with an expertise in nutrition. He is also an expert in alternative medicine, a writer, researcher, and health adviser. His earlier work includes the book Sugarettes.

For more information on Dr. Scott Olson and his work, please visit his site OlsonND.com

Book Content & Format

Are Aliens Making You Fat? is just over 130 pages and a fast 2-3 hour read. Instead of the typical chapter breakdowns, the book is composed of an introduction and then broken down into various topic sections. These include some of the following topics & discussions:

Alien Recipes:

  • How sugar works in your body, different types of sugars and how they lead to weight gain
  • How fat works in your body, different types of fats and how they lead to weight gain
  • How protein works in your body, healthy protein amounts and its connection to fat
  • How vegetables are tied to weight loss and our overall health
  • Addictions
  • How our metabolism works and how to get it into a fat burning mode

Fight the Aliens’ Diet Plan:

  • 6 weight loss experiments laid out in detail week by week

Tools for the Road Less Travelled:

  • Tips for incorporating a weight loss lifestyle
  • Includes a discussion on use of caffeine, cholesterol and raw foods
  • Includes a discussion on how to stay motivated and what to do about cheating

What To Eat:

  • Discussion on how to handle meals
  • Includes a selection of various recipes for any meal, which are all grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and meat-free


  • Web resources and support
  • Recommended & helpful books for further reading
  • Recommended cookbooks for more meal support

Appendix Section:

  • A – How to exercise for fat burning and metabolism stimulation
  • B – About Naturopathic doctors

Personal Commentary

I read this book with enthusiasm and interest for several reasons. First, is that I am a big fan of and greatly enjoyed Dr. Olson’s first book Sugarettes – Sugar Addiction & Your Health. It was the inspiration I needed to kick refined sugar to the curb from my diet, and never look back. To this day it serves as a great resource for myself, and one I readily recommend to others.

The second reason, is having worked with various clients both one-on-one and in group settings to help them lose weight, I always like to be aware of new approaches. Whether these enhance my advice to clients and audiences, or simply make me aware of what to steer people away from, to avoid any health pitfalls, there is always value.

Last but not least, I don’t know about you, but with a title like “Are Aliens Making You Fat?” I was greatly intrigued. In fact, I had a chuckle before I even read the book, as I had an idea as to what Dr. Olson may be presenting as the reasoning for this title, which proved correct after reading it.

The book is laid out in the same easy to read, fact based approach that Dr. Olson took with his previous book. It lays out scientific facts in a super easy and light way, as to not overwhelm or turn anyone off from information overload.

While the book to me illustrates a very common sense approach when it comes to food, eating and disease formation, Dr. Olson’s work does include over 50 scientific studies which he used to back up some of the facts he shared. And I feel I have to mention to be fair, that as unbiased as we all try to be, we all have our personal biases based on the research that truly resonates with us and personal life experience. This is why I really enjoyed this book, because I felt as if Dr. Olson’s voice could have been my own in terms of a lot of the same nutrition ideas I share with people.

So what can you expect from this book?

The book starts off looking at our overall society to understand how we could have possibly allowed things to get as bad as they have, when it comes to our health and weight. And yes, things are that bad. Dr. Olson addresses here that because of how many people are affected, making them the majority, being overweight and unhealthy has to a large degree become the new normal way of life. He even uses the clever example of how lab rats live in a cage, and what they consider a normal life for them, never knowing what a real rat is really supposed to live like. Some may feel offended by being compared to lab rats in a cage, but the truth is that the reality of what is happening on a large scale is a very close reflection of that.

Partly I think to diffuse some of the seriousness of the situation and partly to make us think long and hard about this, Dr. Olson brings in the topic of aliens and how they must be responsible for the current health crisis we are in. Again, as I mentioned in the introduction, it can be seen as crazy indeed, but not any more crazy than what and how we eat today or how our governing health, corporate and political agencies work.

What follows then is a discussion, with the “alien twist” interwoven throughout for some fun, about the core aspects of why we gain weight, which food groups are specifically to blame, and how to learn the basics about these food groups to use them to your health and weight loss benefit, not harm.

And so to “fight the alien’s plan” of keeping us fat and unhealthy, Dr. Olson presents us with a 6 week challenge. This can be done over a time period of your choice, but basically put, each week there is a different aspect of your diet and lifestyle to tackle. I won’t give away fully what it is to not ruin the book for you, but I will give you a hint that I totally support it, agree 100% with its reasoning and there is much literature backing this up. In fact it pretty much defies scientific laws of energy, to not lose weight following this approach.

So while everyone as I keep mentioning is pretty much guaranteed to lose weight on Dr. Olson’s recommendations, I can pretty much also guarantee that most who read the book, will not be happy with what they hear. This is why, I strongly suggest that if you are going to read this book, make sure that you are clear on your priorities, in whether you really want to lose weight or just play diet games.

For those who walk in with an open mind and serious motivation to lose weight, the results of weight loss are pretty much guaranteed. And I say pretty much, because the only thing that may hinder you, is some exceptional health condition. The food is healthy, balanced, nutritious and no pills, starvation, calorie counting or gimmicks are involved. So you don’t have to fear that it is another fad diet. In fact scientifically, any doctor or scientist knows that there is almost no way, not to lose weight if you follow Dr. Olson’s guidance, however, most of them won’t share it with you either. Makes you wonder why…maybe they are simply under the alien’s hypnotic spells.

Dr. Olson then concludes by providing resources from which foods to focus on, to specific recipes. The recipes do not come with photos which is a downside that most people enjoy, but at the same time are so easy to make, one should not really need a photo. I have looked and read through every recipe and was both impressed and also not surprised, given the foundation of the book. I even tried one the first night I read the book, as I have always wanted to try making a lentil burger and never made one yet. So I made Dr. Olson’s Lentil Burgers, which turned out great. (If you make them, I did modify the recipe a bit to use ground sunflower seeds instead of whole, and cooked them a shorter time, but other than that found it a good recipe. See my photos showing from start to finish below.)

I really didn’t have any dislikes when it came to this book. So in terms of improvements for the book, I have only one thing to say. I know Dr. Olson probably wanted to make this a quick, easy guide to get you both educated about your food and nutrition and losing weight in as fast way as possible, however the arena here for more discussion is almost infinite. Yes, there can be more tips, more facts and more recipes shared. At the same time, unless we are serious about trying what only needs to be explained in maybe less than 20 pages, all the tips and recipes in the world won’t help us. However, maybe we will see a sequel to this book something along the lines of “The Aliens Strike Back” ;)


In conclusion, it is a quick, fun and easy book to read, that can benefit anyone with an open mind, and a serious desire to lose weight, while adopting what can be one of the healthiest ways to eat. Don’t expect fancy pictures or formats, and don’t get lost in personal hard wired misconceptions you have been taught about eating.

The biggest aspect about enjoying this book and making the most of its value, is again walking in with an open mind, clearly defined priorities and then sticking to the recommended experiments. The results may anger the aliens, but they are sure to make you happy!

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