When was the last time you had some time for yourself? I mean really time for yourself – not to go out and buy yourself new clothes, or go to an appointment, or do something for someone disguised as for yourself… I mean really time to be with yourself, for yourself and really feel “you“?

While some people are waking up today, feeling the consciousness shift on our planet and taking up more stillness-filled and sustainable ways of life, many are still not even close to decreasing their hectic ways of living.

We complain there is not enough time, too many things to do, not enough money, too many bills, problems, etc., etc. – but we do little to stop the incessant mind chatter and find ways to balance our energies. You do not need to be a slave to society and even more so, you do not need to be a slave to your mind.

So how or where can we start to make changes?

One place to start is to start taking regular time for yourself seriously. No more excuses. If excuses run your life, consider Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits. Now what to do in that time? We have always heard about the value of meditation, but many people are still intimidated by this concept and do not know where to start. This is where Marlise Karlin can help.

Marlise Karlin is a spiritual teacher that has produced various Stillness Session materials. One of her latest, and the one I would like to share with you today is called “Imagine – Experience The Simplicity Of Stillness.”

Format of Imagine

As mentioned above, Marlise is a spiritual teacher and has been offering various workshops and Stillness Sessions globally for almost a decade.

She has recently launched a new audio CD called “Imagine – Experience The Simplicity Of Stillness“.

The audio is 1 hour in length. It begins with a short introduction and than includes 2 Stillness Sessions:

  • The shorter 22 minute version of “Imagine” and

  • The longer 37 minute version of “Imagine

Experience The Simplicity Of Stillness sessions include a mix of spoken words by Marlise, and beautiful musical tones from an inspiring selection of music from internationally renowned artists: Rudy Adrian, Thom Brennan, Matt Emery, Lens Flare, Jon Jenkins, Paradiso, & Ray.

The audio is available for purchase from Marlise’s site: MarliseKarlin.com for $17.95. All proceeds from the sale of “Imagine” have been donated by Marlise and the recording artists to two Charitable Projects, Maasai Health Education and Trees of Life.

Personal Commentary About Imagine

In one word, the audio is really beautiful. In fact my exact word for the whole Stillness Session is “enchanted“. There is something about the mix of Marlise’s angelic, almost mystical-like voice, inspirational words and the accompanying musical tones, that make this audio a real treat for the senses. It is as if it speaks straight to our soul.

What I loved most about Imagine - Experience The Simplicity Of Stillness, is that there is a great mix of it being guided by Marlise and also just having the music to experience the fullness of the stillness itself. This gives each one of us listening to it, a basis from which to begin, as I know that is a usual first challenge for many who have never perhaps done a Stillness Session or meditation. Marlise paints a beautiful mental picture with her words and draws out of us a higher state of being, a deeper place of understanding. The pace for the Stillness Session moves at a perfect pace, in my opinion. What follows then is a longer set of music, and than Marlise brings us out of the Stillness Session at the end.

This audio is great for anyone who has never done a Stillness Session or meditation before. However, it is also wonderful for any advanced person in the areas of meditation, who is sure to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this Stillness Session audio too. The best part too, is the words are generic enough, that this Stillness Session can be enjoyed over and over, with the listener going deeper and getting something new from it each time.

The only downside to this audio that I can think of, is that I wish it was longer, for it was that good, and so pleasant!

So if you are looking for a great aid to help you relax or de-stress, or just for some quality “you” time, and at the same time donate to some worthwhile causes, why not purchase Marlise Karlin’s “Imagine – Experience The Simplicity Of Stillness” for yourself, or even as a gift for someone else. You can do so again at Marlise’s site here: MarliseKarlin.com

Below is a short video of what Marlise presents in her sessions, and how they impact and have helped numerous people in the world: