This article is written for Evolving Wellness by guest author Andrew Salmon.

We know how it works: if we take in more calories than our bodies can burn, the excess gets stored as fat.

It sounds like a pretty simple trap to avoid only we know it isn’t. But there are ways to help maintain the balance between what we eat and what we burn.

Here are some fun ways to keep active during the workweek.

1. A Bicycle Built For You

Sure, I know that the idea of biking to the office during a thunderstorm may not sound like a good time, but when the sun’s out, a ride into work will give you a whole new perspective on where you live. Also, the aerobic benefit will keep your metabolism running high for a good hour after you’ve parked yourself at your desk, burning calories all the while. An evening ride after dinner is a great way to keep those digestive juices flowing while spending quality time with the family.

2. Park A Few Blocks From Work

If your commute to work is too long or biking is simply not an option, another alternative would be to park the car a few blocks from the office and walk the rest of the way. You’ll get that heart rate up safely and walking is a low impact aerobic exercise, which means it will burn more fat than carbs and protein.

3. Turn Your Workplace Into A Workout

Now if you work in construction or on a loading dock, this has been done for you. However if you’re confined to a desk for most of the day, you can still get a workout in-between shuffling those papers. Here’s how: Forget the elevator, take the stairs. If you’ve brown-bagged a healthy lunch, don’t eat it at your desk, walk down to the food court to eat with your co-workers and take a short walk outside after you’re done. Walk back up to the office when that work whistle blows.

4. Walking

While on the subject of walking, this is, overall, the most fun way to keep active during the workweek. And the easiest. Walking around at work is great but why not keep it up? Walking to sight-see around your neighbourhood, solitary wool-gathering or to spend time with the family all add up to fun and fat burning.

5. Rock and Roll

If you find you’ve just got to have a few hours in front of the TV in order to unwind, that’s fine. But instead of stretching out on the sofa, buy a comfortable rocking chair and use that while watching TV. You’ll be adding a bit of exercise while watching your favorite program.

6. Sports

This is one of those can’t miss options. We all grew up in parks and playgrounds and we all had our favorite sports we loved to play: baseball, hockey, football, tennis, golf, skiing, skating or tiddlywinks. So get outside and play! Join a team, find a racket partner, hit the slopes, throw that ball. There are sports for all seasons and all shapes and sizes of participants. And the name of the game is fun! Remember if exercise is fun, then it’s not exercise. It’s living.


Get moving is the simplest suggestion but often is the hardest to act on. Staying active via any kind of exercise releases endorphins, which improve our mood and how we feel about life in general. Find an activity you love to do and jump in with both feet. You’ll relieve stress, improve your health, improve your life and have fun doing it.

About The Guest Author

Andrew Salmon is a freelance writer, who, in addition to contributing blog posts about healthy living and financial topics such as life insurance, is also a published author who has been featured on Amazon. He lives in Vancouver, BC and writes science-fiction, classic pulp fiction and superhero tales for the masses. Andrew’s favorite sports are hockey and football.